Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder Review

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It’s time for another great grinder review from your friends here at In today’s review, we’re going to discuss the Sharp Shredda grinder from the Sharp Shredda Grinders Company. Like many other quality grinders, the Sharp Shredda is made of durable features like anodized aluminum and contains sharp teeth for a fine grind of your herbs. This grinder also includes a 4 chamber designs with pollen chamber and catcher like many of its competitors, so it fits into the market quite nicely as a good option for a quality piece. The Sharp Shredda is a moderately priced herb grinder, so it gives you the quality you desire at a cheaper price than the higher priced Space Case but a better product than the cheaper priced Chromium Crushers.


Good Points


The Sharp Shredda is constructed with airplane grade anodized aluminum, for a solid product that will last through many grinds. The grip lines along the top cover allow you a great hold onto the grinder for a good grind time after time. Reviewers found the teeth to have ample sharpness to grind many different types of herbs in a quality manner. The sifter is made from a stainless steel mesh screen, so you’ll receive a good kief product at the bottom layer of this grinder.


Reviewers had great things to say about the durability of the Sharp Shredda. Many commented on its strong construction and ability to grind any herb you threw at it; the strong aluminum construction promises lasting use, and the sharp teeth have shown good proof from reviewers of lasting over time. Having a good grinder is important, but having a grinder that will last should be just as much a priority.81GTWaf-iuL._SL1500_

Pollen Filter

collecting the pollen out of your herb grinder can be a messy, sometimes exasperating occurrence. The Sharp Shredda’s stainless steel pollen filter promises a no mess grind, and allows the pollen to be easily removed; reviewers stated this filter created a fine pollen product, and with the included free pollen scraper, you can be sure to get every last bit out of the pollen chamber of this grinder.


The Sharp Shredda wants your experience to be a positive one, so it includes for you a free pollen scraper with your grinder that fits nicely inside the grinder chambers for use when needed; it also includes a small cloth carrying pouch for the grinder, so you can carry it wherever you need to go without worry of your grinder being damaged or scratched.


Reviewers gave good marks to the performance of the Sharp Shredda, stating that it performed well grinding large amounts of herbs, and Sharp Shredda maintains that this grinder will fluff your herbs quickly and easily.

Bad Points


due to the numerous small parts and nooks and crannies, the Sharp Shredda can be a challenge to clean, especially when resin from the herbs builds up in different places.


some reviewers found the Sharp Shredda’s quality not to match its moderate pricing, comparing it more to the cheaper brands of herb grinder.

Metal shavings

Numerous reviewers complained of a low-quality product not to their liking, and metal shavings were found in various parts of the grinder.

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  • I’ve had mine for 3 years and had to buy a different one made By Santa Cruz crushers