Royale Herb Grinder Review

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An upcoming player in the herb grinder game that is gaining popularity quickly is the Royale Grinder brand. Their goal is to make grinders that can compete with the likes of Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder so that you get as fine a product as possible when using their grinders. If you are looking for a cheap weed grinder to last a month or two, then look elsewhere, but if you want a great quality grinding experience then you should consider Royale Herb Grinders.

royale grinder
2.5″ Royale Herb 4 Piece Grinder

Good points

  • Material – Welcome to the big leagues of grinding herbs, weed, marijuana and any other material that needs broken down to be consumed properly.  The Royale Herb Grinder is made of pure aluminum which will last over many uses while producing a finely grinded herb.  None of the 50 aluminum teeth will dent because of their unique square teeth design.
  • Design – Royale Herb Grinders come in a jumbo size 2.5″ diameter container that is made up of 4 pieces.  This four piece design keeps any herb from being wasted, so that a good buildup of kief can gather with use.  The pieces are held together with strong neodymium grade magnets that keep herb from falling out while using this grinder.  The grip of the Royale Herb Grinder is ergonomic and fits perfectly in your hand so that you are able to grind your tobacco, herb, or weed effectively.  Also, as we said in our first bullet point this weed grinder is practically indestructible as it features aerospace grade aluminum.
  • Pollen Catcher – One of the coolest things about the Royale Herb Grinder is that it comes with a pollen press!  This is a great way to get your herb to stick together to make for better rolling and even burning.
  • Performance – Watch out herb grinding competitors, there is a kick-ass newcomer in town!  Because of the quality design and materials Royale Herb Grinders are smooth when in use and grind with precision. The pollen catcher allows for the finest materials to be collected with ease and we were impressed with the high density metal that the press is made from.
  • Lifetime Warranty-The Royale Herb Grinder comes with a lifetime warranty if something on the grinder breaks.  It also features a 30 day money back guarantee, which shows me they are confident in their product.

Bad Points

In regard to the Royale Herb Grinder there will be some cheapskates out there that may say that the price tag is too high for their wallet.  It is important to consider how much you are spending on your tobacco or herb, and realize that you will want to get the best herb grinding experience money can buy.  Going cheap on your weed grinder will only leave you with unwanted material stuck in your herb and you looking to buy another grinder.

Another complain that we’ve heard is that for people who are treating arthritis may find that the grinder is difficult to grip.  For most this will not be a problem but something to consider for anyone in the medical marijuana smoker category.

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