The Best CBD Gummies Your Money Can Buy

Best CBD Gummies
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Best CBD Gummies

Understanding CBD

Back in the day before cannabinoids were as well understood as they are now, most people only talked about THC. It was this substance, one of hundreds found in the marijuana plant, that was responsible for providing a person with a psychoactive high. The more THC, the higher you get. While this is straightforward in today’s modern day, the concepts surrounding other beneficial marijuana attributes still seem to cause some confusion.

Today we’re going to examine the best CBD gummies on the market, but it’s important to understand exactly what it is that you’re shopping for. Many products out there boast a combination of THC and CBD, allowing you to get high and experience medicinal relief in one convenient method. However, when you simply want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without any psychoactivity, these gummies will be the way to go.

CBD’s actual name is cannabidiol and is one of many naturally occurring parts of the marijuana plant. While the FDA and DEA are hesitant to outright proclaim that CBD has incredible medical benefits, there are many people out there who will attest to its ability. CBD is often recommended for help with chronic pain, mental disorders, arthritis symptoms, and much more.

Why A Gummy?

CBD gummies

Now that you understand why cannabidiol is so amazing, you’re probably asking why a bottle of cute little gummies is the way to go, right? CBD can be used in many different ways, and while some people prefer topical treatments, others opt for tinctures or edibles. Ingesting CBD in gummy form is a convenient way to take advantage of this miracle compound. Many of them taste great and you can keep them right next to your daily vitamins as a part of a healthy regimen.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 CBD gummies that you can get on today’s market and explore what each of them has to offer. Here you’ll find a range of products that meet a variety of needs. From organic ingredients to fun flavors, resealable packages and even monthly subscription offers, these gummies bring a little something to the table for everyone.

Best CBD Gummies

We explored a variety of factors when it comes to these treats, including product quality, price, and ingredients used, and found that the following items are truly worth your money:

#1 – Green Roads World – CBD Relax Bears

With a magical name like Relax Bears, you know this bottle has something good in store. Green Roads World has created this formulation to infuse an optimal amount of CBD into your system through each 10mg bear.

With a variety of fun colors and yummy fruit flavors, these Relax Bears are a great addition to your evening routine. By ingesting your CBD with these gummies, rather than using a topical product, you’ll likely experience their benefits fairly quickly.

Green Roads World is committed to creating 100% pure CBD gummies through their cultivation process. They start with industrial hemp, which does not contain any detectable THC, then utilize a specific extraction process that completely removes any traceable THC. The result is a product that you can feel confident in taking. These CBD Relax Bears come 30 to a bottle, sell for $54.99, and it’s recommended that you take one daily.

#2 – CBDfx – Gummy Bears

Best CBD Gummies

Those at Made By Hemp understand how crucial it is to use quality ingredients when making a CBD edible, and their CBDfx Gummy Bears are a true testament to that mindset.

Each bottle contains 60 bear-shaped gummies in a bright red color that are dusted with natural cane sugar, making you feel like you’re indulging in a super sweet treat. Here you’ll find 5mg per bear, allowing you to have greater control over your dose.

CBDfx Gummy Bears are perfect for a vegetarian or vegan diet because instead of using gelatin as a thickener, a seaweed extract is used to create a pleasing texture. By sourcing organic ingredients and using full-spectrum hemp extract that provides you with all of the cannabinoids, amino acids, and terpenes you could ask for, the team at Made By Hemp is revolutionizing the idea of CBD as a part of your daily health. One bottle retails for $59.99.

#3 – PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies

With a reputation for high-quality CBD products, PureKana has introduced a daily gummy that’s simply out of this world. By using 99% pure CBD isolate, the company produces these sweet treats in a manner that leaves them THC-free and allows you to indulge without worry. Their idea of a gummy came from the desire to take one or two in front of others, especially at work, without feeling weird about it.

PureKana’s CBD gummies use a vegan recipe that includes pectin instead of gelatin, along with organic ingredients and natural colors and flavors. Each of the 20 fruity gummies per bottle contains 25mg of CBD, ensuring that you get maximum health benefits each and every day. At $40.00 each, you end up with more mg of CBD in one package than most other brands offer.

Rather than waiting until the end of a long work day to unwind, why not carry the convenient bottle with you and enjoy relaxation throughout the day? This benefit of CBD, with the added ability to remain clear-headed due to their non-psychoactive formula, makes these gummies a must-have.

#4 – MedixCBD Gummies

medix cbd gummies

There’s no reason that taking a CBD gummy every day shouldn’t have you feeling like a kid again, and MedixCBD makes an effort to offer all of the health benefits of this amazing compound in a variety of fun edible options. Some of their tasty products include:

  • Citrus Strawberry Edible Chews – Designed to dissolve under your tongue, a lemon and strawberry flavor makes you feel like you’re indulging in a treat instead of taking a CBD supplement. Each chew is 5mg and a bottle of 30 chews will run you $45.99.
  • CBD Infused Gummy Bears – A classic in the cannabis community, there’s nothing quite like a CBD gummy bear. These treats offer a variety of fruity flavors and are made in the US using premium hemp oil. Each bear contains 10mg of CBD and you can choose between several bottle sizes. They range from $16.99 to $49.99.
  • CBD Infused Sour Gummy Bears – Some of us have a sweet tooth while others prefer more sour options, so MedixCBD came up with a variety for either scenario. Like their sweet bears, these sour gummies offer 10mg of CBD. Prices and quantity options are similar to their regular infused bears.
  • CBD Infused Rainbow Bites – Sweet and sour combine for a flavor explosion in these sugar-covered rainbow bites. It’s hard to believe that you’re not just eating straight candy, as these gummies are delicious, but each multi-colored bite brings you 10mg of premium CBD. Choose a larger bottle of 30 for $49.99 or a budget-friendly pack of 10 for $16.99.
  • CBD Infused Gummy Worms – Get the ultimate in a sweet and sour treat with MedixCBD’s infused gummy worms. Coated in sugar crystals and formed into a fun snake shape, these gummies contain 10mg of CBD. Like with many of their other options, you can purchase one of two sizes, with prices ranging from $16.99 to $49.99.

#5 – Sunday Scaries

One of the reasons that people turn to CBD is to aid in anxiety, and in today’s busy world, there are a variety of situations that can bring on such an emotion. When fear and worry strikes, Sunday Scaries are here to save the day with all natural gummies. They offer two different formulations that feature THC-free CBD along with Vitamins D3 and B12 for an added health benefit.

Their original gummies come 20 to a bottle, with each little bear packing 10mg of CBD. Made in Southern California, Sunday Scaries prides themselves on bringing a bit of humor to their products as well as a lot of relief. As an alternative, they offer a vegan gummy called Vegan AF, allowing those who are gelatin-free to still enjoy their items.

Sunday Scaries offers multiple pricing options between both types of gummies, with a discount based upon how many bottles you purchase at once. You can also subscribe for monthly delivery services and save even more. One bottle of their original formula runs $39.00 and their Vegan AF gummies are $44.95, with other pricing options available.

#6 – Koi CBD Tropical Gummies

Aiming to make CBD use as normalized as possible, Koi packages their CBD gummies in a convenient resealable pouch with several options to choose from. While some other brands simply spray their gummies with CBD, Koi prides themselves on blending their full-spectrum CBD compound into the gummies to ensure you get a consistent experience.

Like all other cannabis products, it’s imperative to keep them out of reach of children, but this warning may be even more relevant here as Koi’s packaging strongly resembles a bag of candy.

Koi CBD Tropical Gummies come in a range of natural fruit flavors including acai pomegranate, tangerine, and lime, with the option of regular or sour tastes. They also offer one of the smallest purchasing options on the market, with a 6-pack of gummies running only $9.99. A bag of 20 will cost $29.99. Now you can enjoy the healing benefits of CBD in a gummy that truly tastes like candy.

#7 – CBD Living Gummies

Best CBD Gummies

Our final recommendation comes from CBD Living, a company that creates a wide range of gummies and other quality products. They utilize full-spectrum nano CBD, which not only includes the effective cannabinoids that are essential in gaining maximum benefit, but also integrates the fatty acids found in hemp plants. The result is a gummy that not only aids in pain relief but can also boost your natural bodily functions.

CBD Living Gummies come in five natural flavors: cherry, pineapple, orange, lemon, and lime. Each bear-shaped bite contains 10mg of CBD, with bottles that contain 30 gummies in total. Unlike other brands on the market, these treats include coconut oil, a popular ingredient among health-conscious individuals. Just $40.00 per bottle makes these a great deal.

Something For Everyone

We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best CBD gummies your money can buy, but the 7 brands listed here are among the highest quality in the industry.

Whether you like sweet or sour, fun shapes, or exotic flavors, there’s definitely something for every palette. Depending on your personal experience with CBD, you might find that you want to start off slowly with a 5mg option and then work your way up to a stronger dose each day.

Remember, although countless numbers of people have touted the benefits of CBD use for a while now, these products have not been FDA approved. Like anything else, it’s recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning any new type of supplement.

CBD can bring a wealth of benefits to your life, and keep in mind that you don’t have to be in chronic pain to incorporate them into your daily routine. From anxiety relief to boosting your immunity, a CBD gummy can go a long way toward amplifying your health.

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