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How To Clean an Herb Grinder

Probably the most important factor to consider once you’ve got the perfect herb grinder is to figure out how to make it last as long as possible. The key to keeping an herb grinder in tip top shape really comes down to regular cleanings.

If you use your grinder on a regular basis like we do, then you know that over time kief and residue can gunk up your grinder in its teeth and grooves. Getting this material off your grinder will get it back to running like new.

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Anti-Cannabis Propaganda: Marijuana Stomach Illness

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Over the last week or so there’s been an influx of news outlets “reporting” on a mysterious stomach illness related to heavy marijuana use that is supposedly rising in states that have legal cannabis.  Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome has been linked to long-term heavy use of cannabis and results in “non-stop nausea and stomach pain that can sometimes last up to a month.”  Treatment for this condition includes hot showers and baths.

Based on the reports seen on countless local news stations and even CBS National News, emergency room visits for this condition have risen from about 40 per year to almost 90 at the University of Colorado Hospital.  So, it went from about one person per week to just under two.

Before we break this down, I want to make one thing clear.  We are not dimensioning the pain and suffering from those who have had this condition.  We recognize and respect that a minority of heavy cannabis smokers could develop Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

At the same time there is a responsibility of the media and others with a voice to put this condition in it’s proper perspective, rather than exposing us to a anti-cannabis agenda that is being bought and paid for by big pharma.

Out of all the outcomes that result from using cannabis on a daily basis, it would seem that Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome would be one of the worst.  On the other hand, let’s take a look at the worst outcome from the overuse of opioids: death.  In fact, 33,091 people died from opioid overdoses in 2016 alone.  Over the previous millennia there continues to be exactly zero deaths caused by cannabis.

We are comparing these two substances because of their use in the treatment of similar conditions, especially chronic pain.

Now if you put statistics like these side-by-side without the name of each substance and asked which one should be legal, there is no doubt that any reasonable human being would vote in favor of cannabis recognizing the deadly alternative of opioids.

It seems to me that all our efforts should be focused on solving the very real opioid epidemic, and less time writing hit pieces on what could very well be the savior substance for those who fall prey to opioid addiction.

We have already shown visitors of about all the conditions that cannabis is able to treat safely and with minimal side effects.

A message to the media: stop being the mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical industry and do your job with dignity.

The NFL Has a Lot in Common With Reagan on Weed

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Image Source: via Youtube
Image Source: via Youtube

An article came today by Rolling Stone about the outdated and arbitrary rules that the National Football League continues to implement in regard to marijuana.  According to this source the league is falling behind the times as it does not even allow for cannabidiol (CBD), used to treat chronic pain, and doesn’t even have significant levels of THC.

This is a pretty hypocritical notion by the NFL as they seem to have absolutely zero issue with pumping their players full of pharmaceutical pain killers that are often abused and dangerous. Considering how many of their current and former players are suffering symptoms related to CTE, you would think that they would be a bit more accepting of any treatments that would give players relief.  Especially when you consider these players are big part of what makes the league successful in the first place.

There are a few reasons why the NFL would take this stand against marijuana, according to the article.  First, with marijuana still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, the NFL does not want to get in the crosshairs of any laws that could impact their operations.  While not in the article, but my opinion is that the NFL also does not want these alternative treatments available to players as it is just one more way in which they have to accept and admit that football has long-term consequences for many of its players.

Hopefully, in the future the NFL and NFLPA will come to the bargaining table and get with the times by allowing their players to use cannabis at least for medical reasons.  There is little doubt that marijuana has positive health benefits and these NFL players, current and former, are some of the people who would likely benefit the most from having access to it.

Five Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cannabis

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Ever since the drug war began there has been a huge misconception around marijuana and the fact that laws and government officials claimed marijuana has no medical uses.  This worked to benefit the criminal justice system and pharmaceutical companies who are frequently peddling legal drugs that are most often significantly more dangerous than marijuana.  Thankfully, the truth about the medicinal uses of marijuana is beginning to come to light as American society is slowly changing its views on cannabis.  We are presenting five medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis, but this is not a total list as many other conditions can be treated with cannabis as well.

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