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What is Kief?

Kief refers to trichome or crystals, the most potent and pure part of the herb. The quantity and quality of kief depends on the dryness and quality of herbs and also on the size of the holes in the grinder.  The smaller the holes of your herb grinder the better quality kief it will produce.

When cannabis filters through the filtering screen of herb grinders it produces this very fine kief.  Kief has higher levels of THC than your regularly ground cannabis buds.  Because of this, you can sprinkle a bit of kief onto your joint or in your vape and you will get an extra boost to your high.  When using on a joint be careful as kief will burn quickly so it is best to simply mix it with regular ground cannabis.

What Type of Grinder Makes The Most Kief?

Bunch of Herb Grinders

There are a few things to look out for when buying a grinder with kief production in mind.  First off, an absolute must is to buy a four-piece grinder with a filtering screen and pollen catcher compartment.  Two-piece and electric grinders are not going to produce kief, so if this is important please pass up on these options.

When it comes to four-piece grinders that are things to look for to see if it will produce a lot of kief.  Generally speaking, the better the filtering the screen the better the kief.  A quality filtering screen will be made from stainless steel and have a micron rating of 400.  This just means how many stainless steel threads are included in the screen.  This will allow the optimal amount of fine pollen particles to filter through the screen into the kief compartment.

Beyond the screen, you'll want to find an herb grinder with a rounded pollen catcher compartment.  This allows you to easily manipulate the kief and move it either into your vape or on to your joint.  

Best Grinders For Kief

#1. Black Tie Grinders

Yes, we rated Black Tie Grinders as the best overall herb grinder, and now we are ranking it as our number 1 for best grinder for kief.  I know you must be thinking it can't be that good, but it is.  The truth of the matter is that Black Tie Grinders has some of the best designed filtering screens and pollen compartments we've seen.

First off, the filtering screen is made of stainless steel.  That by itself is nothing special as all of the grinders on this list have the same, but Black Tie Grinder filtering screens have a rating of 400, which is optimal for kief production.

With a rounded pollen catcher, Black Tie Grinders are primed to make utilizing your kief stash a breeze.  The rounded edge allow for you to easily use your scrapper to scrap out the best morsels of kief without spillage.  

Based on my own experiences, and the accounts of others, Black Tie Grinders simply produces more high quality kief than any other grinder brand.  In particular, a friend of mine bought one of these after having a Sharpstone previously.  He said that this thing blew the Sharpstone out of the water in terms of kief production.  I've found this to be true as well.

#2. Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder

best herb grinder - kannastor

Kannastor ranks high in terms of quality and design innovation.  No other grinder company has created more improvements on the standard herb grinder than Kannastor.  With all this innovation you shouldn't be too surprised that they made it in the number 2 position in this list.

Their most recent premium grinder is the GR8TR V2 herb grinder.  Just by the looks of this herb grinder you can tell it is something special and unique.

Starting with the teeth, the GR8TR V2 has to different teeth plates.  This allows for experimentation and two different options to fine tune how much kief you'd like to produce.  

The filtering screen is premium quality and filters nice, fluffy particles that will get you "there".  You can change the filtering screen with a turn of the wrist, so when your screen needs replaced you can do so when ease.

A rounded pollen catcher compartment rounds out the Kannastor GR8TR's impressive list of features.  Without a doubt, if you have the budget, you will not be sad you spent a bit more for a grinder that performs so well.

#3. Phoenician Grinders

best herb grinder - phoenician

The Phoenician name is one of the more interesting in the world of herb grinders.  Named after the Phoenician Empire, these grinders are meant to dominate herb. These Made in the USA grinders, are premium quality and offer a similar drive for innovation as seen with Kannastor.  

Phoenician Herb Grinders feature a replaceable filtering screen that can be changed via the screw mechanism.  The screens on the Phoenician are top of the line and do a wonderful job only allowing kief to filter through and keeping the rest of the bud neatly resting on top.

As with the other two grinders preceding this one, every Phoenician Grinder comes with a rounded pollen catcher compartment for easy kief utilization. You won't have huge spills or get kief stuck in any crevices with this pollen catcher design. 

#4. Space Case Grinders

Ah, the O.G. of premium "Made in the USA" herb grinders.  Space Case has a legacy that extends longer than most herb grinder brands and has led to it being one of the most popular brands ever.

These grinders are super smooth, and easy to operate.  While they are good for producing kief, they aren't perfect, which is why they are not higher on this list.

The screen is really well equipped and does a great job at filtering kief.  As good a job as any other grinder on this list.  From that perspective you will be satisfied with the quality.

On the flip side, the pollen catcher compartment is a bit outdated.  Unlike every other grinder on this list, the pollen catcher does not have rounded edges.  This makes it harder to get the kief out of the grinder.  

Even with the pollen catcher issues, this is still one of the best grinders for kief, which should speak volumes to the quality of the filtering screen.

#5. Golden Gate Grinders

In the #5 spot is Golden Gate Grinders.  This brand has been around for several years and has a great reputation, which has led to maintaining 4.8 rating with over 2300 reviews on Amazon!

With its low price point and quality reputation this is the budget grinder of the list.  Golden Gate Grinders does all the things the other grinders on the list do in terms of kief, but just not quite as well.  That doesn't mean it does its job poorly. In fact, Golden Gate Grinders features an awesome filtering screen and rounded pollen catcher.  While the materials may not be as premium as some other options, it performs quite well.

Coming out of San Francisco you can be sure these guys know what makes a good herb grinder.

If you don't have the money to spend on an expensive grinder, like a Kannastor, give the Golden Gate Grinder a look.  You'll be glad you did.

#6. Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder, another long time American made brand that has a glowing reputation of being some of the best herb grinders money can buy. When it comes to kief these are similar to the Space Case. The Santa Cruz Shredder features a premium stainless steel mesh filtering screen that does a great job of only letting kief crystals through to the bottom.  On the the other hand, the lack of a rounded pollen catcher is a disappointment that hopefully they'll address in the future.

If you are set on a Made In America herb grinder, then the Santa Cruz Shredder is certainly worth taking a look at.

#7. Masterdam Grinders

While spending more on a grinder can make sense sometimes, often the quality of cheaper herb grinders is close to that of their more expensive counterparts.  A good example of this is the Masterdam Grinder.  

Coming in a lot of color options, Masterdam Grinders are also great kief producers.  At under $20 for the standard 2.5 inch diameter version, Masterdam is a bargain for those looking for a great grinder for making kief.

The Last Drop

So there you have it.  All of these herb grinders are masters of producing quality kief that will keep you living in the clouds for hours.  

Whether you go for a premium Kannastor GR8TR V2 or the best of affordability and quality in Black Tie, buying one of these you can rest assured knowing that you are experiencing the best that kief has to offer.

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