Space Case Grinder Review

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Space Case Grinder Specs




Anodized Aluminum


Made in USA



Rounded Kief Catcher


Replaceable Filtering Screen


Number of Teeth



Space Case Review

Space Case grinders are one of the best quality American grinders available on the market. What makes their grinders the most premium in the industry is their performance, the high quality material, their superb lids and design. They can last for years and according to many satisfied customers one can hardly find any bad points about Space Case grinders.

Space case grinder with compartments laid out

Good points


Space Case grinders are made of high-quality aerospace aluminum or aluminum alloy coated in titanium for better results. The titanium layer makes them much stronger than other grinders on the market and also this material makes buds stick less.

They will not scratch if dropped and you will never find any aluminum dust mixed with your buds. The teeth are very sharp and perfect for cutting herbs. You can get fine consistency grind if you circle your herbs around the grinding piece.


Space Case grinders are light weight and thin with anodized surface which makes it feel smooth. The grinders are designed to fit perfectly in your hand while twisting or turning the lid.

The Teflon grade O-rings make for extra smooth turning and this is why Space Case grinders are suitable even for people with injured hands or arthritis. The Teflon part helps to create less friction for a smoother grind. All the pieces of the grinder go together just perfectly.

Space Case grinders are available from cheaper 2 pieces to more expensive 4 pieces in different sizes and with a pollen screen while the bottom compartment is the kief trap.

Two-piece grinders are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They do not have the compartment for collecting kief though. The four-piece grinder comes with kief screens and has the best crystal collecting screens on the market today. They also come in three sizes.

Pollen Catcher

As mentioned earlier the Golden Gate Grinder comes with a sifter made of steel mesh.  The herb material that gets through this mesh is very fine and of high quality.


Because of the high-quality materials in combination with great design the Golden Gate Herb Grinder is a great choice for those who want consistent performance at a reasonable price.

Magnetic lids

These are made so that you can drop your grinder or carry it in your pockets without spilling any buds.


Space Case grinders are a beast when it comes to grinding herbs. Grinding herbs with Space Case sharp teeth is not only easier but you can grind bigger amounts fast plus the middle compartment is big enough for storing impressive amounts of herb.

Everything you grind leaves no materials left which saves your time and money. It is interesting that performance is consistent with age and the teeth do not dull with time.

What Could Be Better

The only disadvantages are said to be the price and that with a heavy load the plant material sticks to the sides. This can be resolved by shaking the grinder a few times. Although the high price is the biggest complaint, users admit that Space Case grinders are worth the money as you only get what you pay.

With cheap grinders, you will notice that teeth break or they lose their sharpness. Then you have to buy more which equals the price of the best grinders on the market, the Space Case grinders. They will last forever and come with a lifetime warranty.

If you often lose your grinders then go with the cheaper ones but if you can keep them then spend a bit more and feel like a boss.

The Final Grind

Space Case is the most well-recognized brand in terms of herb grinders.  They have been around for many years and have focused on creating American made premium quality herb grinders.

Since Space Case came into existence other competitors have become better and have come ever closer to matching Space Case’s quality.  This has hurt Space Case Grinders in terms of the value they offer for the price.

At the end of the day Space Case is the original premium herb grinder, and if you prioritize Made in America then there is no better choice.

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FAQ – Space Case Grinders

Does the Space Case come with a pollen scraper?

Yes, a little plastic triangle scraper that can also be used at a guitar pic.

Is the whole unit made of titanium?

No, the grinder itself is made of aluminum.  It is coated in titanium to enhance durability.

Where are Space Case Grinders made?

All Space Case Grinders are made in the USA

Is the pollen catcher compartment rounded?

Yes, this makes for easy extraction of kief.

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