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Genius Pipe Review

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Genius Pipe











  • Allows you to pack your bowl before you leave and prevent spillage
  • Has a patented dimple filter design to cool smoke and provide smooth draws
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and styles
  • A more classic smoking experience compared to vapes


  • Pricey when compared to other pipes

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The vaporizer market has truly revolutionized the way in which you can consume your stash.  With discreetness and less harmful chemicals, it has become the most popular way to enjoy herb.  That being said there are some things about vaporizers that some smokers may not like.

First, vaporizers take out a lot of the flavor that comes from the herb.  The truth is that many of us like the flavors from cannabis and find this to be a disappointing aspect of vaporizing.  Second, you have to deal with temperature settings and charging the battery of a vaporizer which can become cumbersome.

For those of you who still want the full experience of smoking, but without the unwanted burning and coughing, Genius Pipe has the product for you.  Genius Pipe is a pipe that brings a lot of new features to the table to enhance the pipe smoking experience.

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PenSimple Is A Brand New Take On What An Herb Grinder Can Be

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PenSimple Grinder










PenSimple Herb Grinder

One thing about herb grinders is that almost all of them seem to have a similar design and shape.  There may be slight variations between each model in terms of teeth shape, size, number of pieces, etc., but at the end of the day they use the same basic principals to grind your herb.  This entails putting the herb in the top chamber of the grinder, and turning the lid so that the teeth grind your stash to perfection.

In general, I go by the mantra of if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, but that doesn’t mean that the herb grinder market couldn’t use some fresh ideas.  For any readers would like a new take on herb grinding, the folks at PenSimple have got you covered.  They have completely reimagined the herb grinder and come up with the PenSimple Grinder.  It looks totally different than your run of the mill four piece aluminum grinders, and because of this has some unique features.


As with the namesake of the PenSimple, the shape of this grinder is akin to a pen.  This makes it easy to hold and manipulate so that you can aim the herb with precision.  Dimensions for the PenSimple are 7″x1″x1″ with a weight of only 4.3 ounces, making it very lightweight compared to typical aluminum weed grinders.

There are four pieces that attach with the PenSimple Grinder.  As with standard grinders, the PenSimple has a grind chamber made up of a lid with teeth and bottom with holes to allow the ground herb to fall through.  With PenSimple there are only a few small teeth on the lid, but none on the bottom part of the grind chamber, like you see with typical herb grinders.

It is important to realize that the PenSimple does not grind your herb for you.  This is still a manual process.

What it does do is help to dispense the ground herb out of the tip making it easier to get the herb in your joint or bowl without spillage.  With a simple push of a button your ground up stash is neatly dispersed with pinpoint accuracy.  I love this feature, and is certainly a step up from typical grinders where you have to use your fingers or scraper tool to manipulate the herb.


PenSimple Grinders are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning this thing is built to last.  We are glad to see PenSimple use such quality materials on their grinders as it shows they take quality seriously.  Another positive is that it doesn’t appear that PenSimple’s design requires any glueing of components, making it less likely that any individual part will break loose.

Three Different Grinder Modes

Unique to the PenSimple Grinder is the flexibility of having three distinct grinder modes.   The three grinder modes are full, maximum-storage, and direct-grind.

Full Mode

This is default mode of the PenSimple.  Load the herb in the grinding chamber, and once ground it is ready to be unleashed at the push of a button.


Maximum-Storage Mode

For when you are traveling, or on a hiking trip having the maximum amount of herb ready to go is a must.  Maximum-Storage Mode allows you to store up to 3 grams of your finest herb by removing the top and bottom grind teeth.  In this mode you cannot grind any additional herb.

PenSimple Grinder

Direct Grind Mode

Take out the storage compartment and then you have an efficient grinding machine.  This is perfect for when you want to keep a small stash fresh and grind on the go.  This mode holds up to .25 grams, but can be ground on command and still dispensed using the electric point and shoot tip.

PenSimple Direct Grind

What PenSimple Should Improve

In the future, PenSimple should strongly consider adding an electric element to the herb grinding process.  Having both an electrical grinding process and the automatic dispensing tip would go a long way to set the PenSimple apart.

Another issue with the PenSimple is that the 1 inch diameter design creates an environment where it is easy for herb to clog the unit.  PenSimple will have to choose between keeping their grinder portable-friendly with a frequent cleaning requirement, or to make the diameter larger meaning the grinder would become slightly less portable.


PenSimple has made some bold innovations to the herb grinder, and as such you can expect to pay more for this grinder than your average four-piece aluminum grinder.  At $60, the PenSimple is not a bargain, but is cheaper than premium American Made grinders like Phoenician.  This is a reasonable price point for this product.

The Final Grind

PenSimple has changed the herb grinder game with its point and shoot design.  This certainly makes filling your bowl easier than ever before.

We wish that PenSimple would have added an electric grinding component, and are surprised that the actual grinding process is still manual.

Whether this is a good choice for you will depend on how much you value the point and shoot electric dispensing feature.  If this is a big deal to you, then the PenSimple is really the best choice.  However, for those who care equally about other functions like storage capacity, grind quality, and grinder jamming, we recommend you look at conventional high quality grinders.

Ready to buy? I recommend purchasing at Amazon.com

Rocket Grinder Review

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Rocket Grinder










It has been awhile since we have reviewed an herb grinder, so today we are going to provide an in depth look at the Rocket Herb Grinder.  This is the Rocket Herb Grinder sold on Amazon, and not the other Rocket Herb Grinder that is motorized.

We are traditionalists when it comes to herb grinders because we feel that the four piece grinder design is pretty much perfect.  Adding batteries and motors to herb grinders seems to us to be a gimmick and just makes the grinder easier to break.

Rocket has been selling their weed grinder for less than a year at the time of this writing.  However, we have been impressed with their popularity and they have maintained a rating of over 4.0 with more than 50 reviews.

Grinder Design

Outer Design

The first thing we noticed about the Rocket Grinder is the cool design.  The silver colored accents on the aluminum outer body give the grinder a cool look that stands out from the competition.  We also like the indentations on the lid that give your fingers a place grip increasing the user’s leverage to grind herb with greater force. 


The Rocket Herb Grinder features 26 square teeth that have sharp edges.  We’ve discussed before that we prefer the diamond shaped teeth of other grinders as they generally grind better.

That beings said, some smokers may prefer the grind provided by square teeth.  If you don’t want to have too fine of a grind, then the Rocket Grinder may provide the herb consistency you are looking for.

Other Design Components

Filter Screen

The kief filter does not screw on to the grinder, but simply fits into the kief catcher chamber.  Whether you like this design is a matter of personal preference.  Generally, we like to have a screwed in filter screen as it allows for a wider screen that more effectively filters herb.


The Rocket Herb Grinder comes in one size, which has a diameter of 2 inches.  This makes it slightly smaller than similar grinders that are usually 2.5 inches in diameter.

If you are looking to grind a lot of herb then you’ll want to look into buying a different herb grinder, but if you are a casual smoker then the Rocket Grinder will likely grind enough herb for your needs.

In the future, we hope that Rocket Grinders will consider making a larger size grinder option.


The Rocket Herb Grinder is quite affordable, and is priced around $25.  This makes it a great grinder for anyone on a budget who wants to get something better than a cheap acrylic grinder.  For those not wanting to spend more than $30 on a decent herb grinder, the Rocket Grinder should be on your short list along with the Golden Gate Grinder and Black Tie Grinder.



You won’t find much variety with the Rocket Herb Grinder as it only comes in the black color.  This is the case with many up and coming weed grinder brands, so if color is not an issue for you then the Rocket Grinder is still worth consideration.


The Rocket Grinder does perform well.  It produces an even herb consistency that is a bit thicker than other grinders with more teeth.

A strength for the Rocket Grinder is the lid magnet.  The Rocket Grinder has one of the strongest lid magnets out of all the grinders we have tested.  You can rest assured that you won’t spill your herb with this grinder.

On the flip side, the Rocket Grinder does have a two piece lid that can lead to breaking over time.  The best aluminum grinders have one piece lids so that breaking is a non-issue.


Rocket Grinders offers a 100% money back guarantee.  This allows you to buy with confidence knowing that they will offer you a refund if you are not completely satisfied with your Rocket Grinder’s performance.  Thankfully, this has become the industry standard for herb grinders on Amazon, and most now offer a money back guarantee.


Included with your Purchase of a Rocket Grinder is a gift box, velvet bag, and plastic pollen scraper.  When it comes to grinders, Rocket Grinder has done a good job adding in some nice bonuses to your purchase which increases the value of this herb grinder.


What We Like About Rocket Grinder

  • Cool and modern design sets Rocket Grinder apart from the competition
  • Comes with a lot of extras like a carry bag and pollen scraper
  • Lid has spaces that fit fingers for better grinding leverage

What We Don’t Like About The Rocket Grinder

  • At 2″ in diameter, the Rocket Grinder is a bit smaller than many similarly priced competitors
  • Only has 26 teeth which do not grind as evenly as other grinders with more teeth

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