5 Best Crank Weed Grinders

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Here at expertsofherb.com, we pride ourselves in offering reviews of the best herb grinders around the internet. We want our customers have access to the top herb grinders that best need their needs. There are many different types of herb grinders that vary in many ways, from price to size to type of crank. Our reviews cover all of these categories, so that you can find the best grinder for what you need.

One unique category of herb grinders worth a look are hand crank grinders. Hand crank herb grinders are herb grinders that have a small hand crank installed on the top of the grinder itself, and you use the crank to grind the herb of your choice. A hand crank grinder gives you a smooth grind with better control; hand crank grinders allow the user to choose how course or fine they want their product, and that choice makes these grinders a great choice. Thinking about a hand crank grinder purchase? Here are the 4 best hand crank herb grinders that we’ve tested here at expertsofherb.com; take a look at which one fits you best!

  1. Bluesky 4-layer hand crank herb grinder


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The Bluesky herb grinder is our first pick for a great hand crank herb grinder. Made from high quality aluminum, this grinder features 4 layers for maximum filtering, along with a SharpStone pollen scraper. The anodized case and poly ring allow for smooth grinding, along with the heavy duty hand crank featured on the top of the product. It comes in 4 different colors, so you can hand crank in black, red, green or blue to your heart’s content. We found that it took a little time for the product to arrive in our hands, so don’t order in a hurry; once you get this bluesky grinder, however, you will be pleased with its performance.

  1. Your Daily Grinder hand crank herb grinder


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Looking for some storage space built in to your herb grinder? Then the Your Daily Grinder hand crank herb grinder is a solid bet; its signature feature is the clear body middle chamber, which gives you extra room to store your stash as well as a clear look at how finely you have ground your product. This grinder also features an anodized aluminum case for top quality, and also comes in multiple colors, like silver, green, red and black. Another special feature of this grinder is the top; the top lid with the hand crank screws on, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your grinder and losing anything from the inside. Our reviewers were overall pleased with how it worked, so the Your Daily Grinder hand crank grinder is a solid choice.

  1. SharpEdge Super Premium hand crank herb grinder


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If you’re looking for a sleek and simple hand crank grinder that gets the job done, SharpEdge has a great product for you. Their Super Premium grinder comes in 4 pieces, with an included SharpStone pollen scraper and high quality crank installed on the top.  They maintain a quality and durable product, with strong and precision cutting blades for a great grind. One thing to remember with the SharpEdge Super Premium grinder is that the hand crank always works in one direction, so if you crank in the opposite direction, the top will unscrew.  For a mid-priced, basic product, this SharpEdge herb grinder is the perfect choice!

  1. Unishow crank top herb grinder


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Our final pick for the best hand crank herb grinder is this 5 piece unit Unishow. Available in black, blue, and red, this product offers a quality space aluminum construction and 24 precision teeth for a super grind. This is more teeth than other herb grinders we have tested. It has a clear lid to see the grinding process, and the hand crank makes grinding easier and more effective. Unishow’s 5 piece construction allows you to use the unit as a 5 piece, or also as a 3 piece as well; it’s quite a functional product.

If a hand crank herb grinder is something you’re looking into, the four products listed above are all great choices for purchase. With each one, you’ll receive good quality, a fine grind, and an easy to use hand crank. Be sure to use expertsofherb.com as your source for the best herb grinders available online.

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