SharpStone Grinder Review

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Golden Gate Grinder Rating

Grind - 8.0
Kief - 8.0
Quality - 8.5
Price - 8.5
Overall Rating

Sharpstone Grinder Specs


2.5 Inch Diameter


Anodized Aluminum


Made in China


3.2 ounces

Rounded Kief Catcher


Replaceable Filtering Screen


Number of Teeth




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Sharpstone Grinder

If you are looking for a high quality inexpensive grinder you will not make a mistake if you buy one of the Sharp Stone grinders. They are among the best grinders available on the market, made of durable material and beautifully designed. The Sharp Stone grinders are said to be ‘everything your herbs need’. They grind with ease even the toughest of herbs into fine consistency. Sharp Stone’s company brought innovations to the industry with its clear top grinder and crank-grinders. Now they've come out with their version 2.0 grinder, which brings a unique outer design to improve grip.

With clear top grinders you can see when all the herbs have been ground. The clear top grinders are said to be very efficient and well made by many satisfied users.

Crank-grinders are awesome in that they are actually useful for people with arthritis who cannot twist the lid while grinding. This is due to Heavy Duty Hand Crank Mechanism which makes grinding a breeze. This model is with a revolving handle that you use to grind your herbs rather than twisting the lid.

Good points


The Sharpstone grinders are made of Heavy Duty Aircraft Billet Aluminum with stainless steel micro mesh screens that allow only pollen to fall through. The grinders have razor sharp diamond cut teeth that are strong and durable. The shape prevents chucks of herbs getting stuck in the grinding chamber. When you first look at it you will notice the polished finish of the grinder. This makes it scratch resistant and the grinders look good for a long time.


The grinders come in various sizes from extra small to large, or you can choose between 2 piece and 4 piece grinders. You can also have a Sharpstone grinder in your favorite colors, with 25 or 50 teeth and magnetic lids. All the pieces fit together just perfectly. That is what makes Sharpstone manufacturer one of the best in the industry. Larger grinders have a pollen catcher and pollen scraper for collecting the precious dust.

All their grinders have magnetic lids consisting of two strong neodymium magnets to keep a tight closure. You can turn them upside down without spilling anything from the grinders. Sharpstone grinders contain special Teflon O-rings for easier twisting while grinding your herbs.


Sharpstone invested so much to make sure their customers get the best ground herbs. The razor sharp teeth break down buds and with only a few twists you can get nicely ground herb falling through the holes . The pollen press which comes with the grinders consists of five aluminum pieces precisely constructed. The kief catcher is of the best quality and collects surprising amount of kief over time. Even after heavy use the grinder does not jam or require maintenance.

Sharpstone grinders are worth the money and you must know that there are many counterfeit Sharpstone Herbal Grinders and Pollen Presses on the market today. They are of terrible quality and can be health hazardous. To inform yourself about the possible fake grinders you can read Sharpstone Grinder Counterfeit Guide or always buy from an authorized retailer.

The Final Grind

Sharpstone is one of the most well known brands in the herb grinder world.  They have been around for many years and have great expertise when it comes to making quality herb grinders that are affordable.

They comes in many different sizes and varieties so be sure to research which type of Sharpstone you prefer before buying.

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FAQ - Sharpstone Grinders

Is the grinder smell proof?

Are the teeth on this grinder acrylic or metal?

What holds the filtering screen in place?

How many teeth are included in this grinder?

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  • I have mixed thoughts on the SharpStone grinders. I had one with the transparent top and the teeth started to break off after a while — that is, the teeth that are attached to the transparent top. My guess is that due to the clear top, they were unable to cut the teeth from the same block used to create the top, which forced them to attach the teeth via adhesive. It’s actually been a while (years) since this happened so I can’t remember for certain and I’ve since disposed of the grinder and replaced it with a new one. But get this: I got another SharpStone. Why? Because that was the first SharpStone I had that happen to and it was, as far as I’m concerned, likely the result of the transparent top, which I opted to not get again. This time around I went with a more standard 4-piece that doesn’t have that transparent top. But then here’s what happened just the other day: the teeth on the top are apparently connected to a plate that’s connected to the lid and that plate somehow disconnected to the point that it moves freely. The result? It no longer grinds. But even after all this, I still like SharpStone grinders. Why? Because they actually do a great job shredding herb and the ones I’ve had have all lasted a considerable amount of time under heavy use. Would I buy another? Fact is, I’m probably going to. These issues aside, I’ve had a good run with their products and they generally tend to hold up for an extended period of time before they break down. I mean, hey, it’s like a car, things break, you fix them or you replace them. I’m not going to sit here and say Mercedes or BMW sucks because I’ve had some issues here and there with their vehicles. In fact, it’s really the opposite. They hold up well, but when things do break, you fix or replace them and move on. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with the SharpStone that just crapped out on me- replacing it, quickly. Gotta get those herbs ground!