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Santa Cruz Shredder Review

You have finally saved enough money to get a new grinder that will be superb in every aspect. What grinder will it be? You can never go wrong with Santa Cruz Shredder herb grinders manufactured in Santa Cruz, California. They are said to be top notch with the best quality materials designed for ultimate performance. The Santa Cruz Shredder is the only medical-grade grinder in the world next to the Phoenician.

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Mendo Mulcher Review

best herb grinder - mendo mulcher
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Mendo Mulcher is known for its high quality hand crafted grinders with ultimate performances. The grinders are unique in that they have 88 sharp curved teeth which is twice more than you normally find in a grinder. Mendo Mulcher grinders are durable, affordable and come in different sizes . They are made of high quality aluminum and come with a lifetime warranty. The best features about them are their design, performance and material. These grinders are perfect for getting fine consistency herbs and for vaporizing. Continue reading