The 6 Best CBD Oils for Anxiety: Stop Worrying and Start Living

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CBD oil is all the rage and it’s developed quite a reputation for its help in bringing anxiety relief. You’re recently diagnosed. Or you’re developing a resistance to your medication. Or you’re just looking for a more holistic option to cut down the brain chatter. All you ever want is to get more done and worry less.

The world is a wild place and combating anxiety can get more exacerbated by all the options. There are many CBD sites and products available on the market after all. So, where should you begin? The answer is here, with our six best CBD oils for anxiety!

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a day-to-day worrisome part of the human condition. It kicks in when we’re stressed and/or overwhelmed by work, house life, and relationships. It is also a mental illness that can take many forms. Generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder are a couple.

When triggered, it can lead to panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Your mind creates overwhelming feelings of paralysis and paranoia. You’re consumed with many realities and possible issues that actualize your greatest fears. Commonly, those receiving professional psychiatric help for an anxiety disorder get medicated with one of many pills. Xanax and Zoloft, to name a couple.

Though pharmaceuticals prove helpful in bringing relief, there are possible side effects. Certain concoctions such as drinking alcohol can trigger effects. Forgetting a single dose can flip your world upside-down. Plus, it can be an ongoing journey of figuring out the correct dosage and brand that brings relief.

You check-in repeatedly over the course of many months to maintain what keeps you functioning. Now, this isn’t to dissuade you if you’re currently on medication or considering it. Going cold turkey can be QUITE debilitating and is NOT recommended. Also, experimenting with the best dosage is similar to what you’ll be doing with the CBD oil you’ll buy. Just, ya know, less brain-altering side effects if you forget to ingest it.

A Growing Epidemic

Anxiety is a common enemy of most Americans, affecting 40 million people. It diminishes the lives of women and men everywhere. Some people choose to stick with their medication and add CBD oil to avoid increasing their dose.

Some opt to forgo it all together over time and saddle up with CBD oil. You don’t have to keep looking for a major change in your life. I won’t let anxiety hold you back. But first…

What is CBD?

How CBD Oil Can Help

Is it made of weed? Will it get you high? What exactly is CBD oil, you’re wondering? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the major cannabinoids of the ever-so popular green plants cannabis and hemp. Cannabinoids are the hundreds of chemical components in said greenery.

Many people are quite familiar with cannabis or weed, pot, marijuana, reefer… whatever your mom calls it when she cowers from the thought. It’s the home of the most popular cannabinoid is THC.

You know its reputation: constant inexplicable giggling, endless hunger for junk food, and odd questions and hypotheses that feel earth-shattering. This psychoactive aspect of the plant is barely present in hemp, which is what CBD oil comes from.

There are also terpenes and other vital cannabinoids. It’s theorized that they enhance the medicinal benefits. That’s called “entourage effect.”In any case, cannabidiol can bring a cool, zen-like state to your mind without getting you high. This is especially vital to those who suffer from anxiety as high levels (ha!) of THC may trigger an episode coupled with paranoia.

The Research

Check here for detailed research on how CBD relieves anxiety. On the subject of legality, CBD has more wiggle room than THC. It is legal in most states, give or take some hoops to jump through. That means that accessibility is easier for those who aren’t in legal states. Or if you can’t meet the qualifications for a medical marijuana card.

Now, on the subject of CBD oil, what does this mean as far as consumption for your anxiety? CBD oil is available as a tincture and vaping oil. The best products we’re listing off are tinctures. You administer it via dropper under your tongue.

Most will advertise this with the fanciful word “sublingual.” You can also mix the CBD oil with your favorite drinks like coffee, soda, or water. This method tends to dilute the effectiveness and can take 30-60 minutes or more to kick in. It’s processed through your digestive tract this way. Opposite of drinking, sublingual kicks in much quicker since it goes straight into your bloodstream. Refer to this site when it comes to dosage.

It’s advised to start low and increase the amount over time to understand how CBD oil is affecting your anxiety.

Best CBD Oils

Knowing all of this, what defines each product as “the best”? Beyond the pricing and the size of each mL bottle, here are three major factors for the selection:

  • Available flavor options beyond “natural”
  • Carrier oils it’s mixed with for possible allergies or organic preference:  hemp oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin
  • Extraction type: isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum

Here’s a break down on the extraction types:

  • Isolate: contains ONLY CBD, absolutely ZERO THC or other cannabinoids; good for those concerned with drug tests
  • Broad Spectrum: ZERO THC, but contains terpenes and additional cannabinoids with  CBD; good for those concerned with drug tests
  • Full Spectrum: contains multiple cannabinoids along less than 0.3% THC for the entourage effect; chances of a positive drug test are very low but possible

CBD oil comes in a plethora of bottle sizes and CBD amounts, so we’re going to stick with the 500mg range in 15mL and 30mL bottles to consider the value.

The true bang for your buck comes in with how much CBD is in each serving size of 1mL.

#1. NuLeaf Naturals

If the entourage effect is what you’re looking for to pull those anxiety levels down, this full-spectrum oil may be up your alley. Nuleaf Naturals doesn’t offer 500mg, so you’ll get a hefty 725mg of CBD oil in a 15mL bottle.

With 50mg cannabinoids per serving, you’re heavily encouraged to trust the hefty price tag. This is certainly a high-end CBD oil. There are no additional flavors available, unfortunately, so you will have to stomach the natural flavor if it’s not to your liking. If you’re shooting for quality with this price point, the extract is mixed with USDA Certified organic hemp oil.

I will say that their other options are a bit confusing as the amounts of CBD VS the bottle size is very different from the standards of other sites. Typically, CBD stores offer 15mL or 30mL bottles with 100, 250, 500, 1000, or more mg of CBD. This is the option for those ready to go all-in with finding a high-quality supplement to add to or start their anxiety treatment.

#2. CBD Distillery

Next up in the full spectrum squad is this 15mL bottle of 500mg CBD delight. Again, you’ll get that entourage effect you’re looking for to address your anxiety. And you may be trapped with that natural flavor as your only option.It contains a little over 33mg of CBD per 1mL serving and the extract contains hemp oil and coconut MCT oil.

It’s on the lower-end price wise and is currently on sale as of the writing of this post! If you’re apprehensive about making the investment, this CBD oil is a great place to start. CBD Distillery offers discounts via their email list to possibly add on savings with this medicinal experiment.

#3. cbdMD

Is anxiety pulling you apart because you want the entourage effect but drug testing is a major concern for your livelihood? No worries! This CBD oil tincture by cbdMD is a hybrid broad-spectrum, so it’s free of THC and full of terpenes, CBG, and other mind-massaging cannabinoids.

At 750mg CBD in a 30mL, this is a solid mid-range option. It offers 25mg of CBD per 1mL serving and also comes in different flavors such as mint and orange. If you need a bigger bottle, you can nab 60mL and save the most compared to all the options on this list. This tincture contains coconut MCT oil.

#4. Kat’s Naturals

Maybe you don’t care about the entourage effect. Who needs all those wild, easy-to-mispronounce cannabiwhatevers! Here we have a CBD isolate with varying options depending on your mood: are you looking to Relax, feel Naked, or Metabolize? Given the criteria I established, I zoned in on the Metabolize 500mg CBD 15mL bottle.

Each “mood” offers an array of additional ingredients to help you capture the feeling you’re looking to achieve. I chose Metabolize as a holistic option for anxiety to help pull away from the stream of consciousness while keeping you energized to do tasks.

Isolates typically don’t mention other cannabinoids: this product offers an array of them. It also includes a plethora of essential oils such as grapefruit, peppermint, and cinnamon to reset your mood. You’ll have some bursting flavor to look forward to with these.

The carrier is organic hemp seed oil. For 1mL, you get 17mg of CBD, which is on the low end compared to the others we’ve covered. Considering the price point for 15mL, the entire product line is best for those who use aromatherapy and consume essential oils for their anxiety.

One of the standout qualities is that you can purchase a sample-size 20mL bottle and test which type works best for you!

#5. Medix CBD

Next up on the isolate roster, MedixCBD offers their CBD oil at 500mg per 30mL. Balanced with pure hemp seed oil, it has just under 17mg CBD per 1mL serving.

Get ready to hold your nose if the natural flavor is hard for you. Still, this is a solid starting point for those treading carefully with drug tests and don’t care too much for additional cannabinoids. The price is great for 30mL and worth taking a shot at for your anxiety. It says it’s organic, so you’re getting quality with your purchase!

#6. Green Roads World

Here at the end, we swing back around into broad spectrum territory. In this 15mL bottle, you’ll get 550mg of CBD that’s carried in hemp seed oil and Kosher-grade vegetable glycerin. When anxiety strikes, you get 37mg per 1mL serving with natural flavor.

Green Road World states that other plant compounds are absent from the oil, so you only have CBD to put into your body.

In case you are looking to add terpenes and/or flavor to your dosage, you can also purchase that directly from their site. Available flavors include sour diesel, pineapple express, and more. As far as pricing, this CBD oil is on the high-end of the spectrum. So if you need more CBD per 1mL drop to keep your anxiety in check, definitely go for this option.

You’re Making a Great Choice

Choosing the best CBD oil for your journey through anxiety can be tough, but investing in one of these great options is the first step to relief. If you’re still unsure about which one to pick, throw all six into a randomizer and make your purchase!

What made you consider CBD for helping to treat your anxiety? If you’re a long-time consumer, why are you looking into these options?

Tell us your story in the comments and let us know which CBD oil you decided to purchase! Share this and help others suffering from anxiety.

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