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The vaporizer market has truly revolutionized the way in which you can consume your stash.  With discreetness and less harmful chemicals, it has become the most popular way to enjoy herb.  That being said there are some things about vaporizers that some smokers may not like.

First, vaporizers take out a lot of the flavor that comes from the herb.  The truth is that many of us like the flavors from cannabis and find this to be a disappointing aspect of vaporizing.  Second, you have to deal with temperature settings and charging the battery of a vaporizer which can become cumbersome.

For those of you who still want the full experience of smoking, but without the unwanted burning and coughing, Genius Pipe has the product for you.  Genius Pipe is a pipe that brings a lot of new features to the table to enhance the pipe smoking experience.

Genius Pipe-Strengths


Genius Pipes are made with anodized aluminum, which is a great material for your pipe.  Aluminum is a safe and durable material that will last for many years of regular use.


Genius Pipe
Classic Genius Pipe

This is likely the biggest strength when it comes to the Genius Pipe.  Genius Pipes are made up of three pieces.

The bottom piece features a patented dimple design that creates millions of micro vortices with each draw.  This works to cool and purify the smoke as it travels through the pipe and into your lungs making for a cleaner and smoother smoking experience.

The middle piece includes the bowl where you pack your herb.  This looks pretty similar to a typical pipe that you might find at your local head shop.

Finally, the top piece is used as a cover over the bowl.  Having this piece allows you to take your packed pipe on the go without worrying about spillage.  It is also very discreet and helps to keep away wondering eyes.


Genius Pipe
Mona Lisa Genius Pipe

I’d be lying if I didn’t desire pipes and other smoking accessories that fit my personality and lifestyle.  What’s cool about Genius Pipe is that they offer a ton of different colors and styles of their pipes.

It starts with the Classic Collection, which focuses on pretty classic color schemes like silver, white, and black.  These are great for those who want a more modern-minimalist style to their pipe.

The colors collection is pretty self explanatory.  In this collection you will find a wide variety of colors from cobalt Blue to Legally Pink.  You can find a Genius Pipe in almost any color combination you can imagine.  This allows you to bring out what makes you unique through your pipe.

For those on a budget, Genius Pipe has the Light Collection.  With this collection of Genius Pipes you get everything except for the third piece cover.  Because of this you can get a Genius Pipe in the Light Collection for about $20 less than a standard Genius Pipe.

Lastly, there is the Limited Collection.  This collection includes a lot of unique graphics on the covers of the Genius Pipe which vary on subject matter from images of country flags to the Mona Lisa.  These are the most expensive Genius Pipes available for sale and come in at price points that start at $199.95.


The Genius Pipe is 8.25 inches long, 2.5 inches wide,  and a thickness of about one inch.

The Genius Pipe Classic weighs in a 0.4 lbs.  This makes the Genius Pipe a very lightweight option useable by almost all smokers whether for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Smoke Quality

Because the Genius Pipe features a waterless filter from the patented dimple design it has a smoke quality better than other pipes we’ve used.  The dimples do a nice job to cool the smoke so that you don’t have the burning sensation so common with regular pipes.

That being said, the smoke is not as mild as the vapors produced by your high-end vaporizer.  After trying the Genius Pipe we feel that it is a great in between for those who want something smoother than a regular pipe, but still offers a more authentic smoking experience compared to most vaporizers.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Genius Pipe works to ensure you are happy with your pipe.  If not, you can return it to Genius Pipe within 30 days for a full refund.  With this in mind if you’re interested in the Genius Pipe, give it a go and if its not what you hoped you can send it back.

What Could Be Better


There’s no doubt that Genius Pipe is a unique product that fits a specific niche not really addressed by either standard pipes or vaporizers.  That being said we do feel that the price of the Genius Pipe is a bit on the expensive side.

If you want a Classic Genius Pipe be prepared to fork up $90.  Certainly not cheap, especially when you consider you can pick up a low-cost glass pipe for as little as $15.  It will depend on your needs whether the extra cost will be worth it.

Genius Pipe Verdict

Genius Pipe brings something different and unique to the table not seen before in smoking pipes.  Specifically, we like the cover that allows you to pre-pack your bowl so that you can take the loaded Genius Pipe with you on the go.

With the large number of different color and graphics on the covers of the Genius Pipe you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Value is a concern with the Genius Pipe, since you could get a good Vaporizer for the same price.  For those wanting a more authentic smoking experience than a vape, the Genius Pipe will like be worth the cost.

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