Best Grinder For Kief

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Space case grinder with compartments laid out
Space case magnet series & titanium Grinder Sifters

Grinders can be found in various sizes, shapes and made of different material. Which one would be the best for your needs depends on how much money you are ready to spend and also on how often you intend to use them. Grinders are made of plastic, wood, acrylic and metal. They can be electric or manual. People say that they collect different amounts of kief with different grinders.

Kief refers to trichome or crystals, the most potent and pure part of the herb. The quantity and quality of kief depends on the dryness and quality of herbs and also on the size of the holes in the grinder. The smaller the holes the better kief you will get. When buying a grinder make sure that it has a compartment on the bottom or a screen. This screen filters out the buds and you will notice tiny amounts of dust or kief there. You can buy grinders in Head Shops, online stores or make your own. Most grinders that can be found on the market have a kief catcher that collect pollen crystals during grinding.

Best Grinders for Kief

1. Black Tie Herb Grinder


Our most highly rated grinder also offers one of the best designs for kief catching that we’ve seen.  Black Ties are well known for collecting more kief than other similar options.  Craftsmanship and quality are strengths for this weed grinder.


2. Space Case Metal Herb Grinder


Expensive but excellent grinder, collects pollen and has sharp teeth. It feels comfortable in the hand and grinds effectively. The grinder has a magnetic lid to keep everything together. People claim to be very satisfied with this grinder as it is smooth and has a big herb compartment for the ground up material.

Space Case Grinder Sifter Mag. 4 Pc. Small-one of the best grinders for kief, easy to use and has a chamber at the bottom for collecting kief. It grinds herb down to the perfect texture.


3. Sharpstone


Gives high quality kief thanks to the superbly made kief catcher. It comes with a mini brush to sort the kief out and the bottom catcher has fine netting so it catches the finest kief.


4. Mendo Mulcher



Many people love this grinder for its excellent characteristics. It catches the most kief compared to other brands on the market. It has stainless steel kief screens and 88 sharp teets which give perfect consistency and help maximize the kief production at the same time.

Space Case Titanium Grinder-builds up a lot of kief quickly, has the best pollen screen and still works well after years of usage. Its diamond shaped teeth cutters break up herb properly and after a few weeks you get the finest tiny particles that are very potent.


5. Santa Cruz Shredder


A high quality grinder that has easy opening and sharp teeth for grinding herb. It has a deeper kief catcher than other grinders and the best magnets are used for lids to prevent the herbs from falling out. This four piece grinder is being made with a slightly larger hole size so that more kief gets through.

With all the grinders it is possible for the kief catcher to fill up and block access to the bottom compartment in which case you may not get as fine kief as usual. If this happens clear it regularly for better results.