What Is Kief, How To Collect It And What To Do With It

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The word `kif` is derived from Arabic `kayf`meaning well-being or pleasure. Kief, keef or keif is a fine powder made from dried resin glands (trichomes) that are found on the leaves of the cannabis plant. It contains a high concentration of the psychoactive chemical or THC that causes euphoric feelings or opium-like high that can last for hours. Kief is also called crystal or pollen. The quality of keif depends on the quality of marijuana plant. Read a detailed article on Kief on Cannabis Culture here.

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How To Collect It

Kief grinders are the best
You’ll want to buy a 3 compartment grinder just for the kief that’ll build up over time: its like a surprise present when you’ve run out of herb.

Kief can be collected in several ways, if larger amounts are needed then it is collected by rubbing leaves over stainless steel mesh screens or by shaking the branches and holding something under the plant. There is a special machine designed for processing larger amounts of leaves where they tumble against a rotating silk drum and glands fall off.

For less amounts of kief one can use a herb grinder with a special bottom compartment for collecting kief. This device is called a kief catcher and it is usually a screen. The kief catcher is a useful part of every type of grinder as without it kief is just wasted. If you break marijuana using your hands, then all the kief will stick to your hands and you will lose it.

You can also try shaking or banging the grinder while marijuana is in the grinded section. That way some extra kief will fall into the bottom compartment.

What To Do With Kief

Kief can be smoked straight rolled in a joint or from a bowl and just remember it will burn up quickly. Most people just sprinkle some kief over their marijuana and roll it or mix it with tobacco. Kief is used for making hash which means pressing kief into little bricks, baking them, pressing again and then let them cool and dry. Then use this for smoking. You can make THC infusions (i.e., butter or oil) and use it for baking cookies, brownies or any food that is cooked with butter or oil. Keif is very potent so you will only need a small amount to get high. The kief seems to smoke best when put on top or in between another medium.

A newer way to consume kief is by using a vaporizer.  Add a little kief to the vaporizer compartment with you other leaves and this will take you session to a whole new level.  Thanks to the purity of the vaping experience you’ll also get a cleaner smoking experience.

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  • I am a 61 year old man who has been smoking weed for 45 plus years and I just found out about Kief. I love it it works really good in my little one toke bat. I now live in Colorado were I can do this all day long on my patio. Kiev out to all of you kiefers

  • Newbie Question: I have the multi-section grinder where the kief goes to the bottom. How is it possible for just kief to go through that wire and not just finely ground up leaves? I ground some pieces in my coffee grinder and everything I put in came out finely ground. That is not all kief.

  • I use a nice shiny blue Genie brand four piece grinder w/guitar pick and it works fantastic, as for keif a guitar pick is recommended just for that. The keif is exceptionally aromatic and it will choke you in some cases. A friend of mine uses a coffee bean grinder, and the difference between them is not very far apart. With coffee bean grinders the velocity and force of the blades causes caking of trichome and glands (keif) around the edges, lid, blades, which can also be collected and pressed into tasty crystal.

  • Well god dam, I have been smoking weed for a good few years now and never ever heard of this method, Sounds like the kief is the same as putting Icing on on a cake. Its not a cake unless you have icing. I will be doing this method now and If you can do more articles like this that be so cool

  • as i love my coffee bean grinder, i watch as the kief increases, its a nice golden color right now…

  • One of the easiest ways to extract kief is to put a coin on the screen in a loaded grinder, then put it in the freezer for about 10-20 mins, or until it’s frosty..grind it up and shake..there should be a nice amount..

  • Thank you. I have a small 2oz jar of diced pimientos fully packed with kief that I have been smoking for weeks now and I haven’t even made a difference in the jar, it remains over 4/5ths packed. Stay burning

  • Well I just feel like if you are doing it medically, then that is a great way to get rid of the thc or trichomes, so you don’t feel the high as much. That’s kind of what it sounds like to me. But if you are smoking to just get high, then you should just leave it alone and smoke all of it. 😉

  • Knuckleheads! A coffee grinder doesn’t yield kief, it’s just powdered whole plant. With a x-micro screened grinder and the given size of trichome heads, mostly only kief passes into the bottom chamber. Kief is the microscopic trichomes one sees through a microscope. A grower views them through a hand scope when determining harvest time. Coffee grinder residue is not of the same potency.

  • I use my grinder daily ,break apart from time2time ,Grinder not yeilding kief, y is that?

  • @trexx either you need a better supplier or you need a better supplier! You won’t yield much if there’s isn’t much to yield and you won’t yield much if its not cured correctly

  • I forgot about my Keif collector and that boy was right to the rim with goodness. Be nice to make hash, but I doubt I have enough for even 1 ml

  • The trichomes are of a particular size, and while some plant material does make it through, it’s mostly the resin making material that makes it through.
    Generally speaking, you’re stuck smoking plant material.

  • The multi section I have is 4. So the Keif goes through with seive part. When you grind the weed at the top it grinds into little chunks, and the Keif drops off the leaves in the process. Keif is like little crystals. If u look at the weed first u can see the crystals are inside the buds and on leaves.
    So no when you blend it it’s not Keif, it’s just the crystals that’s are and that’s why a good 4 way grinder is best.

  • put in freezer45min shake the shit out of 1min for best kief lite gold the longer you shake the darker the kief

  • Terry, I’ve smoked it before and yes you get super high (the better the bud, the better the kief). I usually roll a j with straight kief and get really nice and toasted. You should defiantly give it a try, you’ll 💚 it 💯! ✌

  • Loved this article! It was a very succinct summary that covered what, seems like, all of the important points in an easy to digest way.