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Hi and welcome to expertsofherb.com. This site is dedicated to keeping our visitors up to date on all things happening in the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in providing quality cannabis related product reviews from herb grinders to vapes, we test and then tell you the best.

My name is Brian Cooper and I’m the founder of this site. ExpertsofHerb.com was started as BestGrinder.net in 2012. Since starting with reviews of herb grinders, we’ve now expanded into many different areas including news related to cannabis legalization and regulation.

We will not contact you and you will not be solicited for reviewing the information on our site.  ExpertsofHerb exists to give you quality information.  We do receive a small commission for referring sales to sites like Amazon.com, but we are committed to providing unbiased information.  Your trust is of the utmost important to me.

If for any reason you have a complaint, feedback, or concern, I can be reached at [email protected].  This includes any edits or misinformation that have been accidentally inserted in our site that should be removed.

If you have a MMJ, marijuana, herb, or 420 related website and would like to submit a guest post or guest blog, feel free to contact me at the contact us page. I’ll happily publish your guest article on the site as long as it is unique, 500+ words, and well written. I’ll also include a link back to your site too.

For any other reason, feel free to contact me with the contact us page as well. Hope to hear from you soon.