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If you enjoy smoking marijuana you know that to get high quality keif you need a good grinder. People used to grind buds using scissors and even their hands. This time is over as nowadays there are so many marijuana grinders on the market . They can grind cannabis buds into a fine dust without losing precious marijuana particles. The grinders can be carried in your pocket and most people have a few different ones.
With so many choices available one should remember that each type of grinders has its weak and its strong points. There are basically four types of grinders-plastic ones, metal, electric grinders and wooden grinders. You can find them with one or more chambers where each one serves a specific purpose.

Best Quality Metal Grinders

Grinders made of metal are said to be the best or at least that is what majority of marijuana users claim. They come with several chambers to collect kief and pollen and are usually made of stainless steel. Here are some of the best metal grinders that can be found on the market.

  • Sharpstone Herb Grinder With Pollen Catcher – small in size but mighty when it comes to
    2nd best grinder santa cruz shredder
    This grinder is perfect for MMJ patients. Click here to read reviews.
    The sharpest metal grinder.
    The sharpest metal grinder.

    grinding, this superb metal grinder is well designed with sharp blades and gives a lot of kief. Users claim that this metal grinder is efficient and although small it is useful for starters. It grinds herbs quickly and finely, has a great pollen filter and the screen for the kief catch is extra fine.

  • Space Case Titanium Grinder-made of the same material as space shuttles, this grinder is said to be among the best metal grinders on the market. It grinds herbs finely with its solid teeth and turns easily. Space Case Titanium Grinder has a fantastic magnetic lid and a big herb compartment so you can grind a lot or little quantities of herbs. It needs less cleaning than other grinders plus it grinds even tight buds into dust thus saving you both money and time.
  • Chromium Smart Crusher 5 Piece Grinder-made of aluminum this grinder is one of the best for the price. It grinds herbs very finely, and the kief catcher works great. It has a strong magnetic closure that prevents it from opening and falling.
  • Mendo Mulcher Grinders-these are some of the best quality grinders you can find on the market. They are made in California and what makes them unique is that they are indestructible and with many sharp teeth for better grinding. These are so popular that they are sold quickly and have become hard to find. Mendo Mulcher grinds herb easily and even cuts the stickiest buds.
  • 4 Part Grass leaf Pollinator-one of the best grinders made of aircraft aluminum, with 4 pieces and magnetic lid. Tiny crystals are collected at the bottom and you can collect these for later use. One of the best metal grinders on the market, it grinds a good quantity of herbs and can be carried around without worrying about losing anything.

When purchasing a grinder always make sure that it is made of either stainless steel or aluminum with many sharp teeth, a pollen chamber and crystal catchers.

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