The Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Growing Weed At Home

best hydroponics nutrients
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best hydroponics nutrients

The Great Debate

While it may not make news headlines, the opinions that home cannabis cultivators have when it comes to growing environments can be pretty important. While some opt for outdoor growth and love the fact that natural soil and sunlight will help their garden to thrive, others want a different experience and choose to set up shop indoors.

There are certainly pros and cons to both, but one of the strongest reasons that people like growing weed inside is for the ability to fully control a plant’s environment. When various elements like light, temperature, and nutrients all impact growth and ultimately the size of your yield, it’s important to keep these things in check.

The nuances of cultivating cannabis are extensive, but rather than touch on all of the various elements at once, today we’re going to focus on the nutrients available on the market. Ask any experienced grower what their favorite is and you’ll likely hear about hydroponics.

Why Hydroponics?

Growing marijuana without soil seems like a rather odd concept, but in reality, it’s one of the best ways to ensure a consistent product. Soil contains an immense amount of organic material including bugs, animal dung, and a whole range of unpleasant things that should be left unmentioned. These elements can all work against you and may increase your plant’s susceptibility to disease.

Instead, hydroponic nutrients contain just the right mixture of materials for your weed to thrive. In some ways, you can think of it as plant food that’s been specially designed for cannabis. By using hydroponics in conjunction with proper lighting, watering, trimming, and all of the other tasks needed to raise a healthy plant, you may end up with better indoor growth results than you even though possible.

A quick internet search will show that there are countless types of hydroponic nutrients available for sale, so which ones are the best? Let’s take a look at our top 10!

The Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Weed

We’ve taken into consideration a multitude of factors when it comes to our top 10 list, including price, ease of use, and the level of success you’ll have when used as directed:

#1 – General Hydroponics Flora Grow

New and experienced growers will love this three-pack of nutrients from General Hydroponics, as it’s designed to support your plant during all stages. FloraGro will help plants to develop strong roots and build its initial structure while FloraMicro is their proprietary “Building-Block” system of nutrients. FloraBloom encourages flower production and enhances both the aromas and flavors of your weed.

As one of the original advanced hydroponic formulations on the market, General Hydroponics is used by NASA for its incredible performance. Smaller gardens may only need the one-quart size, priced at $35.14 for the three-pack, while others may opt for a pint of each at $23.40. Larger operations can purchase three one-gallon containers for a total of $87.77.

#2 – Humboldts Secret Best Plant Food for Plants

The Humboldt area in California is synonymous with great weed, so it only makes sense that hydroponics of the same name would be a top choice. This nutrient solution is intended for dilution and can be combined with other products for maximum growth potential. Humboldts Secret is a proprietary blend of carbs, amino acids, kelp, and more that’s designed to aid in root growth, increase your yields, and decrease vegetation time by up to 50%.

Not only is this nutrient blend great for new plants but it’s also designed to bring sick and dying crops back to health. Manufacturers warn that its strong odor shouldn’t keep you from using it, as it’s an incredible item for all growers. Humboldts Secret comes in a wide range of sizes, with a 32-ounce jug priced at $90.00.

#3 – Advanced Nutrients Bloom

Do pH worries keep you up at night? With Advanced Nutrients Bloom and their unique combination of ingredients, you’ll never have to stress over this critical aspect of your plants ever again. A three-part system contains Grow, Micro, and Bloom, with each formulation designed to support a different growth process. Users of Advanced Nutrients Bloom note that it’s the ideal product for beginners and that the results are truly something to write home about.

Unlike some other hydroponic products on the market, Advanced Nutrients makes it easy by advising you to mix all three products together and use them simultaneously throughout the growing process. Three one-liter jugs are priced affordably at $30.65 with the option to purchase larger quantities if desired.

#4 – Roots Organics Buddha Grow

If you’re interested in transforming your home garden into the most natural set-up possible, it only makes sense to invest in organic plant nutrients. Roots Organics Buddha Grow contains a rich mix of ingredients that have been sourced from across the world to create a proprietary blend that people rave about. Specially designed to increase your plant yields, you’ll probably wonder why it took you so long to tap into your crop’s full potential.

One look at the formulation will tell you that Buddha Grow is high-quality, as it’s a rather thick solution compared to other watered down competitors. Using this line of products from start to finish will save you the time and energy you’d otherwise spend worrying over your plants. A one-quart container is $18.13 with larger options also available.

best hydroponic nutrients

#5 – Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer

Whether you’re in the cannabis cultivation business for your own personal stash or if you’re a commercial operation that’s selling to others, you can’t afford to not use Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients. While most hydroponic nutrients out there focus on supporting root growth and keeping plants generally healthy, this formulation does so much more. The claim to fame, as one can see in its name, is that yields will be larger, buds will be bigger, and aromas will be stronger.

Big Bud assures growers that they will see a measurable difference in their production after using their nutrients, but nothing great comes for free. Make sure to keep an active watch on your pH levels while using this product and you should be in good shape to reap the best harvest of your life! A one-liter container of Big Bud costs $32.78 and both larger and smaller sizes are available depending on your needs.

#6 – Growth Science Nutrients

Learning the ins and outs of hydroponic growing can be complicated enough, and purchasing nutrients that come in ten different packages is simply overwhelming. Growth Science Nutrients has made it easy for even brand new cultivators to use their products, with all of the essential compounds mixed right into one convenient bottle. Optimized specifically for hydroponic growth, this formulation is focused on increasing your yields.

More experienced growers will also find that this product meets their needs, as customization is easy to do. Depending on your specific strains and the environment you’re growing in, Growth Science Nutrients can adapt with ease. A one-gallon container is available for $31.99 along with other larger and smaller size selections.

#7 – FoxFarm FX14050 Big Bloom

Hydroponics has never been easier than with FoxFarm, as their line of products allows for an easy system that ensures amazing growth and huge yields. This three-pack of nutrients starts with Big Grow Hydro and gives your plants an infusion of compounds to grow big and fast. At the first sign of flowering, transition over to Tiger Bloom to aid in maximum bud development, and make sure to feed plants Big Bloom over the course of the entire cycle for health and healing.

Cultivators should keep in mind that FoxFarm products aren’t a “set it and forget it” type of item, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on pH levels throughout their lifespan. A three-pack of 32-ounce bottles may be a little more costly than other brands at $50.51 but could pay off handsomely with a large and healthy yield.

#8 – Flower Fuel

Designed to work in conjunction with your favorite base nutrient, Flower Fuel can be considered the icing on the cake for enhancing plant growth. It’s made up of vitamins, amino acids, and organic nutrients that have been specifically chosen for their premium hydroponic compatibility and promise heavier buds with more resin.

Not only does it provide plants with the essential nutrients needed to thrive but it also encourages a more rapid absorption of said nutrients for quicker growth.

Flower Fuel comes in a powder form and is easy to mix with water for daily use. It contains over 40 ingredients and is highly recommended by both casual and serious home growers. A 250-gram tub costs $18.97 with significantly larger options available.

#9 – General Hydroponics MaxiGro for Gardening

While some nutrients focus on producing massive buds for a yield that’s beyond your wildest imagination, MaxiGro is ideal for younger plants that need extra love and care right from the start. Aiming for quick growth through the vegetative stage, these dry and concentrated elements work together to help your garden thrive. Like many other hydroponic products, make sure to watch your pH levels with continued use.

MaxiGro by General Hydroponics is one of the most affordable ways to enhance your plant’s growth and is ideal for brand new users who have never grown anything successfully. Designed as a stand-alone product, simply mix with water or your favorite nutrient solution for easy use. A 2.2-pound bag costs only $15.34 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

#10 – Advanced Nutrients B-52 Fertilizer Booster

When you really think about it, cannabis plants are like humans in a lot of ways. Both need water to thrive and both need proper vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Advanced Nutrients has created a nutrient mix that’s loaded with B vitamins and is ideal for use from start to finish. Appropriately named, their B-52 Fertilizer Booster actually speeds up the plant’s natural metabolism, allowing for quick growth and large yields.

Early maturation should be expected with the use of this solution, and as it’s been developed specifically for hydroponic use, you can expect consistent results time and time again. B-52 helps to support your plant’s immune system and helps with growth from the inside out. A variety of sizes are available from Advanced Nutrients with a one-liter container only costing you $35.28.

The Ultimate In Garden Growth

Any number of these hydroponic options will yield you massive results, once again proving that indoor growth doesn’t have to be substandard compared to outdoor cultivation. The use of hydroponic nutrients will help in many ways by giving your plants a better chance to grow and thrive without having to add in multiple complicated extra steps. Above all else, all ten of our recommendations are incredibly affordable, so even if you’re planning on a huge growing operation, you won’t be breaking the bank.

Check out some of the best nutrients for your plants and consider doing a side by side comparison with a few plants in your garden. Bigger buds and quicker maturation times will be clearly visible compared to plants who didn’t receive these nutrients, and you’ll forever more have a top secret tool under your belt.

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