Afternoon Delight Grinder Review

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Frequently new herb grinders come on to the scene and attempt to make a big splash in the weed grinder market.  One such product is the Afternoon Delight Herb Grinder.

This is a unique grinder in that it has a removable filter and offers a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence knowing that if there is an issue, Afternoon Delight will take care of it free of charge.  You will only find these grinder available for sale on currently, and it appears that they first began selling their products in April of 2015.

New grinder companies often bring a fresh take on the grinder market and have a tendency to shake up the game.  Let’s take a closer look at the Afternoon Delight and see how it stacks up against some of the more established competition.

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Afternoon Delight Grinders come with five pieces, with the fifth piece being a removable filter screen.  The benefit of having a removable screen is that it makes cleaning the screen easier, and you can potentially replace the screen, although we don’t believe that Afternoon Delight is selling screens separately as of the time of this review.

These herb grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum similar to other high end grinders.  It also comes with a magnetized lid that makes spilling any herb more difficult.  In regard to the lid, some users have mentioned that magnet has a tendency to pop out rendering it useless.  However, the majority of users have not stated that this is an issue.

This grinder is 2.2 inches wide, making it a bit smaller than the standard 2.5 inch grinders that we often see.  It features 30 diamond teeth, which is a decent number, but again not as many as we see from top of the line grinders that offer a finer grind.

The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes with a removable screen.
The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes with a removable screen.


We feel that the design of the Afternoon Delight is it’s strongest pro.  We really see how they are adding value by having a removable screen, and it does make cleaning the screen easier, which in turn should make the grinder last longer overall.


The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes in two sizes, 2.2 inch diameter (most popular) and the 2.7 inch diameter (less popular).  There is also a gold version of the Afternoon Delight grinder as well for those looking for a more individualized style.


The performance of the Afternoon Delight is above average, but there are some things that can be improved on as well.

As far as twisting the grinder to grinder up the herb some have mentioned that it is not as smooth as they would prefer.  However, again this a minority with most saying that it is just fine.  Others have also said that they’d like the magnet to be a bit stronger.

Lifetime Warranty

Afternoon Delight does come through with a lifetime warranty, which we obviously love.  Even if something does go wrong you are protected, and from what we know Afternoon Delight’s customer service is commendable.

Bad Points


We consider the Afternoon Delight to be a bit expensive for what it is.  Yes, it does have the removable screen, but we don’t feel like that justifies a price point of $30 for a 2.2 diameter grinder.

Too Many Pieces?

While the removable screen is certainly a cool feature, we do wonder if having more pieces than four is a good thing at the end of the day.

More pieces mean that more things can go wrong.  And honestly, the goal isn’t to have the most futuristic grinder, but a grinder that does its main purpose well: grinding.

Yet, if you find that you have had grinders with screens that have clogged up and are a daily herb user, then the Afternoon Delight might be what you’ve been wishing for in a herb grinder.

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  • Ive ownd the afternoon delight grinder after a couple years and can say. Grinds weed with ease until my top got warped from use. The screens are to small to let kief drop in so theres kief buildup in the storage on top of the screen.
    So you will get about 4 years out of this grinder if you are rough on it but not the grinder your looking for if you want to collect kief.