Atmos Boss Vaporizer Review

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Atmos Ruva Kit Rating

Atmos Ruva Kit Vape Specs


6.135 inch height/0.65 inch diameter




Made in China


5 ounces

# Temperature Settings

1 setting – 385 degrees

Battery Power

1200mAh lithium ion battery

Dry Herb/Wax

Dry Herb



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Atmos Boss Vape

Vape pens are the ultimate in portability when it comes to the modern consumption of herb and waxes.  Unlike their larger portable vaporizer counterparts, vaporizer pens are thinner, similar to the thickness of a cigar.

Vape pens are usually cheaper than portable vaporizers and have less features.  This is what you sacrifice for the extra portability and discreteness.

We’ve discussed several other Atmos Vaporizers here at, and today we take an in depth look at the Atmos Boss Vaporizer Pen.

Strengths – Atmos Boss Vape


When looking to buy a vaporizer pen one of the most important features is the size of the unit.  Having a vaporizer pen that offers ultimate portability allows users to take their herb with them wherever they go.

With a length of just over six inches and a diameter of 0.6 inches the Atmos Boss has the portability of most vape pens but does not sacrifice on quality.

Easily take the Atmos Boss with you  and store it in your duffle bag, and have it ready for when you reach your destination.

Convection Heating

When it comes to vaporizers there are two ways to heat your herb: convection and conduction.

Most vaporizers use the simpler conduction heating method.  This is when the herb is placed directly on the heating source and heated directly.  This works well, but can lead to combustion if the vaporizers gets too hot.

The Atmos Boss is one of the first vape pens to use convection heating.  Convection heating means that the heat source does not directly touch the herb, only the hot air that passes through as you take a pull.  This all but eliminates the concern of accidentally combusting your herb.

On the flip side, convection heating can take longer to get hot enough to use and may take more effort to get a decent amount of vapor.


As with all Atmos Vaporizers the Boss comes with a large number of useful accessories that you can utilize to keep you vaporizer working for years to come.  Below we’ve listed the accessories that come with the Atmos Boss.

Extras included in the kit:

  1. 1200mAh lithium ion battery
  2. Mesh filter
  3. Chamber connector
  4. Rubber mouthpiece
  5. Cordless USB charger
  6. User’s manual
  7. Cleaning brush
  8. Packing tool
  9. Wall adapter

Stainless Steel Herb Chamber and Ceramic Filter

The Atmos Boss features a stainless steel chamber for your herb.  This is a long lasting piece that will help to heat your herb evenly allowing for a quality vaping experience.

On top of this the Atmos Boss also comes with a ceramic filter that makes sure you get a pure vaping experience each and every use.

LED Screen

The Atmos Ruva features a beautiful multicolor LED screen that you use to control the vaporizer’s temperature and other settings.

This LED screen will also tell you when the vape is ready for use and when it is shutting down as a safety measure.

On top of this the Atmos Ruva utilizes vibration notifications that notify you when the vaporizer is fully heated and ready for use.

5-Year Warranty

The Atmos Boss is priced right around the $100 mark, and when preparing to spend this much money you want to be sure that you are getting a decent product.

Atmos has you protected with a 5-year warranty that will replace your unit if there is any dysfunctions.  Knowing this you can buy with confidence.

What Could Be Better

Vapor Quality

The convection heating unit on the Atmos Boss is a doubled-edged sword.  We certainly like that the Atmos Boss burns herb evenly, but we must be honest and state that it takes significantly more effort to get vapor compared to similar conduction vape pens.

For this reason, vapor quality on the Atmos Boss is considered a weakness.

One Heat Setting

While it shouldn’t be too surprising the Atmos Boss Vaporizer Pen comes with one heat setting, which is around the 385 degree mark.  This heat setting will work for the majority of vape users, but some may find that it will not meet their needs for one reason or another.

If you are a looking for a more customized vaping experience you’ll likely need to invest in a full-size portable vaporizer unit as these are more likely to have different vaporizer heat settings.

Vape Verdict

For those who are set on a convection vape pen for dry herb then the Atmos Boss is one of the few decent options you have to choose from.

We wish the vapor quality was better on this vaporizer, but overall it still gets the job done.

However, if you are more particular about the amount of vapor you get then we suggest checking out some other vaporizers.

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FAQ – Atmos Boss Vape

Does this work for both dry herb and wax?

No, the Atmos Boss Vape is only meant for use with dry herbs.

What is the heating chamber made of?

The Atmos Boss Vape has a stainless steel heating chamber.

How do you know when the battery is low?

The vaporizer will alert you when the battery is getting low via the LCD display on the bottom of the vape.

What is the outside of the vaporizer made from?

The outer part of this vaporizer is made of carbon fiber.

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