Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer Review

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Atmos Tyga X Shine Pillar Rating

Atmos Tyga Pillar Vape Specs


5.08 inch height/0.94 inch diameter




Made in China


9 ounces

# Temperature Settings

6 heat settings

Battery Power

1300mAh lithium ion battery

Dry Herb/Wax




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Atmos Tyga Pillar Vape

As the vaporizer industry continues to grow, big names in the music industry have begun to partner with vaporizer makers to create exclusive product lines.

Atmos has jumped into a partnership with the rapper Tyga to promote the Tyga X Shine Pillar Kit.  For those who are unfamiliar, Tyga is a successful rapper currently signed with Def Jam and has had several charting hits.

At the end of the day, it is the quality of the vaporizer that matters no matter who’s name is on the packaging.  While we think partnerships are good for marketing, they often do not speak to the quality of the product.  Below we give you an in depth look at our thoughts on the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer.

Strengths – Atmos Tyga Pillar

Heat Setting

The Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer features six different heat settings so that you can customize your vaping experience.

These six temperature settings have been optimized to work with almost any type of herb or wax to minimize any combustion.  Anyone familiar with vaping knows that combusting the herb is not what you want to do as then it defeats the purpose of vaping in the first place.  If your vaporizer combusts your herb you basically have an expensive pipe.

To use the temperature settings on the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer simply press the button on the vape to toggle through each of the temperature settings until you find the one that suites your vaping experience best.


The Tyga Pillar Vaporizer comes in two different color options: black and gold.  Overall, this vaporizer has a sleek, minimal outer shell design that gives it a touch of class.

By not going over the top with the color schemes and designs, Atmos made it clear that the Tyga Pillar Vaporizer is not a toy, but a quality portable vaporizer that deserves respect.

Ceramic Chamber

Several aspects of the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer are noteworthy in terms of design.

To start, this vape features a full ceramic chamber to load your herb.  This is the material used by the best portable herb vaporizers in their chamber.  The chamber is also quite deep allowing you to pack a decent amount of product into your vaporizer meaning you won’t have to refill it as often.

If you plan to use wax in your vaporizer, the Tyga Pillar Vape has you covered.  To use a wax you simply put in a titanium wax cup into the ceramic chamber and you’re good to go.


The specs on the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vape are as follows: 5.08 inch height/0.94 inch diameter.  This puts this vaporizer solidly into the portable unit category, but significantly bigger than vape pens.

The Atmos Tyga Pillar weighs in a 0.5 lbs.  This is certainly lightweight enough for almost anyone to use, but do not plan on being able to store this vaporizer in your pocket.  At this size and weight it will comfortably fit in a duffle bag or backpack to take with you on the go.


When you purchase the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer you also get several accessories that are included.  Below we’ve listed the extras that come with this vaporizer.

Extras included in the kit:

  1. Titanium Waxy Cup to use when vaping concentrates
  2. User Manual
  3. Cleaning Brush
  4. Micro USB Charger
  5. Packing Tool

Vapor Quality

When we talked about the Atmos Jump Vaporizer we mentioned how impressed we were with the vapor quality for such a cheap vape pen.

Now that we are reviewing the Atmos Tyga Pillar our expectations are raised due to the size of this vape and the fact that it costs twice as much as the Atmos Jump.  Thankfully, the Atmos Tyga Pillar produces a really good vapor quality.

You do not have to take hard draws to get a good amount of vapor with this vape.  In fact, you’ll notice that you will get the desired effect after only 3-6 pulls depending on how often you smoke.

5-Year Warranty

When looking to spend over $100 on a vaporizer, as is the case with the Tyga Pillar, you want to be sure that you are getting what you paid for.  Atmos backs their products with a five year warranty that covers any defects and damage.

If you find that your Tyga Pillar does not work as advertised, simply contact Atmos and they’ll send you a replacement free of charge.

What Could Be Better

While there are plenty of areas where the Tyga Pillar lives up to the hype, there are some things that we think could be better about this vaporizer.  Below we tackle a few things we’d change about the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer.

Conduction Heating

While the Tyga Pillar is a great vape that produces quality vapor without combusting, at the end of the day it still uses a conduction heating element that directly heats the herb.

The vast majority of vaporizers use conduction, but the best of the best are convection or a combination or convection and conduction.

If conduction heating will meet your needs then great, but if you are set on a convection experience be prepared to spend significantly more money.


The Atmos Tyga Pillar is priced at $125, which is in the middle ground for portable vaporizers.  For some this will be too expensive and if you are in that category we recommend you check out our article on the best portable dry herb vapes.

My only gripe about the price is that it is likely about $25 too high because of Tyga’s name being behind.  I suppose if you are a Tyga fan then it might be worth the extra cost, but for the rest of us it is hard to justify.

This doesn’t take away from the quality of the vaporizer, but it does hurt it in terms of value.

Vape Verdict

At the end of the day, if you are a fan of Tyga and want a good portable vaporizer that reps your musical tastes then I’m not sure you can go wrong.

But if you are not big into Tyga, it is still a really solid vaporizer.  The vapor quality is good and we like the six different heat settings that allow for a more customized vapor experience.

Value is probably the biggest downfall due to the partnership with Tyga driving the price up a bit.  In fact, Atmos has the Ruva Vaporizer, which has greater tech and is only priced $5 more than the Tyga Pillar Vaporizer.  Something to consider for anyone wanting a good portable vape.

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FAQ – Atmos Tyga Pillar Vape

Does this work for both dry herb and wax?

Yes, it works for both dry herb and waxes.

What is the heating chamber made of?

The Atmos Tyga Pillar Vape has a anodized aluminum heating chamber.

How do you know when the battery is low?

The vaporizer will vibrate to alert you when the battery is low.

What is the outside of the vaporizer made from?

The outer part of this vaporizer is made of anodized aluminum.

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  • Your comment on the Atmos warranty could not be more incorrect. My Pillar vape failed in less than a year. They provide no repair or replacement after 30 days. It’s hilarious they even call it a warranty. It’s actually just an offer to purchase more of their product at dealer cost…really no loss for them. Read this direct quote from my contact with Atmos Me: “Is the $45 replacement offer my only option? Just trying to find out if there is actually a warranty, or if the warranty is just me purchasing another unit (like the one that failed me) at dealer cost. Thank you.” Atmos: “At this point we can set up the replacement for you for $45.00. You have a 5 year LIMITED warranty. If you read it in it’s entirety, there are no free replacements outside of 30 days. We offer deep discounts on replacements under your warranty protections. If you need more understanding, please call customer care.”

  • Whammy,

    Wow, thanks for the info. Seems that Atmos has some differences between what they promise and deliver to unsatisfied customers. Sorry for your experience.