Simple Tips on How to Smoke Weed without Getting Caught

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photo of white smoke on black backgroundAre you looking online for tips on how to smoke weed without getting caught? If you’ve found your favorite grinder, your favorite bud, and a good way to smoke your herb, this article will teach you how to smoke in your house or other spot and not get caught by the wrong people.

The Dryer Sheets Method

This is the most popular and best way to smoke weed at home. All you do is light your bowl, take a hit, quickly extinguish your bowl by covering it up, and then, when you’re ready to exhale, exhale through a toilet paper role stuffed with dryer sheets. Here’s some good videos on this method.


Smoking in the Bathroom

This article states that smoking in the bathroom is a good place to never get caught. This is why: you can lock yourself in the bathroom for an extended period of time and it’ll seem totally normal. Also, you have towels you can use to block the gap between the door and the floor. In addition to that, you can run a hot shower to have some mist to neutralize the odor. Heck, you might as well smoke in the shower.

What about Deodorizers?

This thread on GrassCity states that using Febreeze with a dehumidifier and a damp towel is a good way to get away with smoking. I disagree. Febreeze will only do so much but the smell will still linger in the air. I’d use the dryer sheet method any day over this.

Have a better method? Post it below in the comment section below. The Internet is all ears for your advice. Help advance smoking in basements for dudes (and some chicks) everywhere.

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