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Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper is a lifelong resident of Ohio and has been an advocate of cannabis use for many years. When not partaking, Brian enjoys to hike, ride his bike, and play guitar.  Brian started ExpertsofHerb in 2014.

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Emma Foley

Emma Foley works as a freelance writer out of Cleveland, Ohio. She has a passion for science, history and Star Trek. In her free time she enjoys Scrabble, hiking and urban exploration.

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Ryan Shempton

Ryan is a full-time freelance writer. He has worked as a paralegal, civil litigation assistant and tutor while living in cities stretching from Columbia, SC to Henderson, NV. Ryan’s interests include movies, video games, music, everything cannabis-related and vegan cooking.

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Alaina Dorsey

Alaina Dorsey is a freelance cannabis content marketing writer and tsundere-tier personality based in Baltimore, MD. She has the snarky yet wise demeanor of a big sister who encourages the best from humankind. Occasionally, she moonlights as an illustrator.

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Courtney Elder

Having been bitten by the writing bug at the young age of 6, Courtney gets to live her dream every day by creating content for a wide range of clients. When she’s not typing away at the computer, she loves spending time with her two sons in the Pacific NW.

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Stephanie Delgado

Staff writer.

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