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EofH Review: Cali Crusher Grinders

Cali Crusher Grinders has been in the herb grinder market since 2010 and have developed a solid reputation for quality grinding and design. Found in many different smoke shops, retail stores, and e-commerce markets, Cali Crusher is also a very popular choice among smokers. Over time Cali Crusher has expanded their product line to include the premium Homegrown, which are exclusively designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Phoenician Herb Grinder Review

best herb grinder - phoenician

It’s time for another grinder review from us here at; many weed grinders make up the market, from basic, low-cost models to higher priced, top of the line grinders.

We’re going to take a look here at Phoenician Grinders, a series of weed grinders that sit at the top of the line when it comes to price in the weed grinder market. Phoenician Grinders offer a unique set of features that many other models do not have, and those features are reflected through a higher priced product than most of its competitors.

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Five Cheap Herb Grinders That Get the Job Done

While is primarily focused on the top herb grinders available regardless of price, many smokers out there are simply looking for a cheap option to grind their herb.  A cheap herb grinder may not have the craftsmanship of a better grinder, such as the Black Tie Grinder, or a Space Case, but even lower priced weed grinders will likely get the job done and provide at least a decent grind.

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Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder Review

It’s time for another great grinder review from your friends here at In today’s review, we’re going to discuss the Sharp Shredda grinder from the Sharp Shredda Grinders Company. Like many other quality grinders, the Sharp Shredda is made of durable features like anodized aluminum and contains sharp teeth for a fine grind of your herbs. This grinder also includes a 4 chamber designs with pollen chamber and catcher like many of its competitors, so it fits into the market quite nicely as a good option for a quality piece. The Sharp Shredda is a moderately priced herb grinder, so it gives you the quality you desire at a cheaper price than the higher priced Space Case but a better product than the cheaper priced Chromium Crushers.

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Black Tie Grinder Review: The Ultimate Grinding Experience

We have reviewed many grinders here at Today, we take a closer look at what may be the best weed grinder brand we’ve ever reviewed: Black Tie Grinders. While most of the grinders we’ve seen have quality features such as CNC aluminum with super sharp teeth, none of these grinders have exuded an aura of class like that of the Black Tie Grinder. It gives off this appearance while still being in a moderate price range that is slightly more expensive than most Chromium Crushers, but significantly less than the premium priced Space Case.

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Royale Herb Grinder Review

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An upcoming player in the herb grinder game that is gaining popularity quickly is the Royale Grinder brand. Their goal is to make grinders that can compete with the likes of Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder so that you get as fine a product as possible when using their grinders. If you are looking for a cheap weed grinder to last a month or two, then look elsewhere, but if you want a great quality grinding experience then you should consider Royale Herb Grinders.

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Chromium Crusher Review

3rd best grinder chromium crusher

When you are looking for a grinder to help you breakdown tobacco, weed, or herbs into a fine textured, perfectly smokable product, then quality is key.  Not all grinders are created equal as there are many grinders that just will not stand the test of time and will break.  Thankfully, we have high end herb grinders like the Chromium Crusher that will last and will get the job done again and again.

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