Five Cheap Herb Grinders That Get the Job Done

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While is primarily focused on the top herb grinders available regardless of price, many smokers out there are simply looking for a cheap option to grind their herb.  A cheap herb grinder may not have the craftsmanship of a better grinder, such as the Black Tie Grinder, or a Space Case, but even lower priced weed grinders will likely get the job done and provide at least a decent grind.  Another thing to look at when trying to find a cheap weed grinder is to look at finding one that is smaller sized.  Even though you may not want to spend much on your grinder we still strongly suggest you avoid acrylic grinders as they may break quickly.  Here are five solid grinders for those on a tight budget.

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2 Inch Herb Grinder

golden bell herb grinderAt less than $10 the Golden Bell Herb Grinder is a great cheap herb grinder.  Made from zinc alloy it is safe to use and durable.  This herb grinder is also offered in an assortment of colors to give your grinding experience a personal touch.  What we have noticed with the Golden Bell is that it does not collect kief like the best grinders out there, so you will not get as much bang for your buck in regard to your stash.   The Golden Bell Herb Grinder also comes with a pollen scraper.   With a 4.4 rating on Amazon this grinder should be at the top of your list.

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Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Herb Grinder

chromium crusher grinderAnother cheap herb grinder priced right around the $10 range is the Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 piece herb grinder.  This grinder is about as good as it gets in the under $10 range when looking for a large sized grinder.  The zinc that the Chromium Crusher is made from is heavy duty, but is on heavier side so this is not a great choice if you want a portable grinder.  This herb grinder also comes in several different color options.  FYI, when buying on Amazon be sure to check to make sure you are getting a genuine Chromium Crusher as there are reports that knock offs are sometimes sold.

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Ohuhu 4 Piece 2.38 Inch Herb Grinder

ohuhu grinderAs with most grinders on this list, the Ohuhu herb grinder is made from zinch alloy, which is cheaper to produce than aluminum but more durable than acrylic.  This grinder has a large number of teeth, 55 to be exact, to allow for a finer grind than most of the other cheap herb grinders.  There is also a magnetized lid to keep the cap in place throughout the grinding process.  Some owners have commented that the Ohuhu herb grinder has a tendency to clog with use, so take this into consideration when deciding which grinder to buy.

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Smart Crusher Herb Grinder

smart crusher herb grinderAt 2.25 inches wide the Smart Crusher is a medium sized herb grinder that is very reasonably priced.  This is the only cheap herb grinder on our list that is made from aluminum, which is lighter and a superior metal compared to zinc alloy.  Many users are happy with this grinder saying that the teeth are able to grind herb to a nice fluff.  On the other hand some users feel that this grinder is built cheaper and has a tendency to break soon after purchase.  At some point it is a matter of you get what you pay for.

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Herb Grinder Original Herb Grinder

herb grinder original grayThe most expensive option on our list also has the most generic name.  The Herb Grinder Original Herb Grinder.  This aluminum weed grinder is currently priced around $15.  As a bonus this grinder comes with a free stash container, which makes this one of the best values in the grinder market.  With a 4.7 rating on Amazon you can be sure this is a quality herb grinder.  Our testing has shown that this grinder does create a nice quality grind for herbs, but is not as heavy duty as some of the more expensive aluminum herb grinders available.

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As you can see there are some decent options for grinder that are at or below the $10 price point, and not a single one is made of horrible acrylic!  While we know that an herb grinder seems like a purchase that you can go cheap on, we do recommend you seriously consider spending a bit more on a better grinder as you will get more out of your herb.  On the top of our list includes the Space Case and Black Tie Grinder, which both perform exceptionally and are much more durable than any grinder on this list.  Check them out and make a good decision for both you and your wallet!

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