Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

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The days of firing up a joint, blunt, or bowl are gradually fading away in favor of other cannabis consumption methods. Nowadays, there are all sorts of ways to consume cannabis. Though some people prefer the act of smoking, there are numerous other healthier ways to enjoy cannabis that produce quite the lovely high. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the many different ways to get blazed on the sweet ganja.

Cannabis Edibles

If you are not interested in smoking or vaporizing cannabis, edibles are a fantastic option. Consume cannabis in the form of a weed brownie, cookie, rice krispie treat or other cannabis-infused edible and you won’t have to worry about compromising your lungs with smoke. However, it will take some time for the high to kick in after enjoying an edible.

Ingest the edible at least half an hour prior to the point in time at which you would like to be high. Once the high sets in, it will be incredibly strong so be careful not to consume too many of those delicious cannabis cookies. Go easy, give half a cookie, brownie, or other edible at least an hour to work its magic and you will be on cloud nine for the rest of the evening.

If you would like to make your own cannabis edibles, you will need a stick of butter, a crock pot, water, cannabis, a cheese cloth and cookie batter or other raw ingredients necessary for whatever edible you have in mind. Cookies, brownies and rice krispie treats are the most common types of edibles made at home.

Invest a couple of hours in this DIY (do it yourself) project and you will have cannabis edibles at half the price or less of what you would pay at a local dispensary. Those who have chronic pain often favor this means of consuming cannabis as there is no need to repeatedly light up a bowl or enjoy a vaporizer several times throughout the day. It is easier, quicker, and more impactful to eat a weed brownie or use a tincture than light up a bowl every couple hours.

Other Forms of Cannabis Ingestion

Edibles are not the sole means of orally ingesting cannabis. Cannabis-infused sprays, tinctures, drinks and capsules are also on the market. Though none of these alternatives to cannabis edibles taste nearly as good as a cookie or brownie, they are almost always healthier.

If you are watching your figure, intent on losing weight or trying to eliminate sugar from your diet, give cannabis tincture or a cannabis spray a try. Similar to edibles, it will take upwards of half an hour or an hour to feel the true impact of ingested cannabis.

Most people purchase cannabis tinctures, capsules, sprays and drinks at dispensaries. However, it is possible to create your own cannabis tincture at home. Some cannabis enthusiasts put their weed stems, seeds and leftover flower material into a small container containing hard liquor with a high alcohol content. This mixture is allowed to remain idle for upwards of an entire week or even longer. The alcohol soaks up the THC from the cannabis, creating quite the potent drink known as “Green Dragon”.

Be careful when initially ingesting a cannabis drink, tincture or capsule as it will prove quite strong. This elevated potency is attributable to the digestion process during which cannabinoids become that much stronger through a unique chemical transformation in the stomach. The high you enjoy from a tincture, edible, drink or capsule will be more of a full-body high than that provided by a bowl or pipe.

Bowls and Pipes

Those interested in trying cannabis can spend a mere $30 or so on a small bowl or pipe at the local head shop, pick up a lighter and get high merely seconds after returning home. Smoke a bowl or pipe of high-quality cannabis with a THC percentage above 20 percent and you will feel ecstatic without delay.

The only downside to smoking a bowl is it is comparably harsh on the lungs. Some experienced smokers also complain bowls and pipes lack the tasty flavor of flavored rolling papers used for joints.

Bowls and pipes produce more of a “heady” high than edibles, meaning the amazing sensation felt after smoking will likely result in a mental euphoria rather than a full-body high. Though plenty of stoners will scrape the leftover tar-like resin out of their bowls after weeks or months of smoking, attempting to get high off of resin is a major mistake.

Resin has less THC than the original weed that produced it. The majority of this THC, if not all of it, is destroyed when the resin is lit. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that resin has elevated levels of tar, carbon, and ash compared to regular cannabis.

Smoke a Joint

Most people think of the 60s hippies Cheech and Chong when someone suggests smoking a joint. Though joints are no longer as popular as they were 50 years ago, they are still a fulfilling means of enjoying cannabis. In order to smoke a joint, you will need cannabis, rolling papers, a lighter and possibly a joint rolling machine.

Your local head shop will likely have a joint rolling machine available for sale. However, there is a potential for this machine to break. Though you might not always have your joint rolling machine on-hand, you will always have your fingers.

Learn how to roll a joint and you just might be the envy of your social circle, especially if you are in the millennial age cohort. Some of those who favor cannabis joints roll theirs with the inclusion of a paper clip along one side that juts out of the bottom toward the right or left.

The use of a paper clip helps keep the joint steady in your hand while preventing it from burning your lips as the lit portion of the joint (the cherry) burns down to the bottom of the joint.

Smoke an entire joint of cannabis containing a high THC percentage and you will feel higher than a kite. This is precisely why most people smoke joints in “ciphers” or small circles of cannabis users. Pass the joint around the cipher and everyone will enjoy a euphoric, long-lasting high.

Water Bongs

Bongs are one of the healthier ways to smoke cannabis as the water filters out carcinogens, impurities, and other threats to your health. In order to smoke a bong, you will need the bong itself, a slider, bowl, lighter, and water. Take a rip from the bong and you will feel ecstatic in mere seconds. Some cannabis enthusiasts add a couple of ice cubes to the water to make the smoke feel that much cooler as it passes through the lungs.

Smoke a Blunt

Blunts are nothing more than longer and fatter joints rolled with cigar paper as opposed to rolling paper. Phillies cigars are the popular cigar wrap of choice for blunt smokers. Pick up one of these cigars, empty out the tobacco, fill it with weed, roll it back up, light it with your lighter and you will experience quite the powerful high.

If you smoke an entire blunt of indica cannabis by yourself, you might be locked to the couch for hours or even the rest of the night. Blunts are especially potent as they hold more cannabis than joints. Call up a friend or two to throw down a few bucks or a gram of weed, pass the blunt around the cipher and everyone can get blazed.

Use a Vaporizer

Vaporizers contain miniature ovens that bake cannabis, eliminating all potentially harmful components to ensure a clean and healthy high. Though some vaporizers emit somewhat of an odd smell, the vapor they emit will not compromise your lungs like traditional smoke. You do not need a lighter to use a vaporizer.

Simply put the ground cannabis into a vaporizer’s compartment, turn it on, inhale and you will be high within seconds.
The high produced by a vaporizer is slightly different than that of a bong, bowl, joint, or blunt. If you have been smoking cannabis for years, you might not initially enjoy the high produced by a vaporizer. Continue to use your vaporizer and it will not be long until you become accustomed to the high it produces.

Thai Sticks

Most people born after 1980 have no idea what Thai sticks are. This method of enjoying cannabis hit peak popularity in the 1960s yet quickly fell out of favor after the Vietnam War ended.

Thai sticks are seedless marijuana buds skewered on a stick or stem, rolled in THC oil and subsequently wrapped in pot leaves. This lengthy cigar-like means of enjoying cannabis is no longer a part of the mainstream cannabis culture yet it still produces a lovely high.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are comprised of raw weed, honey oil and kief. Kief is the ultra-potent fine powder at the bottom of your weed grinder or bag that does not require any breakdown in order to smoke. Here’s how to make moon rocks: get a nugget of your favorite weed, dip it in some honey oil, roll the honey-soaked nugget in kief and let it dry. Once the nugget as dried, break this “moon rock” into tiny pieces and smoke it just like regular cannabis.

Cannabis Pills

Few people are aware of the fact that marijuana is available in a pill form known as Marinol. Marinol is sometimes prescribed to those dealing with significant pain. In fact, Marinol is available to some workers’ compensation claimants in states where cannabis is still illegal. If you insist on avoiding edibles, bongs, bowls, joints, blunts, and vaporizers, the pill form of marijuana is perfect for you.

It must be noted marinol and other pill forms of cannabis are extraordinarily potent. Be mindful of the dosage strength, take half a pill to start out and see how your body responds in the hours to come. You can gradually increase your intake of marinol or other cannabis pills when you get a sense of your tolerance level.


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