7 Reasons to Never Buy an Acrylic Grinder

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Are you thinking about buying an acrylic weed grinder? If you are, read this article below for it will tell you all the dangers you are exposing yourself to if you buy an acrylic marijuana grinder. Herb grinders are a great thing as long as you get a  high quality one. Don’t be tricked by a cheap one. Read below to find the best grinder for you.

Top 7 Reasons to Not Buy an Acrylic Grinder

Here are the reasons you should avoid buying an acrylic grinder or throw your acrylic grinder out.

#1 Their Teeth Can Break Easily

Plastic grinders lack the durability of aluminum grinders to cut up stems and other thick parts of herb. For that reason, plastic grinder’s teeths can break off and fall into your herb. If your grinder is missing teeth, it wont produce a good quality grind and, after time, you’ll have to buy a new grinder.

#2 They Can Leave Pieces of Toxic Plastic in Your Herb

Plastic grinders can leave shavings of plastic in your herb and, when you smoke it, you’ll in-hail some plastic. This is toxic for you and can cause cancer.

#3 They Lack a Pollen Chamber

Read this if you want learn why a pollen chamber is a critical piece of your herb grinder? You get a great surprise when you catch the smallest pieces of herb in the pollen catcher. You want a grinder with a kief chamber. By having a pollen chamber, you get to accumulate kief. Plastic grinders usually do not come with one.

#4 The Fluff of Your Herb is Not Even

Since the teeth on a plastic grinder can only come in so many shapes (the strength of the plastic limits engineering), you lack the high end teeth shapes that’ll give you a great fluff. Want to smoke a great joint or use your herb in your vaporizer? Get a high end aluminum grinder and avoid acrylic grinders.

#5 Their Poorly Made

Most acrylic grinders cost only a few dollars and can be found at gas stations. Their not high quality stuff that you want to use if you are a MMJ patient.

#6 It Only Costs a Few More Dollars to Get a Metal Grinder

You can get a great quality metal grinder for a few dollars more that’ll last you a lifetime. Cough up that extra $5 and get an aluminum grinder, it is worth it.

#7 Its for Kids

Look at the designs on acrylic grinders? It isn’t meant for adult and/or professional use. Save yourself the trouble.

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