Best Grinder For Vaporizers

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The best grinder for vaporizer is the one that can grind your herbs finely and into tiny bits of particles. Proper grinding before vaporizing is the most important if you want your herb to release active ingredients. The consistency of your herbs should be fine and not too powdery or hot air will push the herbs through the heating compartment without vaporizing. The truth is, you cannot use your vaporizer properly if your grinder is of bad quality. This is why you should always go for the best quality grinder with the following features:

    • Teeth – They should be really sharp and made of solid material. With poor quality grinders, teeth break after some time and the grinder is useless. With very sharp diamond shaped teeth you can grind herbs quickly and even large quantities. What also matters here is the position and number of teeth in a grinder.
    • Metal grinders or grinders made of plastic polymer-people consider metal grinders made of Titanium best for vaporizer. These grinders are much better than aluminum ones where you can easily inhale aluminum particles while vaporizing. This can happen with wooden grinders as well. Polymer grinders are good because they do not release toxic fumes, are easy to clean and durable.
    • Separation – The best grinders are offered with 2, 3 or more separate compartments or pieces. These are meant for separating ground herb from dry herb so they do not mix. Some of the best grinders for vaporizer have this bottom chamber for storing pollen and tiny particles.
Zeus grinder with 3 Compartments
Best Grinder
  • One of the brands made especially for vaporizing is certainly the Zeus line of grinders. They produce high quality grinders made of anodized aluminum for the best performance.
  • Zeus Herb Grinder With Advanced Razor Sharp Teeth-called ‘the king’ of all grinders, it is made of light weight aluminum. The teeth are very sharp in a trapezoid shape. You can even pull out the screen mash chamber and clear out grounded herbs. This grinder is perfect for collecting pollen.
  • Zeus Bolt Grinder – Made of aircraft anodized aluminum with very sharp teeth specially made to provide fine ground herb with consistency perfect for vaporizing. This is a four piece grinder and easy to use. Put herbs in the top compartment, twist and plants fall into the middle chamber. The third one is for dust that will build up after weeks of grinding.
  • Zeus VorteX, although bigger than other grinders, Zeus VorteX is perfect for home use. It can grind large quantities of dry herb with its stainless steel crank mechanism in seconds. Its handle is especially comfortable and gives more grinding power not to mention six sets sharp metal teeth. The grinder comes with a big pollen catcher and a screen. It is said to be one of the best hand grinders on the market.

The Zeus grinders are really both time and money-savers and you can get them for a reasonable price. When buying grinders for vaporizing it is always better to spend some more money and get real quality than to buy cheap grinders that cannot be used for vaporizer. If you have a MFLB, check out these vaporizers.

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