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Mendo Mulcher is known for its high quality hand crafted grinders with ultimate performances. The grinders are unique in that they have 88 sharp curved teeth which is twice more than you normally find in a grinder. Mendo Mulcher grinders are durable, affordable and come in different sizes . They are made of high quality aluminum and come with a lifetime warranty. The best features about them are their design, performance and material. These grinders are perfect for getting fine consistency herbs and for vaporizing.

Aluminum Mendo Mulcher grinder with black background
Slick Mendo Mulcher grinder will grind your weed to its finest


Mendo Mulcher grinders come in various portable sizes and in 2 to 4 pieces. The top is secure and easy to use with magnetic closure. The angled teeth are very sharp and twice the number than you would find in other brands. They mulch perfectly and shred buds using angled approach which helps minimize build up. Due to this advanced design the production of kief is maximized. The lids have a comfortable grip and just feel good in your hand. The screens are pressed and set directly into the grinder which is not the case with cheap grinders.


Mendo Mulcher grinders are made of Billet CNC Machined 6061 Aircraft Aluminum that makes them extremely durable. This first class material can resist tear and wear and all the grinders have this special metallic finish to avoid fingerprints. Even after years of use they will not show any scratches. The sifting screen is constructed of stainless steel and all the grinders come with super magnet closure on lids, so you do not have to worry about accidentally spilling some of your herbs.


It has been said that these grinders can even cut and shred a nut if needed. This is the best description of how efficient the 88 teeth are. Unlike many cheap grinders, these rarely break and the teeth just remain as solid as when you first purchased your grinder! With only a few twists you get the finest small fluffy chunks. Some models have steel screen chambers for collecting pollen while gathering crystal dust in the bottom compartment. The screen and the teeth are said to stay clean longer than in other brands and the grinder actually cleans itself in the grinding process.

The only complaints have so far been about the price, and the closing lid. People have been suggesting that an o-ring should be added between the lid and the bottom half of the grinder for smoother action and to eliminate metal contact and possibility of metal residue getting into the herb.

The Mendo Mulcher grinders are certainly worth the money for people who need to grind buds quickly and to collect higher grade pollen. Thousands of satisfied customers claim that nothing comes close to Mendo Mulcher grinders. If you are about to purchase a new grinder and ready to spend your money on a grinder that will be excellent and last you a long time, we recommend the Mendo Mulcher grinders.

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  • Lifetime warranty ?
    I think Not.
    I sent my mulcher to Dave West & Roxy West, to honor warranty. I have not received any contact, i have tried many times. I think I got played.