Thorinder Grinder Review

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With so many herb grinders that look damn near identical to one another it is refreshing to see a company like After Grow take design seriously.  Their Thorinder Grinder offers a unique take on grinder design and makes it stand out from all the other weed grinders for sale today.

After Grow has a website that is as unique as their grinder.  Check it out if you want to do additional research apart from this review.

With the unique branding around Thorinder it is surprising how little social media is being done around this product.  Searching Youtube there are only a few decent videos reviewing the Thorinder, and to date they have less than 150 likes on their Facebook Page.

On top of this the Thorinder is not a top selling herb grinder on Amazon.  Let’s dig a bit deeper to see if we can find out why this grinder isn’t getting more attention.

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Grinder Design

Hole Pattern

Without a doubt one of the most interesting characteristics of the Thorinder Grinder is the hole pattern.  Most herb grinders have a hole patterns that are exclusively made up of little circles that allow for the herb to fall to the second chamber.

That is not the case with Thorinder.  The first set of holes are actually shaped like lightening bolts, which does give the grinder cool styling and sets it apart from its competitors.

However, from a functional perspective these special design features do little to improve the actual grinding experience.  And with an expensive price tag it is important for Thorinder to not only look different but to perform differently from cheaper grinders.


The teeth on the Thorinder are some of the best we’ve seen on any herb grinder.  This is where the Thorinder really excels.  You can tell that the teeth were design for optimum grinding.  The teeth that align the lid are curved with sharp ends similar the curved teeth found on some sharks.

On the second piece of the Thorinder are teeth that are shaped similarly to a comma.  What we mean by that is there is one side of the tooth that is sharp while the other side is flat.

Putting these two teeth designs together makes for a beautifully ground herb that is even and ready to smoke.

Other Design Components

There are several design components that are unique to the Thorinder.

First off, the Thorinder has a smooth finish on the outside, which is certainly different from the traction embedded design that most other herb grinders feature to enhance grip.  We are not sure why the makers of Thorinder decided to not have traction on their grinder, but for most it will not make a big difference.

As you can see from the pictures, the lid of the Thorinder actually has a clear top so you can actually watch as your herb is ground.  Another feature that we don’t feel is necessary, but does make the grinder look cool.


Price is where Thorinder becomes a pretty divisive grinder, and why we believe the Thorinder does not sell well overall.

If you check on Amazon, currently the Thorinder grinder is selling for around $50.

While there are certainly more expensive grinders out there, including Phoenician and Compton, those grinders have several features that stand out from Thorinder.  Some of these features include removal screens, being made in the USA, and top notch machining.

Unfortunately, Thorinder is a great looking herb grinder, but just doesn’t have any features that really make it function exceptionally better than a grinder that is $20 cheaper.  This is why we would consider looking at some other less expensive options if you are more concerned with the function of your grinder and don’t care as much about styling.


Thorinder does offer some variety in regard to color.


As you can see from the picture to the right the Thorinder comes in five different inside color options including gray, white, orange, blue, and black.

We hope they had a few more colors in the future as we think green and purple would look really great.


Thorinder comes in the standard 2.5 inch diameter size and a “mini” size.  For most, the 2.5 inch standard size Thorinder is the way to go as the mini may not hold enough herb to meet the needs of many smokers.


Thorinder grinder does perform well when it comes to the task of grinding herbs.  You will get a nice even grind with plenty of kief left over when you use this grinder.  We attribute the above average grinding ability of the Thorinder to its unique teeth design.

That said the Thorinder will stick and build up residue over time and will need cleaned on a regular basis.  While typical of most grinders, it is bit more noticeable than we’d like for a grinder in the Thorinder’s price range.

Other Features

One feature from After Grow that we’ve seen from no other weed grinder manufacturers is the ability to buy individual grinder pieces separately.  If you go to the parts section of the Thorinder website you can see where you can buy the individual pieces.

This is actually pretty helpful if you happen to break a piece of your Thorinder Grinder and don’t want to spend the money to buy a completely new unit.

Another cool way that Thorinder stands out from the crowd.


After Grow’s Thorinder Grinder has the most impressive gift box we’ve ever seen for any grinder.  It is heavy-duty and presents a good amount of showmanship to the unboxing experience.  Check out the video above if you want to see how the gift box opens.

The Thorinder also comes with a top-quality guitar pick scraper that will help you sift through herb and kief.


What We Like About Thorinder

  • Very cool design and syling makes the Thorinder stand out from the crowd
  • Teeth design is customized and works great when in use
  • Gift box is amazingly high quality
  • Can buy grinder components separately

What We Don’t Like About Thorinder

  • Too expensive for the performance
  • May need cleaned more frequently than other grinders

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  • Very poor grinder considering the cost. Clogs up all the time needs cleaning every week otherwise it gets completely stuck together. The design is great but not practical at all. Gutted I replaced my space case with this