Review of Golden Gate Grinder

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Golden Gate Grinder Specs


2.5 Inch Diameter


Anodized Aluminum


Made in China


4.8 Ounces

Rounded Kief Catcher


Replaceable Filtering Screen


Number of Teeth



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Golden Gate Grinder

One of our main goals at ExpertsofHerb is to find you the best quality herb grinders that are good for herbs and to grind your weed.  The quality of these grinders can vary greatly and it is important to look at factors related to price, reviews, and specifications when making your choice.  One solid selection for an herb grinder we have found comes from the Golden Gate Grinders brand. Their Golden Gate Herb Grinder has some great features and comes in at a reasonable price of around $20 (see latest price).



The material of the Golden Gate Herb Grinder is second to none.  It is made of  aircraft grade anodized aluminum that can take a beating and continue grinding.  With this grinder you do not need to worry about the teeth breaking or for the grinder to wear out with use.  The sifter is made of micron steel mesh that will catch the finest pieces of herb which over time will build up into a nice amount of kief.


The Golden Gate Grinder comes in a larger size with grinder featuring a 2.5″ diameter.  It has four pieces to catch the most fine pieces of herb.  The forty five diamond shaped teeth on this grinder are sharp and ready to shred.  There are also forty four holes to allow grind up material drop through to the next chamber.  The lid on the Golden Gate Grinder is kept in place with a neodymium magnet which keeps it from popping off during grinding.

Pollen Catcher

As mentioned earlier the Golden Gate Grinder comes with a sifter made of steel mesh.  The herb material that gets through this mesh is very fine and of high quality.


Because of the high quality materials in combination with a great design the Golden Gate Herb Grinder is a great choice for those who want consistent performance at a reasonable price.

Lifetime Warranty

Golden Gate Grinders offers a generous money back guarantee on their grinders so that if anything were to break or not work properly you are not out any money!  We love to see this money back guarantee because it shows that they believe in their product and are confident that you will love it too.


We can’t seem to find many bad things to say about this grinder, however, there are a couple things that we feel could be improved.  Currently, it only comes in black which is limiting for anyone who likes their herb grinder to be a bit more colorful.  Hopefully they will add some different color schemes in the future.  It is also limited to the 2.5″ diameter size unlike some more well known brands such as Space Case and Chromium Crusher which offer many different sizes to choose from.

Despite limited options we have to admit that Golden Gate Grinders has created a really nice product that will meet the needs of the vast majority of individuals looking for an herb grinder.

The Final Grind

Golden Gate makes a quality grinder at a value price point.  They do not offer the extras seen with other grinders, but do offer a decent grinder.

I personally prefer Black Tie Grinders to Golden Gate due to the carry pouch and slightly better grind quality.

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FAQ – Golden Gate Grinders

Is the grinder smell proof?

No, while it does minimize smells it does not eliminate them.

Does the pain on the Golden Gate Grinder peel/chip?

No, Golden Gate Grinders use anodizing to prevent this issue.

How much unground herb does this grinder hold?

About 3 grams.

Is the Golden Gate Grinder dishwasher safe?


How large are the holes for this grinder?

Each hole is 3/16 of an inch.

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  • Hi Brian, your site is awesome! Love it !!! I am a manufacturer of smoker accessories and now looking to launch a new product in grinders too. We are looking into making the finest grinders on the market but at a mass-market price point. The competition is fierce! I live in Hong Kong so its hard for me to get my hands on all these products but I have purchased KOZO and Black Tie Grinders based on your reviews. I was wondering why you rate Golden Gate grinder higher than Black Tie, if you prefer the grind of the latter? Also is there anything you wish these grinders could do or had, that is missing or any weaknesses or any suggestions for new grinders?