Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

The days of firing up a joint, blunt, or bowl are gradually fading away in favor of other cannabis consumption methods. Nowadays, there are all sorts of ways to consume cannabis. Though some people prefer the act of smoking, there are numerous other healthier ways to enjoy cannabis that produce quite the lovely high. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the many different ways to get blazed on the sweet ganja.

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Cannabis History 101: An Overview of the World’s Favorite Weed

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Cannabis has a long and rich history. Uses for the plant have been traced back thousands of years. The cannabis plant is a hardy, versatile plant both in where it can be grown and what it can be used for when cultivated. At the same time, cannabis has been the subject of misinformation – both deliberate and unintentional. This has resulted in a somewhat shady history when researching the origins of cannabis use.

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Review of Golden Gate Grinder

The material of the Golden Gate Herb Grinder is second to none. It is made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum that can take a beating and continue grinding. With this grinder you do not need to worry about the teeth breaking or for the grinder to wear out with use. The sifter is made of micron steel mesh that will catch the finest pieces of herb which over time will build up into a nice amount of kief.

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