The Most Ridiculous Marijuana Slang Terms Ever — You’ll Die Laughing, Guaranteed!

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There are lots and lots of words for naughty things such as sex. I didn’t believe it but there might be as many words or even more for marijuana. Check out these incredible pieces of urban language below: I’ll bet you haven’t heard all of them no matter how much of a stoner you are.

Cocoa puff: when you smoke weed with cocaine.

photo of cocoa puffs cereal
What’s up with his eyes?

How does that have anything to do with the cereal? Is that bird on cocaine and baked?… wait a second, I think their right.

Fly Mexican airlines: when you smoke marijuana.

photo of aeromexico
“Do you want to fly mexican airlines with me?”

Not that funny in writing but, when you use it mid-conversation, get ready for some “LOL wut?”

Haircut: another term for marijuana.

photo of a mullet
You need to be high to have this haircut.

Out of all the terms for marijuana, “haircut” might be the only one that your parents won’t recognize. “Hey mom, I’m going to get a haircut with Jimmy.”

Mow the Grass: to smoke marijuana.

honda lawn mower
Dad wouldn’t mind if you mow the grass.

Another incognito term for getting high. I like.

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