The 4 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines of 2020

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At we generally give you the low down on the absolute best herb grinders available on the market today.  But that is not the only thing we are about.  Today we are going to switch it up and talk more about cigarette rolling machines: why you need one and which ones are the best.

There are different types of cigarette rolling machines and it is important to determine your budget and desired features when selecting the cigarette rolling machine that best meets your needs.

By picking up a quality cigarette rolling machine you’ll be able to roll your herbs quicker and tighter making for an enhanced smoking experience.  So first let’s get to why you need a cigarette rolling machine, and how to use it.

How to Use a Cigarette Rolling Machine

Using a cigarette rolling machine is fairly easy.  We will focus on the full use rolling machines as they tend to be higher quality and are easy to use.  What you will do is put tobacco or herbs into the feed chamber which is usually found on the top of the machine.  Once you’ve done this you will take your cigarette paper and place it on the fill tip.

After the paper is in place and you have your herbs in the feed chamber you will pull down on a lever that will shoot the tobacco or herb into the cigarette paper.  Boom! You will have a perfect cigarette or joint that is ready to be smoked.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use a rolling tray to catch access herb that falls out of the cigarette rolling machine.

See this video for a visual breakdown of the steps:

Take Your Rolling to a New Level

With a cigarette rolling machine it takes the guess work out of rolling joints.  The beauty is once you’ve got down how to use the cigarette rolling machine you’ll get a tightly rolled cigarette or joint time after time.  Not only that but the speed at which you’ll be able to roll will increase by a large amount.

Another cool feature to many high quality electronic cigarette rolling machines is that you can fill both 100mm and king size cigarette papers with the same machine.  The only thing that will keep from rolling perfectly is running out of herbs!

The Best Cigarette Rolling Machines: Our 4 Best Picks

1. Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Courtesy of Smoker's Outlet Online
Courtesy of Smoker’s Outlet Online

The Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine is a highly rated machine that efficiently produces high quality cigarettes both in king size and 100mm.  We love the that this thing is a beast and is made of metal and stainless steel, not cheap ass plastic like so much stuff produced today.

Many owners also comment on how this thing has lasted many years (7 or more) and that they were so happy with the purchase that once their last one broke they bought a new one.  Similar to how we describe the cigarette rolling machine fill process above you’ll fill the chamber with tobacco or grinded herb and fill each paper one at a time.

It is important to clean the chambers on this machine to avoid jamming and wearing down over time.  If you are on the fence about this machine, also take note that the maker offers a one year manufacturers warranty.

2. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine


Our next entry for the best cigarette rolling machine is the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine.  At around $75, the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is more expensive than the Top-O-Matic.

The Powermatic plugs in and is a full on electric cigarette maker.  The makers of the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine state that their machine has 25% more power than other cigarette rolling machine.

The Powermatic comes with a cleaning kit to keep this machine running in tip top shape.  Electric jam protection that helps to prevent too much tobacco or herb from entering the feed chamber is a nice feature especially for those who have never used an electric cigarette rolling machine and are not sure how much herb to use.  With 81% of reviewers giving five stars to the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Machine it is no wonder why this cigarette rolling machine makes our list.

3. Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector


The last entry on our list of the best cigarette rolling machines is the Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector.  We like this rolling machine because it has some of the features of higher end cigarette rolling machines while being very light weight and portable.  Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector can create both 100mm and king size cigs.

The Powermatic Mini is a manual machine so you have to push the slide over once you’ve pressed the lever down as you can see in the video below.  Manual cigarette rolling machines do have some advantages including that you don’t have to have power to use them making it easier to roll on the go.  With a manual cigarette rolling machine you also won’t have to worry about the power cord getting damaged which would result in the need to buy a new one.

The Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector comes with a brush and cleaning tool so that it will last for years making you great quality cigarettes.

4. RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Our third entry is quite different than our last two is both price and machining.  If you are looking for a cheap cigarette maker that can still get the job done then the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine is likely for you.  At a price point under $4 this bad boy fits anyones budget easily.

Now with a cheaper priced manual rolling machine you can expect that there are more steps to rolling a joint than with a higher priced electronic cigarette rolling machine.  And this is the case with the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine.  You have to place your herbs in the chamber and then slide your paper between the herbs and the chamber and manually roll the chamber until the joint is completed rolled.  Check out the video below for a visual breakdown of the steps.

Brian Cooper

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  • I have bought 2 of the top o magic machines and have nothing but trouble. I don’t think I should have to pay more money to send it in when I’ve only had it a month. They are junk

  • I’ve had 3 of the “Top-O-Matic” machines. They are a great machine. The secret is putting the right amount of tobacco that is in “case” and is not to “fine”. I can crank out a “pack” of cigs in less than 5 minutes.
    Maybe someone should “sponsor” a tournament to see who can “roll” the most in a set time?

  • happy&scott your both full of it, i roll cigs. every day with top -o-matic so i know how long it takes

  • Actually Larry & Scott are not full of it. After a very slow start on my part, learning the correct amount to fill with, whether or not to single or double push, and slow practice. I am still slower then they are, but using the “slow but correct until you naturally get faster method” is working for me. I did almost cartons for my neighbors yesterday in a little over 2 hours. My friend who introduced me to rolling vs buying otc cigs is super fast and hers comes out perfect every time. But she has been doing this for 5 years on a daily basis as she just makes enough for the day, not for the week.

  • Larry,
    I was having the same problems with top-o-matic. I hated it but not i have it right.

    Put on you tube, fill the space good, you don’t have to compress it, just fill it.

    Pull the handle down to the first position. Now the tube is empty and it is tight…

    Make this last slide smooth with no hesitations. This is where i was screwing up. Make one good slide at the end and it will fill and push it out… If you only go halfway of change speeds it will screw up.

  • Larry, you obviously have never used this machine, or any RYO machine for that matter, because I have been rolling my own for over a year and can roll about a pack in a half in around 7 minutes. Like the previous post stated, the key is to learn how much tobacco to place each time which you learn through experience. Happy rolling!

  • I live in Germany where the Powermatic 2 plus is quite expensive ( paid 80 Euro from ) but i love the machine and its worth the investment! I make about 200 cigs in about 30 minutes with the machine (im sure it could be done faster). The machine simply always works! I highly recommend it!

  • I have been using a hand injector measuring about 4.5″ x 1.25″. It does a good job, but it might take me around a minute per cigarette. I came to this site to see if there is truly any advantage in using an electric injector. It seems as if it is an advantage. I can picture a person starting with a new machine taking maybe 10 minutes per pack and getting faster over time. Does my 10 minute estimate per pack seem realistic?

  • I have a electric cigarette rolling machine. Not sure of the name but it is fast but when I smoke them the tobacco is always falling out and burning everything. Just not sure what I am doing wrong. Or maybe its the machine. Anyone have any advice?

  • Yup, I can make a carton in 40 minutes, FLAT. Been making for a little over a year now and make for 3 people… practice makes Perfect…. thank God!

  • I have two Poweroll 2 and both are a piece of junk!!!!! neither one of them will even work. the power light comes on but when you push the lid down nothing happens! I have cleaned all the loose tobacco out and even used the can of air to blow it out and still nothing works. will never buy another one ever!!!!

  • I’ve had a Top-O-Matic for about 3 years now. It took my girlfriend and I awhile to figure out how to use it correctly. The amount of tobacco that you load in the chamber is the key. Just fill it, do not pack it. When you pull the handle to inject the tobacco into the tube, there shouldn’t be any resistance, if there is, you’ve overloaded the chamber, which usually results in not getting tobacco to fill the filter end of the tube completely. Once you figure out how to load the chamber correctly, this machine will do it’s job, and do it well.

  • I would like to add something here.

    I’ve got both the top-o-matic and the powermatic 2. I use the top-o-matic as a backup, but so far I haven’t had to use it. heck i don’t even remember how to use it. Since I dialed in the automated roller i never went back.
    I will say, it takes time to figure out the right amount to keep good tight cigs and not have tobacco falling out the end.

    One last tidbit, pay attention to what you’re putting in. Using the method I explain below, you can even roll up the little fragments at the bottom of your bag and they smoke fine. Just have to remember to only put about half the tobacco in those than you do with the loose leafy tobacco.

    I roll as many as I can in one setting because I hate having to sit down to do it. I’m to the point now where I can roll about a carton in about 45 minutes..

    Since I roll so many I learned a trick. I bought two humidors. one that has 3 levels (drawers) so Once i open the tobacco bag i can store the remaining in the humidor. Sometimes even the brand new bag is dry. if that’s the case I put it in the humidor for a couple days before rolling.

    I have a smaller humidor that is just big enough to hold two of the empty tube cartons for the standard size smokes.

    I have a hygrometer in each one. I’ve found the ideal humidity is 69%. keeping the humidor there means the tobacco will come out just sticky enough to make it easy to roll. Any more humid and it will get too moist and jam. Any less than around 65% and tobacco falls out the end.

    I store the rolled smokes in the smaller humidor at 65%. I keep one carton rolled in that, and there’s room for one more box next to it and for that I use my Drymistat Humidor Humidifer Tubes to keep the humidty right.

    I think I paid $80 for the big humidor and $25 for the smaller one.

    this makes it IDEAL to roll perfect, and consistent cigarettes every single time. There’s simply no comparison.

    the humidor is so nice, I could find a cigarette that rolled under my seat in the car, drop it in the smaller humidor, and after a bit it’s every bit as moist and fresh as the others.

    this is a fantastic way to manage this, and i get perfect cigs every time without hassle.

    I highly recommend trying this. rolling a carton at a time makes it much easier, and with the humidors they can’t dry out.

    I’ve been using my powermatic II like this for around 4 years and the injector hasn’t failed yet. I will say though, the lever is getting some grannuals in it and it’s raspy pulling it down. But at $75 i’m not going to open it up and try to clean it. i’m afraid I’d break something

  • Own both the Powermatic II and the Powermatic II Plus. Bought them the first month of rolling. We figured if one machine went down and had to buy preroll cigs we would’ve paid for the machine in 5 days of buying and shipping time.
    Both machines are workhorses. Only jammed once with fresh tobacco, which was beginners error. The Plus model is great but the regular II model is nothing to gripe about.
    I get perfect cigarettes (100’s) 98% percent of the time. The other 2% is human error, not the machines. Rolled over 2300 cigs, 1900 were with the II and the rest with the Plus. I can’t complain on either machine.
    I will never buy any other electric machine since this one is a great one and as a new user I’ve felt like a pro at this.
    Hope this helps others in their decision to buy. Both are great machines!

  • I use a manual zig zag roller and can do a pack in bout ten minutes and also if you a very small piece of fruit in your tobacco it helps to prevent it from drying out. You dont a need a piece bigger than a raisin. I use apple or orange peel or even piece of potato.

  • I,ve been having problems getting the tubes full. I use to roll a pack of cigarettes in no time. Now it takes me so long I get aggravated with it. Anybody know how I can fix this problem? I opened up the teeth but still does,nt help.

  • Charlene K Mowrey ~ No advice, sorry. I came on here with the same question you posed.

    Anything I have rolled myself is either too tight to enjoy without making the bitter beer face, or so loose that, well, like you said: the ends fall out and burn everything.

    After the end fell off a cigarette I had rolled for my boyfriend, burned through his shorts, and left a large blister on the very tip of his penis, we have gone back to buying $7 packs for now. I think I’m going to try the Powermatic.

    Maybe get some salve too….

  • do any of you find -using the machines-that your cigarettes last as long as pre-made cigarettes? i use a small plastic hand held machine-and the cigarettes, no matter HOW HARD i pack them, burn so quickly i only get 5-6 drags from a cigarette. i want to invest in a electric machine-but if the cigarettes they make still burn that fast-why bother?
    thanks for the help!

  • Dustin,
    It’s just that u still need to get the right amount of tobacco figured out. It seems like u and Charlene Mowrey are possibly over stuffing and then over-correcting yourselves and putting in to little tobacco. Everyone goes through it and has that problem sometimes. You’ll get it figured out. Just takes a few errors. Don’t stress on it or you will struggle every time!! Keep rolling, You got this. Good luck

  • I saw that post from Julie back in 2017,about the light coming on for her powermatic2 but nothing happens when she pushes on the door, I doubthink she will see this, but incase anyone else comes across that problem, my mom was ready to throw hers out when I looked at it and seen the door hinge looked like it was lifting up on the one side when she pushed the button. I took the door off, and on the non power side is a little metal bar under the hinge, I blew that out, used the brush and a ton of tobacco came out, when I put on the door and hit the hit the button, the injector blew out a solid tube of old jammed tobacco that was stuck under where the door made connection to the power component. So letting ya’ll know just incase.

  • i have been using top o matic about a year ——most important thing is good tubes—some of them only have half sized filters so they tend to make air pockets by the filter—the right amount of tobacco also just as important —-our top o matic has rolled about 2 packs of smoke every day since i’ve had it and as long as i do it right never a prob —-if i am not watching tv while rolling takes about 10 min a pak—today i am ordering the electric one because of arthritis —wish me luck

  • Have used the top cigarette roller for years and it’s great if u use good tobacco. Make sure to use fresh (top of the bag) tobacco and there will be no problem. Once you get to the bottom of the bag it will jam up a lot .

  • I’ve been using my Powermatic ll plus for about 5 yrs. In that time, I’ve made on average of 5-6 cartons per month for myself & family members. I’m still amazed at how well made this machine is and the consistency per the quality of cigarette. Of course, after 2 to 3 cartons I take it apart completely (down to the shell), to clean, oil, and grease where applicable. It takes me approximately 45 mins to make a full carton. The trick I’ve noticed that works for me is to stuff both ends firmly and average in the middle. Its rare when I experience a jam and get a perfect cigarette every time! I do have a new back up machine just in case the motor goes out but have not have to use it, and it’s still in the box!