Atmos Ruva Kit Review

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Atmos Ruva Kit Rating

Atmos Ruva Kit Vape Specs


4.4″ x 1.4″ x 0.74″




Made in China


7 ounces

# Temperature Settings

330-430 degrees 

Battery Power

1800mAh lithium ion battery

Dry Herb/Wax

Dry Herb



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Atmos Ruva Kit

Portable vaporizers have become more technologically advanced over the last five years and now have some great features that used to only be found on full-sized vaporizer units.

Atmos has brought the Ruva to market as their attempt to compete in the advanced portable dry herb vaporizer space.

With a great many features found on some of the most expensive portable vaporizers the Atmos Ruva is a great value for those wanting the bells and whistles without the budget busting price.

Strengths – Atmos Ruva Kit


While vape pens offer the maximum in terms of portability, regular portable vaporizers like the Atmos Ruva can certainly be taken on the go without having to sacrifice performance.

The dimensions of the Atmos Ruva are 4.4″ x 1.4″ x 0.74″.

At this size the Atmos Ruva will fit in most people’s pockets, but may be tight. For a comfortable fit bring along the Ruva with you in a duffle bag or backpack.

Customizable Heat Setting

One of our favorite features of modern vaporizers is customizable heat seatings.  Often this is only found on the higher-end more expensive vaporizers.

Thankfully, Atmos has come through with adding this feature to the Ruva, which is reasonably priced considering it has more advanced features such as customizable temperature.

The Atmos Ruva’s temperature can be adjusted anywhere from 330-430 degrees fahrenheit.  This allows you to hon in on your favorite vape temperature so that you vape your herbs without combusting.  This allows you go enjoy your herb without any of the nasty side effects that come with smoking.

To adjust the temperature on the Ruva you’ll simply use the +/- buttons.  The Atmos Ruva also has a memory feature so that once you have a favorite setting you can go to it immediately.


As with the Atmos Jump Vaporizer the Atmos Ruva comes with a large number of useful accessories that you can utilize to keep your vaporizer working for years to come.  Below we’ve listed the accessories that come with the Atmos Ruva.

Extras included in the kit:

  1. 1800mAh lithium ion battery
  2. Mesh filter
  3. Chamber connector
  4. Rubber mouthpiece
  5. Cordless USB charger
  6. User’s manual
  7. Cleaning brush
  8. Packing tool

Rubber Outer Cover

It is no secret that vaporizers get hot.  Very hot.  Because of this it is important that your hands are protected during usage.  Atmos has made safety a priority with the Ruva by designing it to have a rubber outer cover that helps it resist over heating.

LED Screen

The Atmos Ruva features a beautiful multicolor LED screen that you use to control the vaporizer’s temperature and other settings.

This LED screen will also tell you when the vape is ready for use and when it is shutting down as a safety measure.

On top of this the Atmos Ruva utilizes vibration notifications that notify you when the vaporizer is fully heated and ready for use.

Ceramic Chamber

Having a ceramic chamber in your portable vaporizer helps to vape your herb evenly and will keep your vaporizer in working condition for years to come.  The Atmos Ruva features a ceramic chamber and works very well with all types of dry herbs.

Vapor Quality

This is one portable vaporizer that doesn’t take a saxophone player’s pipes to get a decent draw.  I am very satisfied with the ease with which you can get a good amount of vapor without having to work too hard on your pull.

The vapor plums you’ll blow from this thing are impressive and certainly a plus.

What Could Be Better

Only Works for Dry Herb

For those who are looking for a portable vaporizer with versatility I’d recommend looking elsewhere.  The Atmos Ruva only works with dry herbs.

Concentrates and waxes will not be able to be used with this vaporizer.  For those who are set on using waxes and concentrates as well as dry herbs, we recommend taking a close look at the comparable Atmos Tyga X Shine Pillar Vaporizer.

Vape Verdict

This vaporizer is perfect for those who want a dry herb vaporizer that has customizable heat settings and is priced reasonably.

The LED screen is a nice touch and gives the vaporizer a modern feel, and makes it easy to operate.

If you want something that works with both dry herbs and waxes then this is not the vape for you.

Overall, we were impressed with the amount of vapor that is produced by the Ruva without much effort and we think you will be too.

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FAQ – Atmos Ruva Kit Vape

Does this work for both dry herb and wax?

No, the Atmos Ruva Vape is only meant for use with dry herbs.

What is the heating chamber made of?

The Atmos Ruva Vape has a ceramic heating chamber.

How do you know when the battery is low?

The vaporizer will alert you when the battery is getting low via the LED screen.

What is the outside of the vaporizer made from?

The outer part of this vaporizer is made of rubber.

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