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Atmos Ruva Kit Review

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Atmos Ruva











  • Customizable heating settings that range from 330-430 degrees
  • LED screen that makes the Ruva easy to use
  • Rubber outer cover is heat resistant
  • Vapor quality is strong even with moderate draws


  • Only works for dry herbs (no waxes or concentrates)

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Portable vaporizers have become more technologically advanced over the last five years and now have some great features that used to only be found on full-sized vaporizer units.

Atmos has brought the Ruva to market as their attempt to compete in the advanced portable dry herb vaporizer space.

With a great many features found on some of the most expensive portable vaporizers the Atmos Ruva is a great value for those wanting the bells and whistles without the budget busting price.

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Compton Grinder Review

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If you are a fan of the urban feel of the streets and gangsta rap, then Compton Grinders may just be the herb grinder brand for your taste.

These are premium made in the USA grinders that come in many colors and sizes.

Compton grinders also come in many size and piece options from 2-piece grinder all the way up to the standard 4-piece three chamber grinders.  They also have features that are exclusive to Compton Grinders that help set them apart from other grinder companies.  Let’s take a look at what makes Compton Grinders unique.

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As with almost all premium herb grinder brands, Compton Grinders are made from anodized aluminum that helps to prevent scratches and chipping.  Anodizing is different from painting so you don’t have to worry about paint chips finding their way into your herb.

The metal screens that are on the Compton Grinder are made of steel mesh and do a nice job of filtering the best pieces of kief into the kief chamber.

Most of the Compton Grinders come in a small or medium size.  The small version of the Compton Grinders have a diameter of 2 inches.  A grinder this size is best used for light smokers and for smaller amounts of bud.  Medium size Compton Grinders have a diameter of 2.5 inches, which is a more standard size found with many other grinders.

Overall, the materials used on Compton Grinders are high quality and potential customers should feel confident in what they are buying.


Compton Grinders have really three features that help them stand out from other herb grinders.  The first is that Compton Grinders have a nice ergonomic design that allow users to easily grip the grinder without worrying about slippage.

The second cool feature is the removable screen.  Compton Grinders have a small tool that comes with the grinder that allows you to loosen and take out the screen for either cleaning or replacement.  We like the design of this as it allows you to tighten the screen so that it is not at risk of falling out.

Lastly, Compton Grinders has a “loading dock” where there are no teeth on a section of the second piece so that you can place your bud without having to break it down to fit between the teeth.  This is a unique feature to Compton Grinders and something we feel is a very functional improvement from other grinders out there.


As we mentioned at the top of this article, Compton Grinders come in two main sizes, small and medium.  However, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety you can find with Compton Grinders.  Compton Grinders come in many different colors.  Basically, every color of the rainbow is available for purchase.


With a name like Compton Grinders, you can be sure these grinders have edge, but they also back it up with quality performance as well.  The removable screen is a nice touch.  The actual grinding action on these grinders is smooth and precise, leaving a quality filtered product left for you to smoke.

Bad Points

Weak Warranty

According to the Compton Grinder website, they have a fairly weak warranty and return policy.  When you compare this warranty to those found from Golden Gate and Black Tie, it just doesn’t hold water.  For Compton Grinders you have 30 days to return the product.  However, they do not accept returns from a defective item if it has been used, which would make up the majority of return claims.

We don’t feel that this means that Compton has a bad product that they don’t feel confident in, it just seems a bit too restrictive.


Compton Grinders come with a hefty price tag.  Usually, there medium sized grinder costs somewhere between $60 and $75.  Most of this extra cost is from the Made in the USA factor.  If this is something you value highly then by all means Compton is a great grinder.  But if you don’t mind your grinder being made overseas there are other great grinders that are more reasonably priced.

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Chromium Crusher Review

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When you are looking for a grinder to help you breakdown tobacco, weed, or herbs into a fine textured, perfectly smokable product, then quality is key.  Not all grinders are created equal as there are many grinders that just will not stand the test of time and will break.  Thankfully, we have high end herb grinders like the Chromium Crusher that will last and will get the job done again and again.



The Chromium Crusher is a 4 piece grinder that comes in various sizes including 2.5″, 2.2″, 2.0″, and 1.6″.  Each grinder has a height of 1.75″.  Not only that you can also find Chromium Crusher grinders in many colors from your standard black to a wicked purple.  Having these color options ensures that not only will your grinder give you the product you desire, but will also look great when being used.

So let’s get down to what matters, the grinding capabilities.  The teeth on this grinder are diamond shaped, tough as nails, and optimize the shredding capabilities of the Chromium Crusher.  This grinder is made from zinc alloy, which makes it heavy duty and able to stand the test of time.  The teeth with this grinder move smoothly as the grinder is rotated to shred tobacco and herbs.

The top of this grinder is magnetic to keep the top from coming off, however, some reviewers indicated that chromium crusherthe magnetic is not quite strong enough and if you are not careful the top may still come off when grinding.  We recommend that as the case with all grinders to be cautious when using the grinder so that you do not spill any of your herb.  Hint: don’t turn this thing upside down and you’ll be just fine!

Now let’s take a moment to talk about why having a 4 piece grinder is incredibly important when grinding weed and herbs.  As is the case with the vast majority of 4 piece grinders the Chromium Crusher has a screen built in that will capture the most fine pieces of herb to create an even more intense experience.  This fine residue is what is often called kief, which is why having a great grinder makes all the difference in the world.

Pros of the Chromium Crusher

1. 4 Piece grinder helps to produce an increasingly fine product

2.  Heavy duty zinc alloy material ensures that Chromium Crusher will last for a long time and give you an optimum grinding experience

3. Diamond shaped teeth make for smooth grinding without having any snagging or catching

Cons of the Chromium Crusher

1. The magnetic top is not strong enough to hold top onto the base, which may leave it susceptible to spillage

To wrap things up we feel that the Chromium Crusher is a high quality grinder that will not let tobacco and herb enthusiasts down even through continued use.  Your friends will certainly want to know where you got this awesome grinder the next time you hang out to chill.

See the current price of this grinder here.

If you are looking for another high quality grinder then we recommend you check out our reviews of the Space Case Grinder or the Santa Cruz Shredder.