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Best Herb Grinder For Your Stash In 2018

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Are you looking for the best grinder for your herb? was created to give you insights on what to look for in a non-toxic, safe, and durable grinder. Don’t be fooled by cheap grinders at gas stations and head shops: they can be dangerous. Consider buying an herb grinder online, you’ll save money compared to buying one in a store and the number of different weed grinders for sale online far surpasses what you’ll find in your local head shop. Our site will walk you through what an herb grinder is, what the best grinders have in common, what herb grinders you should avoid, as well as the top 3 best grinders available right now online (click here to skip to the ratings).  

The Best Grinder for Herb and Cannabis in 2018


Top 10 Herb Grinders

Bunch of Herb Grinders
Some of the herb grinders we tested

Without any further ado, here are the top 3 best grinders that you can find anywhere. When considering which weed grinders to include in our top 3, we took in several factors.  Each of the top 3 grinders are made from anodized aluminum, which is a unique process that gives aluminum color without painting.  This means that none of the best herb grinders on our top 3 list will peel or chip. Another factor investigated for each weed grinder was the number of shredding teeth relative to the size of the grinder.  Generally, you want a cannabis grinder that has more teeth as having more teeth lends itself to a finer and more even grind.  So, when you smoke the resulting herb product it will burn evenly.  As a rule of thumb, the best weed grinders that are 2.5 inches in diameter have around 50 teeth total. Equally important when comparing the best weed grinders is the number of pieces.  Most full-sized herb grinders come with four-pieces.  This includes a magnetized lid with teeth, a second piece that connects to the lid that has teeth and holes, a third piece that is a compartment for the ground up herb that has a metal screen sifter, and a fourth piece that collects all the kief that is produced from using your herb grinder. The last thing we looked at was the value each weed grinder provided.  Value is really the combination of quality and price.  So, our goal was to discover the best grinder that combined those two qualities.  We feel confidently that we’ve made the right choice.  

#1. Black Tie/Pink Bow Grinder 4 Piece


  • 50 Diamond Shaped Teeth Create The Most Even Grind Available
  • Comes With Extras Including a Carry Bag and Bonus Scrapper
  • Rounded Pollen Catcher Chamber
  • Metal Reinforced Filtering Screen


  • Only Comes In One Size (2.5 Inch)

The Black Tie 2.5 Inch Grinder is the best grinder for anyone looking for a high quality premium grinder. Priced at around $30, the Black Tie Grinder has high end features without the high end price. Like most metal grinders, the Black Tie Grinder is made of CNC aluminum that has been anodized. This makes the grinder very light, smooth, and corrosion resistant. It features a fine pollen screen that is well integrated into the grinder. Read Full Review  

Black Tie Features

Quality and Grind

Best Grinder- Black Tie Top
The top of a Black Tie Grinder


Let’s take a moment to talk about the features found with each Black Tie Grinder.  First, our top rated grinder has 50 diamond shaped teeth that grind herb to a optimum consistency.  That makes the resulting product produced by these best rated grinders great for both joints and vaporizers.  

Smooth as Butter

The actual twisting action of the Black Tie Grinder is one of the smoothest we’ve ever encountered.  Bottom line: this thing was created to shred herbs.  The second piece of this herb grinder has 30 strategically placed holes to make sure that herb is able to make it to the compartment area without jamming.  

Best Grinder Teeth
Black Tie Grinder Teeth

Filtering Screen

Each of these herb grinders has a steel mesh filter screen for kief.  But while other filter screens are kept in place by a piece of plastic on the bottom, the updated version of the Black Tie Grinder actually uses an extra strong piece of metal.  This means that over time the screen will stay in place and won’t be at risk of popping out. Another update that we think is really badass is the newly designed kief catcher compartment on the Black Tie Grinder.  Through improvements made

BTG Hole Pattern - Best Grinder
Black Tie Grinder Filtering Hole Pattern

with the CNC machining, Black Tie Grinders no longer have any thread marks on the bottom this piece.  On top of that the corners are now rounded so that scrapping kief out of this piece is a breeze.  


Everyone of us knows how freaking frustrating it can be to lose your plastic pollen scraper.  Well,  Black Tie has you covered as they now put two pollen scrapers in each of their grinders just to help you avoid this frustration.  We recommend that you put the extra scraper in a safe place, like a drawer, so that if you lose one you’ll know where to find the extra scraper.

Pollen Filter Screen - Best Grinder
Metal Ring of Black Tie Grinder that Reinforces Pollen Filtering Screen

Another bonus you get with each updated Black Tie Grinder is a velvet carry pouch with draw strings.  This pouch protects your herb grinder from any potential dents of scrapes so that your herb grinder stays in tip-top shape.  We’ve actually felt this carry pouch in our own hands and can verify that we were impressed by its quality.  


It should be pretty obvious by now that Black Tie makes a pretty dope weed grinder.  On top of that each herb grinder also comes with some pretty cool extras as well.

Pollen Catcher - Best Grinder
Black Tie Grinders Have Rounded Corners in Their Pollen Catcher Compartments.

Finally, Black Tie Grinders are priced reasonably at ~$30, which is far less than comparable USA made grinders that charge upwards of twice as much or more.  Without a doubt, Black Tie Grinders are the best weed grinders when it comes to the combination of quality and price.  They get five stars on our value indicator.  

More Than an Herb Grinder

Each Updated Black Tie Grinder Comes with a Bag and Two Pollen Scrapers
Each Updated Black Tie Grinder Comes with a Bag and Two Pollen Scrapers

We’ve also been in contact with Nick from Black Tie Grinders to talk more about his branded weed grinders.  He mentioned to us that the goal of Black Tie Grinders is to create the best grinder possible that can compete with the likes of Space Case and others, while being priced more reasonably.  Nick also mentioned that the goal of Black Tie Grinders is to not just be the best herb grinder, but also create a lifestyle around the brand.  We feel the black tie logo encapsulates this perfectly. Based on our conversation, I could tell that Nick was a standup guy and someone who truly cares about the quality of his grinders.  This shines through with Black Tie’s lifetime warranty and their exceptional customer service.  This dude literally replied to my email within 15 minutes of reaching out!  

Pink Bow - Best Grinder
Black Tie Also Makes Pink Bow Grinders for Women Who Love Herb

Pink Bow

Black Tie Grinders has recently released a new Pink Bow Grinder line for ladies who love the herb just as much as their significant others.  Pink Bow Grinders feature the same quality as their Black Tie Counterparts, but with a cute pink color and delicately designed bow shaped logo.  


We see absolutely no cons for the Black Tie Grinder when it comes to quality and price.  However, we would like to see them add different sizes and grinder variations in the future.  This would help them reach a greater number of customers that currently have to look elsewhere for their herb grinder.  Currently, Black Tie (and Pink Bow) Grinders are only offered in a 2.5″ diameter size.    

#2. Space Case Grinder


  • Made In the USA Premium Grinder
  • One of the Most Recognizable Grinder Brands
  • Comes With a Titanium Coat


  • Expensive (>$50)
  • A Lot of Knock-Offs, Have to Buy From Reputable Sellers

Few names in the world of weed grinders evoke such a positive response as Space Case.  They have for many years been the market leader in premium quality herb grinders, and for good reason.  All of Space Case’s best grinders are made in the USA, which provides a reputation of top of the line quality.  Despite a higher price point, Space Case continues to sell very well and users of their products have overwhelming positive things to say about the brand. Space Case has always been about simplicity and style, and most of the grinders they sell are either silver or black.  Recently, Space Case has expanded into selling grinders that are several different colors which you can check out by clicking hereRead Full Review  

Space Case Features

Quality and Grind

Space Case - #2 Best Grinder
Top of Small Space Case Grinder

The Space Case Grinder is an anodized aluminum grinder that is great for both recreational smokers and medical marijuana patients.  


From the perspective of teeth design, the Space Case Grinder and Black Tie Herb Grinder have a lot in common.  The teeth of the Space Case grinder are strictly diamond shaped, while the Black Tie Grinder have more of a hybrid between a diamond and trapezoid shape to their teeth.  Space Case also boosts a large number of teeth on their herb grinders, which as we’ve mentioned previously is the number one factor when it comes to producing a optimal grind.  

Space Case - #2 Best Grinder
Space Case Teeth

Hole Pattern

Where the Space Case really differs from Black Tie is in the hole design.  Space Case Herb Grinders have a greater number of holes that ground herb can fall through during the grinding process.  This will likely mean that more herb will fall through without getting as complete a grind as the Black Tie, but as with most things herb grinders, which one you prefer will likely come down to personal preference.  


Space Case Herb Grinders have strong neodymium magnets on both the lid and the second-piece, which attract to each other.  Having a marijuana grinder with this type of magnet is very important during grinding, as without it it is easy to spill that precious herb all over the place!  Thankfully, Space Case has some of the best magnets in the herb grinding business.

Space Case Hole Pattern
Space Case Hole Pattern

The differences of the filtering screen on the Space Case and the Black Tie are negligible.  Each weed grinder filters very well, and both are reinforced with a metal o-shaped ring.  As for the fourth piece of the Space Case, there are no grooves on the bottom, which is great.  However, Space Case does not feature rounded corners to make getting kief out easier.  

Filter Screen - #2 Best Grinder
Metal Filter Screen Reinforcement Ring on Space Case Grinder

Space Case Grinder Myths

As seen in this article, there are a couple of myths about Space Case Grinders that are worth pointing out.  First, many people mistakenly believe that Space Case Grinders are made from titanium.  This simply is not true.  This myth derived from the name of the black anodized finish of the Space Case Grinders, which Space Case calls “Titanium”.  All of Space Case Grinders that we are aware of are made from anodized aluminum.

Pollen Catcher - Space Case
Space Case Pollen Catcher

The second myth is that Space Case offers a lifetime warranty.  Actually, Space Case does not offer a warranty on their grinders.  While this is slightly disappointing they do make some of the best grinders so we wouldn’t worry too much about this. We didn’t mention these myths to deter you from buying Space Case, but to make sure you are an informed customer.  We still think Space Case makes some of the best grinders available.  


Scrapping Pick - Space Case Grinder
Space Case Grinders Come with This Pick

Space Case does not offer too many extras when it comes to their herb grinders, preferring instead to focus on the quality of their core product.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t get anything extra when you buy a Space Case Grinder.  In fact, each Space Case comes with a guitar pick pollen scraper that has the Space Case logo on it.  And for all the guitar players out there this is a pretty cool feature.  


Value is the main reason that the Space Case Grinder fell to second place behind the Black Tie Grinder.  While you can pick up a 2.5″ diameter Black Tie Grinder for about $30, a 2.2″ diameter Space Case’s price can range from $50-$60 depending on the seller (click to see current price).  The fact of the matter is that Black Tie Grinders are just as good (if not better) than a comparably sized Space Case, but are damn near half the cost to boot.  Truly the only real advantage that Space Case has in this realm is that it is made in the USA while Black Ties are made in China.  But the bottom line is the craftsmanship of these grinders are equally spectacular. If you are on the fence about which of these two great weed grinders to get, we recommend saving yourself some cash and taking a serious look at Black Tie before going with the traditionally popular Space Case Grinder.  

Pro Tip:

When buying a Space Case Grinder on a web-based marketplace like Amazon, be sure to check the seller’s ratings before purchasing.  Often times sellers sell Chinese knock-offs of Space Case that are not the same quality, and most importantly, not a genuine Space Case Grinder.


#3. Santa Cruz Shredder


  • Features a Proprietary Thread Pattern To Eliminate Thread Seizing
  • T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen
  • Use Ultrasonic Cleaning to Make Sure Each Grinder Is Free of Contaminants


  • Square Tooth Design Not As Effective As Diamond Shaped Teeth

Our number three pick for best herb grinder is the Santa Cruz Shredder.  The medium sized version of this weed grinder is 2 1/8″ in diameter and Made in the USA. There are some very unique features with this marijuana grinder, especially in regard to the teeth design of the Santa Cruz Shredder and the grip.  Below we are going to break down some of the reasons why the Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the best grinders that money can buy. Read Full Review  

Santa Cruz Shredder Features

Santa Cruz Shredder Teeth

Quality and Grind

As with the Space Case, the Santa Cruz Shredder is great for those looking for herb grinders for either recreational or medicinal purposes.  It is an anodized aluminum grinder like our other two best grinder picks. The medium sized four-piece weed grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder is 2 and one eighth inches in diameter.  This is significantly smaller than the 2.5″ grinders from Black Tie and slightly smaller than a medium Space Case herb grinder.  


This is really where the Santa Cruz Shredder differentiates from the other two best grinders on our list.  The Space Case Weed Grinder and Black Tie Grinder both basically have diamond shaped teeth.  On the other hand, Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders have rectangular teeth with indented sides so that each corner is sharp.

#3 Best Grinder - Santa Cruz Shredder - Teeth
The steel mesh filtering screen of the Santa Cruz Shredder

The idea behind this design is that it offers four sharp points for each teeth compared to the two sharp points found in a diamond shaped teeth design.  We like the idea, but the Santa Cruz Shredder simply does not grind herb as thoroughly as either the Black Tie Grinder or the Space Case Grinder.  On the other hand, the Santa Cruz Shredder will still outperform many other herb grinders that are available for sale.  

Hole Pattern

#3 Best Grinder - Santa Cruz Shredder - Pick
Santa Cruz Shredder Pollen Catcher and Pick

Hole pattern is another area where the Santa Cruz Shredder differs from the Black Tie or Space Case.  With the Santa Cruz Shredder, the holes are oval shaped rather than circular allowing for a greater amount of ground herb to fall through each hole.  We do like this design as it maximizes the capacity for each hole in the herb grinder.  Overall, this is our favorite hole pattern out of the three best weed grinders.  


The magnets on the Santa Cruz Shredder are comparable to most other anodized aluminum herb grinders out there today.  They use two small magnets, one on the lid and one on the second piece, that attract to each other and keep the lid in place helping to avoid herb spills. We really have yet to find a marijuana grinder that has a unique magnet design, and the Santa Cruz Shredder is no different.  The magnets on this herb grinder will certainly help keep the lid on.  


Santa Cruz Shredders come in many different colors

Like the Space Case, the Santa Cruz Shredder is an herb grinder that does not come with many extras.  You won’t get some special gift box or a carrying pouch with the Santa Cruz Shredder.  Nor will you get an extra scrapper.  However, the Santa Cruz does well at keeping them simple and allowing the grinder itself speak to the quality of the product.  While extras are great, they certainly are not more important than the quality of the herb grinder itself, am I right? One aspect of the Santa Cruz Shredder that might be consider an extra is color variety.  Santa Cruz Shredders come in many different colors including pink, green, gray, black, blue, purple, rasta, and pretty much any other color of the rainbow you can think of.  Being able to get your weed grinder in a special color certainly is fun for those of us with a favorite color. Similar to the Space Case, the Santa Cruz Shredder will come with a guitar pick kief scrapper.  Honestly, as a guitar player I do like having an extra pick around, but they don’t seem to do as nice a job scrapping kief as the scrappers found with the Black Tie Grinder.


#4. Masterdam Grinders

best herb grinder - masterdam


  • Comes In Two Sizes (Standard: 2.2 and Large: 2.5 Inches)
  • Reasonably Priced at $18.95
  • Comes In Different Colors: Black, Gun Metal, Green, Pink, Purple


  • Does Not Provide The Finest Grind Compared To Other Grinders On This List

It’s no secret that when it comes to purchasing herb grinders you want the best grind for your buck.  For those of us not made of money, Masterdam is a great choice.  Made from aircraft grade aluminum, Masterdam Grinders can hang with many of the higher quality grinders while costing less than $20 for the larger 2.5 inch version. Masterdam Grinders come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Starting with size, you can get a standard Masterdam Grinder (2.2 Inch) or large (2.5 Inch).  The one that is right for you will depend on how often and how much herb you plan to grind.  Like your grinder to have a little flair?  If so, you’ll like the different colors that Masterdam Grinders come in.  Whether you want the standard black, or show off your grinder in bright pink, Masterdam has got you covered. The materials of Masterdam Grinders is also worth mentioning.  I’m sure like me you don’t like your herb grinder to get stuck, thankfully these grinders work smoothly and won’t get clogged with regular cleaning.  Strong neodymium magnets keep the lid in place to help eliminate spills. Every Masterdam Grinder comes with a 3-year warranty. Read Full Review


#5. Phoenician Herb Grinders

best herb grinder - phoenician


  • Includes a Replaceable Filtering Screen
  • Made In USA
  • Uses a Fast-Lock System that Includes No Threads
  • Comes In Rasta Color Scheme


  • Very Expensive: Cheap Options Sell For ~$70

Few herb grinder brands have brought as much innovation to the table as Phoenician.  Their grinders are some of the most technologically advanced on the market.  It all starts with the design.  For those who invest in a Phoenician Grinder they’ll get a piece that has a proprietary “fast lock system” that eliminates the need for threads. Another great feature from Phoenician is their replaceable filtering screen.  With most other grinders you’d need to purchase a whole new piece once your screen wears out, but not with Phoenician.  With their grinders all you need to do is purchase a replacement screen and screw it into place.  Even the teeth of the Phoenician Grinder have been strategically placed to optimize the grind.  You can tell that the people behind this grinder thought long and hard about how to design an herb grinder that changes the game. Made in the USA, Phoenician Grinders are some of the most expensive herb grinders on the market.  This should come as no surprise with the amount of design innovation included with these grinders, but it can still be a hard pill to swallow.  Be prepared to spend at least $70 for a basic Phoenician, and over $100 if you want one with the lid slot for rolling papers. Read Full Review


#6. Golden Gate Grinders

best grinder - golden gate grinder


  • Diamond Shaped Teeth That Cut Through Herb Efficiently
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets Help to Minimize Spillage


  • May Require Frequent Cleaning Due To Clogging

One of the best selling herb grinders on Amazon, Golden Gate has made a name for themselves since coming on the scene in late 2013.  I hate it when paint chips off my grinder and into my herb, and so does Golden Gate.  That’s why their grinders use anodized aluminum that minimizes paint chips and keeps your grinder looking new for longer. Golden Gate Grinders are also designed with diamond shaped teeth that we find to be the best when it comes to creating an even grind.  A rounded pollen catcher helps to utilize the kief with ease. Overall, this is a solid grinder at a price that is hard to beat. Read Full Review


#7. Kannastor Herb Grinders

best herb grinder - kannastor


  • One Of The Most Uniquely Designed Herb Grinders On The Market
  • Has Two Different Grinding Plates So That You Can Choose How Fine You Want Your Grind To Be
  • Features a Replaceable Filtering Screen


  • A Bit Overly Complicated Design

And we thought that Phoenician Grinders were focused on innovation, Kannastor appears to have something to say about that with their GR8TR V2 Herb Grinder.  The GR8TR V2 is the only herb grinder we know of that has two different teeth plates so that you can choose what kind of grind you require.  As with the Phoenician Grinder, Kannastor Grinders feature a replaceable filtering screen so that you don’t have to throw out your piece just because your screen breaks. For most, that amount of innovation would be enough, but not for Kannastor.  Featured on their GR8TR V2 is a bonus storage area so you can keep even more ground herb fresh. The aluminum used to make the Kannastor GR8TR V2 is food grade, meaning it is safe to be used with foods.  This should offer some peace of mind that using this herb grinder is safe. Dimensions of the GR8TR V2 grinder from Kannastor include a height of 3.8 inches and a width of 2.2 inches.  Not the widest grinder out there, but with all the unique features and bonus storage chamber it still easily ranks as one of the best and most unique herb grinders out there. Read Full Review


#8. Kozo Grinders


  • Design Has Indents Around The Lid To Enhance Grip
  • Filtering Screen Sets Inside Grinder Without Threads


  • The Teeth Plate and Lid Are Made From Two Separate Pieces of Aluminum, Making It Less Durable

Kozo is pretty new to the herb grinder scene, but they’ve made quite a splash in that time.  One of the best selling brands on Amazon, Kozo has built a reputation as being one of the best herb grinder manufacturers out there. The main benefit of their herb grinders is the indent around the edge of their grinders that allow you to get a better grip on the grinder for turning.  This makes Kozo Grinders a good choice for those who use MMJ due of arthritis. Another unique aspect of Kozo Grinders is the filtering screen that sits in the collection chamber, removing the need for threads on the screen.  Made from two different pieces of aluminum, this can make Kozo Grinders more likely to break over time.  We’re also not a huge fan of square shaped teeth as they are not as sharp as the diamond shaped version found on other herb grinders. Read Full Review  

#9. Mendo Mulcher Grinders

best herb grinder - mendo mulcher


  • Made In USA
  • Features a Filtering Screen with 190 Microns
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Not A Great Value At The Price point, Doesn’t Bring Anything Unique To The Table

Mendo Mulchers is one of the older herb grinder brands and are proudly made in the US of A.  These herb grinders get rid of a lot of the fluff that comes with other grinders like paint and complicated features that often only make the grinding process more difficult than it should be.  Instead of trying to create a complex piece, Mendo Mulcher went in the other direction and created a grinder that is more minimal and built to last a lifetime. Mendo Mulchers are not painted or anodized so you don’t have to worry any paint chipping off into your herb.  The teeth of the Mendo Mulcher are a unique sharp edged oval shape that do a nice job of grinding your herb.  At the end of the day, if you are a person who values function over form, then there is no better choice than the always reliable Mendo Mulcher Herb Grinder. Read Full Review  

#10. Zip Grinders

herb grinder - zip grinders


  • Zip Grinders Have Many Different Grinder Models To Choose From
  • Come With a Clear Collection Chamber To See Your Ground Herb


  • Some Customers Report That Teeth Have Broken After a Few Months Use

For those who crave choice and variety, Zip Grinders may just be the herb grinder brand for you. You can purchase Zip Grinders that are the standard 4-piece with unique lid designs, and even pagoda shaped grinder for those who like a little Asian influence. Their most popular grinder, the 4-piece grinder with a clear collection chamber and lid has received an impressive 1,900 reviews on Amazon.  This is a perfect grinder if you want to actually see your herb being ground.  It features 49 diamond shaped teeth made to cut through your bud with ease.  Want versatility? Look no further than this Zip Grinder. You can easily make this grinder portable by simply removing the clear collection chamber.  Whether at home or on the go Zip Grinders is a good choice for your grinding needs. Read Full Review


The Best Grinder is the Black Tie/Pink Bow 4 Piece Grinder

Black Tie- Best Grinder
Black Tie next to a Sharp Shredda Grinder

Here’s the bottom line guys, we have tested and personally used many of the best grinders when deciding which one would take the top spot in our weed grinder rankings.  The honest truth is that most of the top end anodized aluminum grinders offer similar grinding qualities.  But there are subtle differences that help certain marijuana grinders stand apart. While better known herb grinder brands such as Space Case, Phoenician, and Santa Cruz Shredder are popular and available at most head shops, Black Tie offers a combination of value and quality that has yet to be matched.  From a quality standpoint, Black Tie Grinders is one of the best grinders on the planet. Now that you know about the quality, and why Black Tie Grinders ranks 1st in our best grinder rankings, let’s look at value.  Really there isn’t a better herb grinder available on the market today.  Black Tie Grinders go for about $30 (see current price) and offer a lot of cool extras with each herb grinder that is purchased. Lastly, the customer service you receive from Black Tie Grinders really is second to none.  Anytime we’ve reached out to them they have been positive and happy to work with us.  Unfortunately, we can’t say that about all the grinder companies we’ve reached out to.  

What is a Weed Grinder

Phoenician Weed Grinder
Phoenician Weed Grinder

A weed grinder, also known as an herb/marijuana/cannabis grinder, is a small device with teeth that you can use to grind up herb, tobacco, marijuana, and other small plant material. It can have anywhere from 1 to more than 3 compartments and it usually is made of wood, metal, or acrylic. Before weed grinders people had to use scissors or their fingers to grind up herb, which was inefficient and would make your hands smell like weed or other herbs.  Now with CNC machining, improvements in herb grinders are seen often that make weed grinders a great and stylish tool for any fan of the herb. There are many things to look for when evaluating the quality of an herb grinder.  These factors include: number and shape of grinding teeth, number of pieces a grinder has, the material of the grinder, lid magnets, and extras, among others.  Below we describe each factor so that you can get an idea of what characteristics the best grinders have.  

The Difference Between 1, 2, and 3 Compartment Grinders

Cali Crusher 2-Piece Grinder
Cali Crusher 2-Piece Grinder

Here is how the compartments work:

  • 1 compartment herb grinders (also called two piece grinders) have only one compartment where the herb is placed, ground, and retrieved. Because of that, the ground herb might be of inconsistent size. Also, retrieving the ground herb from the single compartment can be a little difficult since the teeth are in your way.
  • 2 compartment herb grinders (also called three piece grinders) have the same grinding compartment as the 1 compartment grinder and small holes in the bottom of one compartment that leads to the second compartment. The holes allow only certain sized herbs to fall through and, because of that, you get more evenly ground herb. Since all the herbs are in the second compartment when finished, retrieving the herb is much easier than with a 1 compartment grinder.
  • 3 compartment herb grinders (also called four piece grinders) have an additional compartment where there is a fine screen that separates it from the 2nd compartment. This 3rd compartment is for pollen or, if you are grinding marijuana, kief.  Each of the herb grinders we selected on our best grinder list are 4-piece herb grinders.

Prices vary widely based on how many pieces an herb grinder has.  Generally, four-piece weed grinders are more expensive than two or three-piece grinders, and for good reason.  Four-piece grinders use more materials than other weed grinders and often include extra features like a filtering screen and pollen catcher chamber.  However, we highly recommend buyers pick up a more expensive four-piece herb grinder because then you get the benefit of producing kief.  

Awesome Grinder Materials

Here is how the materials affect the grinder:  

Acrylic Grinders

Worse grinder is an acrylic grinder
Avoid acrylic grinders: the teeth can break and contaminate your herb.

This is the cheapest material for a grinder. Often only costing a few bucks, acrylic grinders are good when you can’t find another grinder. They do not lost long and, after enough use, the teeth on acrylic grinders will break. Sometimes, small parts of acrylic will get into your herb if you aren’t careful. Acrylic weed grinders often are two-piece grinders, meaning you won’t get the added benefit of kief. highly recommends you stay away from acrylic grinders. Vaporizing, smoking, or ingesting herb with acrylic is dangerous! Don’t be a cheap wad, spend a few more bucks to get a legit grinder.  

Wood Grinders

This is a good looking material for grinders and, since they need to be carved, are usually only available in 1 compartment grinders.   Only being able to get a two-piece weed grinder made out of wood is a huge disadvantage compared to aluminum.  As we’ve mentioned previously you won’t be able to get any kief using a wooden herb grinder. On the flips side, some people just prefer the look and feel of a wooden grinder.  It does have a more natural appeal to it for those with hippy leanings. Make sure the inside of the wooden weed grinder is not finished. Paint or any other finishing can get in your herb. Raw wood works best. Also, the teeth on wood grinders are not as good as metal grinders and, sometimes, the teeth is nothing more than nails. I would stay away from wood grinders unless you have a Magic Flight Vaporizer; then, The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is a great grinder for you.  

Metal Grinders

best grinders are metal grinders
Metal grinders are the best in terms of durability, sharpness, and quality.

Most metal herb grinders are made of aluminum and some say they are made of titanium. Don’t be fooled, it most likely will only be titanium coated because titanium is $6 per pound raw whereas aluminum is about $.75 per pound raw.  Actually, we mentioned this in our Space Case Grinder review where the anodized aluminum color of their weed grinders is called “titanium”.  However, this doesn’t mean that the grinder itself is made of titanium.  If you find this a bit complicated, you are not alone, we were confused at first as well. Is aluminum safe? Yes. There are some rumors online about the dangers of aluminum grinders but those are false. If you happen to find some aluminum flaking left over from manufacturing, simply brush them out of the grinder and you are good to go.  Metal grinders are your best bet and the ones recommended the most by  

Herb Grinder Teeth

More is Better

Sharp Shredda Grinder Teeth
Sharp Shredda Grinder Teeth

The best herb grinders will generally have about 50 teeth for a 2.5″ diameter size grinder.  Lesser grinders will generally have half that number of teeth for the same size weed grinder.  Having more grinding teeth makes sure that the herbs are ground more thoroughly which is better for smoking and vaping. Similarly, the shape of the grinder teeth are also of importance.  Most of the best aluminum grinders use some sort of diamond shape to their grinder teeth.  However, you might find that some herb grinder companies use a more square-like shape with sharper corners.  Heck, Cali Crusher Homegrown grinders use long, narrow lines with sharp edges to grind herb.  Overall, we still feel that the standard diamond shape is the best shape for weed grinding.  

Hole Patterns of Grinders

Herb Grinder Hole Pattern
Chromium Crusher Hole Pattern

Each weed grinder has a unique hole pattern that allows for ground weed to drop into the second compartment.  Many of the best grinders, such as Space Case, utilize circular hole patterns allowing for a great amount of herb to fall through.  Still, there are other herb grinder brands that use different hole patterns.  For example, Santa Cruz Shredder uses oval shaped holes.  Overall, we do recommend grinders that have circular holes as we’ve found that other hole patterns tend to let herb get to the second compartment without being completely ground.  

Herb Grinder Magnets

Many of the best grinders available have magnets that keep the lid connected to the second piece.  The reason for this is so that while your are twisting the lid and grinding herb the lid will be less likely to pop off and spill the contents. Buying a marijuana grinder with strong magnets is important.  Usually, these magnets are called neodymium magnets and there are two: one in the lid and one in the second piece.  They attract to each other.  Aluminum weed grinders need two magnets because aluminum itself is not magnetic.  The best grinders install their magnets with care so that they won’t come loose or pop out over time.  

Grinder Design

In today’s day and age everyone wants to have a bit of individuality with their grinding experience.  Thankfully, herb grinder companies have started to take notice and now offer a lot of variety in their grinders for both functionality and for looks.  

Removable Screen
Some Weed Grinders Have Removable Screens

Removable Screens

Let’s take a look at grinder design improvements that have been developed for improved herb grinder functionality.  The first one that has come out more recently is the removable filtering screen.  Being able to remove the filtering screen on your herb grinder means that you can more easily clean the screen and actually replace it once it wears out. Several grinder manufacturers have herb grinders with removable screen technology.  Some of these grinder brands include Phoenician, Compton, Kannastor, and Cali Crusher’s Homegrown line of weed grinders.  

Ergonomic Design

Most marijuana grinders are circular in shape and have little rivets that help you grip the lid of the grinder.  Lately, there have been some herb grinder companies who have started to add places for your fingers that actually help you grip the grinder.  A couple examples of weed grinders with this element include the updated Chromium Crusher and the Sharp Shredda.  These finger placements allow you to get a better grip on the grinder in turn making the grinding motion easier.  


With many upstart weed grinder brands coming into the foray many weed grinders are beginning to come with a lot of extras to add value to the weed grinder customer.  This is great for us who like to smoke marijuana as we get a better bang for our buck.  This leaves us with more to spend on herb, am I right?  

Carry Bags

One of the nicer extra features that come with some marijuana grinders is a carry bag or pouch.  Usually, these are made from a velvet like materials that has draw strings so the top of the bag can be tightened to hold the weed grinder inside.  Having a carry pouch also protects the grinder while not in use and makes it more portable.  

Pollen Scraper

Most herb grinders today come with a pollen scraper, which is a small plastic device used to scrap kief out of the kief catcher.  These can be easy to lose as they are small.  As a way to combat losing your scraper, some marijuana grinder brands now put in multiple scrapers.  Black Tie Grinders make a weed grinder that comes with two pollen scrapers.  If you do get two scrapers, then we suggest you put one in a safe place in case you lose the other that is currently in use.  

Color Schemes

For those of us who like our world a bit more colorful, many weed grinder companies have many different color options to suit your needs.  Cali Crusher, Santa Cruz Shredder, and Compton are all herb grinder companies that have a large number of color options available with their weed grinders.  Most common colors can be found such as blue, purple, green, red, gray, yellow, and even rasta (combination of red, yellow, green, and black). So, whether you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys or Bob Marly, you can find a color or style of marijuana grinder that fits your interests.  

Special Packaging

Black Tie Grinder Packaging
Black Tie Grinders Come with a Special Gift Box and Carry Pouch

Last on our list of extras that come with some herb grinders is special packaging.  Special packaging generally means a customized gift box that the grinder comes in.  A couple brands that feature these custom gift boxes include Sharp Shredda and Black Tie.  Each of these have unique boxes that represent their weed grinder brands.  This also gives you the feeling of getting something special, something that is more than just a weed grinder, but an experience.  

Additional Herb Grinder Resources

While we know that is the best resource we it comes to information and reviews on herb grinders, we recognize that there are other sites that offer good information as well.  We do recommend buying your grinder from because they simply have the most weed grinders to choose from at some of the lowest prices to be found.  However, below we’ve added a couple of other online smoke shop retailers that sell herb grinders.  

Weed Grinder Information:

Hail Mary Jane– This page has summaries on some of the different generally marijuana grinder categories. – This page has mix of herb grinders from the most unique to the highest quality. Reddit/weed – The weed subreddit has a lot of information about marijuana and marijuana accessories.

Where to Buy Herb Grinders

Amazon – Has the largest selection at good prices. – A large online smoke shop that has several herb grinder brands for sale. – Another online head shop. Ebay– Yes, believe it or not there are many quality herb grinders for sale on the auction site. To summarize, thanks for visiting our site.  Our goal at was to create the ultimate guide for herb grinders and to actually test the herb grinders we review.  In the meantime, pick up a quality grinder, get stoned, and find something fun to do.  Cheers!  


Masterdam Grinders Review: A Consistent Grind Everytime

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Masterdam Grinder










Full Review

From Golden Gate Grinders to Phoenician Engineering, has done more herb grinder reviews than any site on the web.  So we were surprised when we found a prominent grinder brand that seemingly slipped through our grinder reviewing fingers.  This is the case when it comes to Masterdam Grinders. Founded in Amsterdam, Masterdam has been putting out quality herb grinders since 2014 and is a well established brand, selling grinders on the Amazon marketplace, Amazon UK, and other online and offline shops around the globe.

Let’s dig deeper and see what exactly Masterdam grinders offer that help them stand out from other herb grinder brands in what has become a very competitive market.

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9 Best Bongs For Your Herbs In 2018

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It’s a laidback hobby, but don’t be mistaken: the marketplace for bongs is full of competition offering you a great variety of styles and features.

Whether you’re looking for a simple beaker for that reliably-smooth experience, or a more intricate percolator for those uber-cooled rips, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best bongs for your bucks!

We’ll be covering a variety of specs, ranging from carb holes, glass sliders, wide bowls, ice notches, and much more.

So check out the list below to find out which bongs made the cut.


1. Black Leaf – ELITE Cylinder 6-Arm Perc Bong with Carb Hole


Best Bongs For 2018

Behold! This is the kind of bong that blasts you off and gives you something to marvel at afterwards.

Beautifully-crafted 5mm borosilicate glass curves up an elegant 39cm height, showcasing all of its internal features.

The slitted diffuser adapter comes in at 18.8mm while a whopping 14.5mm funnel bowl leaves plenty of room for all your needs.

But let’s talk percs: Black Leaf has incorporated a 6-arm slitted tree perc that, when paired with the ice notch functionality, will create the coolest vapors so you can enjoy powerful puffs.

You’ll also get a great splash guard which helps keep bong water contained in the system—instead of in your lungs. From the top to the bottom, this piece was designed to maximize functionality and comfort.

With a carb hole and rubber carb stopper, you can be intimately in charge of each rip. Buy Here


2. Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Herb and Concentrate Bong


From Snoop Dogg’s own signature line, the Battleship bong will have you ripping hits like the king of green himself.

5mm borosilicate glass comprises the 32cm height, peaking atop the chamber with the red Pounds logo.

But let’s talk functionality. This is a percolator bong, and it’s well-equipped for the job.  A three-tiered perc system utilizes one honeycomb design and two tornado discs.

The result is a holistic system that provides incredibly cool and filtered vapors for your inhaling pleasure.

Add to this a fixed downstem with a 14.5mm male joint and 14.5mm herb bowl with a roll stopper handle, and you’ll be ready to rip.

But it gets better: this multi-function bong can be easily switched for different modes. Simply swap out one bowl for another and you can go from waxy concentrates to herbs with ease.

For added stability, the entire bong sits atop an extra-thick glass base to prevent any spills. Snoop Dogg has made a name for himself as the king of green, so you can bet that any bong under his name will live up to his…high standard. Buy Here


3. Straight Glycerin Ice Bong with 8 Arm Tree Perc


This one gets straight to the point—literally!

The Straight Glycerin Ice Bong presents itself with a straight tube design, but for what its appearance lacks in complexity, it makes up for in functionality.

First, let’s just point out one of its coolest features: the glycerin jackets that can be removed and placed in the freezer. Once icy, replace it onto the bong and enjoy the extra frigid boost!

Reaching 15 inches tall, it includes a slitted diffuser, 18.8mm female joint, and an 18.8mm male bowl slide.

And now….for the perc. This bad boy comes equipped with an 8 arm tree perc that will work wonders on vapors, chilling them out. Unlike many other models that neglect percolators entirely, this one offers that ultra-filtering effect you’ve come to know and love.

Rip in style with various color options to choose from, all emblazoned by the company’s slogan: Instrumentum Percolatus. Buy Here


4. Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Face Beaker Bong


And so we come to it: the first beaker bong on the list. Beakers are great because of their simplicity—not unlike the Trailer Park Boys themselves.

But sometimes simpler is better, and that’s exactly what this bong provides.

First, its design: you’re greeted by the standard beaker base profile while a sassy curved chamber creeps up the top.

Keep your sessions lighthearted with “Trailer Park Boys” emblazoned across one side and Bubbles’ face watching clumsily from the base.

But don’t let the humor distract you from the cold hard specs: this bong is no joke.

At 12 inches tall, it’s made from high-quality glass while utilizing a diffused downstem, ice notch, and removable bowl. In many ways, this bong is the best of both worlds. You get a serious, durable rig with all the comedy you’ve come to know and love from the Trailer Park Boys.

Throw a couple ice cubes down the chamber and enjoy ice cold rips with the boys! Buy Here


5. Grav Labs 8.75” Helix Flare Water Pipe


From one of the premiere bong producers out there, Grav Labs has created something truly special here.

Their Helix Flare Water Pipe may look a bit alien at first, but it’s actually very elegant and all serves rip-enhancing purposes.

The beaker segment harkens back to a standard style while the base flares out widely.

Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, the bong is sturdily balanced, especially with the flaring base—accidental spills are unlikely!

You know how precarious some sessions can get, especially when you’ve got your more…reckless friends over. But with this bong’s flared base, unintentional spills will be a thing of the past.

At 8.75 inches, it’s a stout piece that packs a punch and facilitates glorious rips! Buy Here


6. Hitman Fresh Tech Orbital Recycler


What happens when science meets bongs? You get the Hitman Fresh Tech Orbital Recycler—the bong you have to see to believe.

At first, it might look like a miniature model of some elaborate telescope. But don’t fret: it’ll all make sense in a moment.

Made with high-grade borosilicate glass, the unique design all suits very important functions.

A hammerhead percolator sits in the bottom chamber while the “orbiter recycler” contains a small chamber that spins quickly.

This spinning motion generates cyclone-like motions to enhance filtration and frigidity, making each rip an icy cool pleasure.

Flavor and coolness is only further enhanced thanks to re-filtering water where toxicities are removed and purities retained.

Additional features serve to sustain functionality and ease-of-use, including a downstem (14.5mm male joint) and a 14.5mm vapor dome.

For added comfort, the mouthpiece is flared for a secure yet gentle fit—a great compliment! Topping off the whole package is the company’s Hitman logo.

With all these features, it could seem a little overwhelming, but overall it is an elegantly simple rig. You’ll also be surprised with how easy it is to get used to.

Simply put, this system will create some of the smoothest, coolest rips you’ve had. Buy Here


7. Grace Glass 7mm Straight Cylinder Ice Bong


The Grace Glass 7mm Straight Cylinder Ice Bong is full of perks—namely, 2 percs stacked on top of each other for an unbelievably smooth rip.

“Ice” is a fitting name for this beautiful 58cm piece made of 7mm thick borosilicate glass—fully transparent from top to bottom.

But for those in-the-know, the dual-stacked percs will stand out the most—and no, it’s not just a redundant gimmick. Each perc is of the 10-arm tree variety, ensuring each inhalation is smooth and cool.

Great additional features include a 29.2mm tank joint that contains its own 6-arm tree percolator diffuser—a downstem of 29.2mm > 18.8mm.  Additionally, you’ll get an 18.8mm glass slide bowl that comes with its own glass handle, keeping the entire system ergonomic.

The Grace Glass includes a carb hole, which is a great inclusion for those who prefer a more intimate and manual experience. The included rubber carb stopper increases the range of use and preference.

Topping it all off is a gorgeous bubbly-glass design atop the chamber, adding a floaty, ethereal look for every and all future sessions. You’ll also be treated to the Grace Glass logo emblazoned near the top—a fitting name for such a gracefully-designed piece. Buy Here


8. ROOR Blue Series Bong


Yes, they don’t look fancy, or complicated. They may not be a big crowd-pleaser, but these ROOR Blue Series Bongs are the reason you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

From the very base, you’re treated to quality engineering with the hexagonal base that resists even the most reckless accidental elbow nudges.

The ROOR uses a non-diffuser downtube and a glass funnel bowl. Additionally, it comes with a three point screen made of glass—and although there’s no percolator on this model, you can still expect incredibly smooth, thick, and cool rips.

The joint size is 14.5mm for a bong that emphasizes simplicity over complexity. This makes it a master of one instead of a jack of all trades.

In some instances, too much complexity can become a burden. Focusing too much on endless features could create an overburdened system. However, simplicity is sometimes key, and this is certainly the case with ROOR.

It functions as straightforward as it looks, keeping things simple like a standard beaker bong with its own unique features. You won’t find any extra features like ice notches or carb holes, but this is where the ROOR’s strength is.

As is customary with all ROOR bongs, this one comes with its own unique authentication seal. This serves to ensure that you have not obtained an inauthentic sham version sold by unauthorized third-parties.

In keeping with their commitment to authenticity, these bongs are handmade and will often vary slightly from one item to the next. For all the right reasons, this makes ROOR that much more an incredible experience. Buy Here


9. Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler


It’s hard to not get sentimental when you hear the name “Marley”, and the signature line of bongs named after the legendary musician are no exception.

The Marely Natural Smoked Bubbler is simple yet elegant. In terms of its visual design, things stay sleek and light. In fact, it’s extremely lightweight—a natural consequence of its simplicity.

Thanks to its minimal parts, functionality and cleanup will remain quick and easy. The system operates largely through the bubbler which, once filled with water, pairs well with any dry herbs of your choice.

As with any product officially aligned with the Bob Marley name, it has to live up to a high standard. The bong’s wide bowl does it justice, allowing for big servings for even bigger rips.

Smooth, cool, and dense, each inhale will maintain flavor and quality like only Marley could. Buy Here

Genius Pipe Review

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Genius Pipe











  • Allows you to pack your bowl before you leave and prevent spillage
  • Has a patented dimple filter design to cool smoke and provide smooth draws
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and styles
  • A more classic smoking experience compared to vapes


  • Pricey when compared to other pipes

Full Review

The vaporizer market has truly revolutionized the way in which you can consume your stash.  With discreetness and less harmful chemicals, it has become the most popular way to enjoy herb.  That being said there are some things about vaporizers that some smokers may not like.

First, vaporizers take out a lot of the flavor that comes from the herb.  The truth is that many of us like the flavors from cannabis and find this to be a disappointing aspect of vaporizing.  Second, you have to deal with temperature settings and charging the battery of a vaporizer which can become cumbersome.

For those of you who still want the full experience of smoking, but without the unwanted burning and coughing, Genius Pipe has the product for you.  Genius Pipe is a pipe that brings a lot of new features to the table to enhance the pipe smoking experience.

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Our Picks For Best Cannabis Websites

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As cannabis advocates, has done a lot of surfing the web on different cannabis-related websites.  It can be hard to find the best since there are so many out there and it can sometimes be tough to find good resources through search engines.  Because of this we decided to create this list of the best cannabis websites on the internet.

We will break these resources down to the categories of news, information, reviews, and blogs.  Some of these will be well known and others may not be popular but should be.  If you have any other websites or resources that you feel should be included on this list be sure to let us know.


These are the best websites for cannabis news.  Each one of these sites update their content regularly so that you can be up to date on issues like legalization, cannabis economics, politics, etc.

The Cannabist


Twitter Cannabis News

US News Cannabis Page

High Times


Cannabis information websites are focused on providing information on dispensaries, weed strains, and local cannabis laws.


Weed Maps




Review sites evaluate different strains of cannabis and also review products and accessories related to using cannabis including vaporizers, pipes, bongs, and grinders.  The best review sites buy the products and offer in depth review, like the ones you see here at

Leafly Stain Explorer


Medical Jane


Cannabis blogs are generally personal blogs by those who smoke cannabis.  Often these people have unique situations that make there enjoyment of cannabis interesting or controversial.


The Stoner Mom

Ask Reddit – Stoner Dads

We know this isn’t an all inclusive list.  If you have suggestions for other sites let us know.  Be aware that there is no guarantee that your recommendation will be included as inclusion to this list is based on merit.

PenSimple Is A Brand New Take On What An Herb Grinder Can Be

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PenSimple Grinder










PenSimple Herb Grinder

One thing about herb grinders is that almost all of them seem to have a similar design and shape.  There may be slight variations between each model in terms of teeth shape, size, number of pieces, etc., but at the end of the day they use the same basic principals to grind your herb.  This entails putting the herb in the top chamber of the grinder, and turning the lid so that the teeth grind your stash to perfection.

In general, I go by the mantra of if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, but that doesn’t mean that the herb grinder market couldn’t use some fresh ideas.  For any readers would like a new take on herb grinding, the folks at PenSimple have got you covered.  They have completely reimagined the herb grinder and come up with the PenSimple Grinder.  It looks totally different than your run of the mill four piece aluminum grinders, and because of this has some unique features.


As with the namesake of the PenSimple, the shape of this grinder is akin to a pen.  This makes it easy to hold and manipulate so that you can aim the herb with precision.  Dimensions for the PenSimple are 7″x1″x1″ with a weight of only 4.3 ounces, making it very lightweight compared to typical aluminum weed grinders.

There are four pieces that attach with the PenSimple Grinder.  As with standard grinders, the PenSimple has a grind chamber made up of a lid with teeth and bottom with holes to allow the ground herb to fall through.  With PenSimple there are only a few small teeth on the lid, but none on the bottom part of the grind chamber, like you see with typical herb grinders.

It is important to realize that the PenSimple does not grind your herb for you.  This is still a manual process.

What it does do is help to dispense the ground herb out of the tip making it easier to get the herb in your joint or bowl without spillage.  With a simple push of a button your ground up stash is neatly dispersed with pinpoint accuracy.  I love this feature, and is certainly a step up from typical grinders where you have to use your fingers or scraper tool to manipulate the herb.


PenSimple Grinders are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning this thing is built to last.  We are glad to see PenSimple use such quality materials on their grinders as it shows they take quality seriously.  Another positive is that it doesn’t appear that PenSimple’s design requires any glueing of components, making it less likely that any individual part will break loose.

Three Different Grinder Modes

Unique to the PenSimple Grinder is the flexibility of having three distinct grinder modes.   The three grinder modes are full, maximum-storage, and direct-grind.

Full Mode

This is default mode of the PenSimple.  Load the herb in the grinding chamber, and once ground it is ready to be unleashed at the push of a button.


Maximum-Storage Mode

For when you are traveling, or on a hiking trip having the maximum amount of herb ready to go is a must.  Maximum-Storage Mode allows you to store up to 3 grams of your finest herb by removing the top and bottom grind teeth.  In this mode you cannot grind any additional herb.

PenSimple Grinder

Direct Grind Mode

Take out the storage compartment and then you have an efficient grinding machine.  This is perfect for when you want to keep a small stash fresh and grind on the go.  This mode holds up to .25 grams, but can be ground on command and still dispensed using the electric point and shoot tip.

PenSimple Direct Grind

What PenSimple Should Improve

In the future, PenSimple should strongly consider adding an electric element to the herb grinding process.  Having both an electrical grinding process and the automatic dispensing tip would go a long way to set the PenSimple apart.

Another issue with the PenSimple is that the 1 inch diameter design creates an environment where it is easy for herb to clog the unit.  PenSimple will have to choose between keeping their grinder portable-friendly with a frequent cleaning requirement, or to make the diameter larger meaning the grinder would become slightly less portable.


PenSimple has made some bold innovations to the herb grinder, and as such you can expect to pay more for this grinder than your average four-piece aluminum grinder.  At $60, the PenSimple is not a bargain, but is cheaper than premium American Made grinders like Phoenician.  This is a reasonable price point for this product.

The Final Grind

PenSimple has changed the herb grinder game with its point and shoot design.  This certainly makes filling your bowl easier than ever before.

We wish that PenSimple would have added an electric grinding component, and are surprised that the actual grinding process is still manual.

Whether this is a good choice for you will depend on how much you value the point and shoot electric dispensing feature.  If this is a big deal to you, then the PenSimple is really the best choice.  However, for those who care equally about other functions like storage capacity, grind quality, and grinder jamming, we recommend you look at conventional high quality grinders.

Ready to buy? I recommend purchasing at

Kozo Grinder Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

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Kozo Herb Grinder










One of the hottest selling herb grinders to hit the market in recent months is the Kozo Herb Grinder.  This grinder has been selling so well that it appears that Kozo has had a hard time keeping it in stock.  The reviews for this herb grinder are also stellar leading to a good reputation.

At we like to dig a little deeper to see if the sales volume and reviews match up with the quality.  Let’s take a close look at the Kozo Grinder’s pricing, features, and quality.

Grinder Design

Outer Design

The Kozo Grinder is no doubt a good looking herb grinder.  I personally like the black and white lines that are included as design elements on the outside of the Kozo.

Another feature on the outside of the Kozo Herb Grinder is the indents that span vertically from the top of the grinder to the bottom.  These are part of the herb grinder to enhance the grip so that you can twist the lid with greater ease.  The more grip you can get the more grinding you can do, its that simple.


Kozo Grinders feature square shaped teeth that have sharp edges to help break up herb.  I’ve mentioned before that I like diamond-shaped teeth similar to those featured on Black Tie Grinders.  Diamond teeth do a better job at shredding herb with the least amount of force.

That being said, the teeth on the Kozo Grinder are not bad and will work for most herb fans.  For those who are serious herb connoisseurs you may want to find a grinder with diamond shaped teeth.

Other Design Components

Updated Design

Kozo has had a round of updates in an effort to improve upon their original herb grinder.  This update primarily includes an increase in the height of the walls on the removable herb collection piece so that the Kozo Grinder can hold more herb.


Kozo Grinders come in a single 2.5 inch diameter size.  This is the most common size for personal use herb grinders and should satisfy the vast majority of herb grinder users.


It appears that Kozo varies the price of their herb grinder frequently.  I’ve seen the Kozo Grinder priced anywhere from $20 to $24.  If you are set on getting a Kozo Grinder and see that it is at the higher end of that range it may be worth waiting a few days before buying to see if the price drops.



Kozo currently only comes in black.  Certainly a choice that will work for most, but not exactly exciting.  Hopefully in the future Kozo will expand their offerings to include more colors.


The Kozo Grinder is most similar to The Rocket Grinder in terms of quality and styling.  Both are fine grinders, but not the best of the best.

Kozo Grinders feel solid in your hands and do have a smooth turning action, which is a big plus.  If they’d switch over to diamond shaped teeth this grinder would be really hard to beat.

The vast majority of reviewers have been happy with this grinder, with a select few mentioning that the bottom set of teeth fell out after a few uses.  This is a common issue with grinders made from two pieces of aluminum that are glued together.

Fake Reviews?

For those who are unaware the reputation of Amazon’s reviews have taken a beating lately.  Some sellers are using unethical tactics to get unwarranted positive reviews.  This means you may end up buying something that isn’t what you expect in terms of quality.

We are not going to accuse Kozo of these practices, but their reviews do appear to be too positive for the quality of their product.  In fact, also finds their reviews to be suspicious.

Does this mean you shouldn’t buy a Kozo Grinder? No, but you should realize that their current rating on Amazon is likely inflated.


Kozo Grinders do not come with many extras.  Their grinder box does feature their logo, but is a simple brown cardboard box.  Included with your purchase is a pollen scraper which is common with most herb grinders.



What We Like About The Kozo Grinder

  • Updated design allows for the grinder to hold more herb
  • Priced fairly reasonably and similar to the competition
  • Has indentations for your fingers which enhance grip

What We Don’t Like About The Kozo Grinder

  • Square teeth are simply inferior to diamond teeth
  • Uses two pieces of aluminum which means the bottom set of teeth may fall out over time

button (4)

Atmos Ruva Kit Review

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Atmos Ruva











  • Customizable heating settings that range from 330-430 degrees
  • LED screen that makes the Ruva easy to use
  • Rubber outer cover is heat resistant
  • Vapor quality is strong even with moderate draws


  • Only works for dry herbs (no waxes or concentrates)

Full Review

Portable vaporizers have become more technologically advanced over the last five years and now have some great features that used to only be found on full-sized vaporizer units.

Atmos has brought the Ruva to market as their attempt to compete in the advanced portable dry herb vaporizer space.

With a great many features found on some of the most expensive portable vaporizers the Atmos Ruva is a great value for those wanting the bells and whistles without the budget busting price.

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Atmos Boss Vaporizer Review

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Atmos Boss Vaporizer











  • Convection heating eliminates the risk of combusting herb
  • Stainless steel herb chamber
  • Small size vape pen that is very portable and allows you to take it on the go


  • One heat setting may not work for all
  • Less vapor produced than most conduction vapes

Full Review

Vape pens are the ultimate in portability when it comes to the modern consumption of herb and waxes.  Unlike their larger portable vaporizer counterparts, vaporizer pens are thinner, similar to the thickness of a cigar.

Vape pens are usually cheaper than portable vaporizers and have less features.  This is what you sacrifice for the extra portability and discreteness.

We’ve discussed several other Atmos Vaporizers here at, and today we take an in depth look at the Atmos Boss Vaporizer Pen.

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Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer Review

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Atmos Tyga X Shine Pillar Vaporizer











  • Deep ceramic chamber that holds herb
  • Six different heat settings allow for customized vaping experience
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Works with both dry herb and waxes
  • Vapor quality is good and does not require strong pulls


  • Not the best value due to Tyga partnership
  • Conduction heating element works well but not on par with the best convection heating elements

Full Review

As the vaporizer industry continues to grow, big names in the music industry have begun to partner with vaporizer makers to create exclusive product lines.

Atmos has jumped into a partnership with the rapper Tyga to promote the Tyga X Shine Pillar Kit.  For those who are unfamiliar, Tyga is a successful rapper currently signed with Def Jam and has had several charting hits.

At the end of the day, it is the quality of the vaporizer that matters no matter who’s name is on the packaging.  While we think partnerships are good for marketing, they often do not speak to the quality of the product.  Below we give you an in depth look at our thoughts on the Atmos Tyga Pillar Vaporizer.

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