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Hi and welcome to expertsofherb.com. This site is dedicated to helping you find the perfect grinder for your herb, weed, marijuana, and tobacco. Given all the choices out there, finding a good grinder is a tough task because the alternatives all look similar and, unless you have done plenty of research, you won’t know which to avoid. Don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you so just sit back, relax, and follow our advice as you find yourself buying the best grinder for you.

My name is Brian and I’m the founder of this site. The site is dedicated to giving you advice on the best grinder for your herb. When I was looking for a weed grinder, there were so many options and choices that it was hard for me to choose.

Should I go with an acrylic grinder? What about wood? What about metal? How does the compartments play into the quality of the grind? What does all these fancy words like CNC, machine metal, and whatever else actually do?

Well, I decided enough was enough so I sat down, did my research, purchased some grinders, and began testing.

What I found out was really cool. Some grinders sucked, some were awesome, and some were just amazing. Things like price did play a factor but weren’t the biggest factor in determining which grinder was the best.

The results shocked me so I decided to build this website to help others.

If you have a MMJ, marijuana, herb, or 420 related website and would like to submit a guest post or guest blog, feel free to contact me at the contact us page. I’ll happily publish your guest article on the site as long as it is unique, 500+ words, and well written. I’ll also include a link back to your site too.

For any other reason, feel free to contact me with the contact us page as well. Hope to hear from you soon.