Kingtop Herb Grinder Review

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At we like to give you insight and information on the best herb grinders available on the market so that you can make the right decision for grinding your tobacco or herbs.  Herb grinders come in many different sizes, materials, and price ranges.  The Kingtop Herb Grinder that we are reviewing today has some unique characteristics and features.  Once of the more conventional features of the Kingtop Weed Grinder is its four piece design that includes a pollen catcher for the finest materials.   This has become a very popular grinder setup when compared to two piece grinders that do not offer a filtering screen and compartment.

Good Points

  • Price- Coming in at around $13 the Kingtop is likely the cheapest 3″ diameter herb grinder you will find.  Most smaller herb grinders are priced around $20 and go up all the way to over one hundred.
  • Teeth-  The 45 teeth that are found on this weed grinder are sharp and plentiful.  The more teeth help to create a fine and even grind.
  • Pollen Filter- Pollen catchers work to filter out the best most fine herb from the rest of the batch.  By doing so you can utilize the top quality herb if you want your finished product to be even better!  With the pollen filter screen you also get a scraper tool that makes working the herbs easier.
  • Warranty – Kingtop claims to give a lifetime warranty on their grinders so this would be something to check into closer if you are considering making a purchase.
  • Holes – The Kingtop has many holes in the grinding compartment which will help to minimize the amount of herbs that get stuck in the teeth.  This will keep the grinder cleaner for longer and help to get all the product through to the second compartment.

Bad Points

  • Materials- Kingtop grinders use a zinc alloy  materials which is simply inferior to the performance of aluminum grinders.  Zinc alloy is also heavier which makes Kingtop a poor choice for a portable grinder
  • Some users have complained that the grinder makes too much noise when grinding which takes away from the grinding experience
  • The filter screen is not the best we’ve seen and may break from the metal with multiple uses
  • 3″ is too large for many people.  Most herb users will only need a grinder that is 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter.  We stress at that it is better to get a high quality grinder that is smaller than a larger grinder that is junk.
    • Overall, we would suggest looking into the Black Tie Grinder or Space Case if you are serious about getting a top quality grinding machine.

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