Zip Grinders Review

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Zip Grinder Rating

Grind - 8.0
Kief - 8.0
Quality - 8.0
Price - 9.0
Overall Rating

Zip Grinder Specs


2.5 inch diameter/3.5 inch height


Anodized Aluminum


Made in China


4.2 ounces

Rounded Kief Catcher


Replaceable Filtering Screen


Number of Teeth




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Zip Grinder

One of the more popular herb grinder brands to hit the world of e-commerce is Zip Grinders.  Zip Grinders focuses on producing a lot of different types of grinders so that there is a Zip Grinder to match everyone’s style.

Mega Crusher Grinder

Some of Zip’s more popular grinders include their “Mega Crusher” grinder, which is a four-piece grinder that has a clear extra-large storage chamber.  According to Zip Grinders, the Mega Grinder holds up to six tablespoons of herb.  If you are someone looking for a grinder that can act as a storage container and can hold a ton of herb, then the Mega Grinder is a great option.

Pagoda Tower Grinder

One of Zip Grinder’s more unique grinder designs is the Pagoda Tower Grinder.  The Pagoda Tower Grinder brings an Oriental fusion and feel to the world of herb grinders.  It is a four-piece grinder that is made from aero-space aluminum.  On the negative side, the Pagoda Tower Grinder has fewer teeth than our top rated grinders, so we fear that the grinder may not be as fine as some of the better weed grinders out there.

When it comes to color options, the Pagoda Tower Grinder comes in black and gold.  So, if you are a Steelers fan like me then you are in luck.  If you are aren’t then that’s just too bad, isn’t it?  Ha!

Designer Grinders

Moving beyond these two grinders, Zip Grinders also has a ton of different generic four-piece aluminum grinders with designs on the top.  These vary from designs with wolves, owls, fractals, hearts, and other psychedelic images.

Zip Grinders with designs on the top tend to be 2.25″ wide and made from either zinc or aluminum.  We would recommend these to smokers who want a grinder with a more unique look without giving up much in terms of quality.

Pricing on the design grinders is also very reasonable coming in at around $20.

Zip Grinder Quality

The silver section with the grinder teeth show that this grinder uses two-piece separate pieces of aluminum.

On top of the incredible variety of grinders that Zip Grinders have, they all come with a limited lifetime warranty.  If you register your grinder with Zip Grinders then you are covered if your grinder is defective or breaks due to normal wear and tear.

From a quality standpoint Zip Grinders are decent, but not at the elite level of our top rated grinders.  Zip Grinders are good in that they are made from quality aluminum or zinc.  You can be sure that these grinders are well put together and will get the job done for most recreational smokers.

On the other hand there are a few things that we wish Zip Grinders would do to make their products better.  The teeth designs on many of their grinders is lacking in terms of the number of teeth and set up.  To get the optimal grind for your herb you’ll want a grinder with more teeth.

Also, most Zip Grinders use two-pieces of aluminum.  You can tell because the teeth are a different color than the outer shell.  This means the section of the grinder with the teeth was glued onto the shell of the grinder, meaning it could separate after using over time.  Because of this we generally recommend herb grinders used with a single piece of aluminum like Black Tie Grinders or Space Case.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it.  Zip Grinders has one of the widest and deepest product lines for any herb grinder company out there.  Their grinders are quality, but not in the elite class of weed grinders.  Pricing for these grinders is reasonable and pretty much anyone can afford to pick one up.

If you like the designs of Zip Grinders then you should buy one.  On the other hand, if you care most about quality and performance over looks and design then go with one of our top three herb grinder choices.

The Final Grind

Zip Grinders focuses on having a large variety of low cost average quality grinders.

The grinders offered by Zip certainly get the job done, but at the end of day provide nothing special.  If you want a decent cheap grinder, then Zip is a fine choice.  If you are willing to spend a bit more for an increase in quality and features then we recommend looking elsewhere.

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